I’m a writer. I’m a musical theatre enthusiast. I’m a reader. All of these things (and more) blend together to create me and they blend together here on this blog as well!

On this blog, you’ll find mostly posts about musicals, some posts about writing and reading, and the occasional post about life (pertaining to faith and just life in general from a Seattleite POV).

Since this is a blog that is primarily about musicals, I thought that I’d give y’all a musical theatre get-to-know me. So… here you go:

  1. Favorite musical?
    • If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ll know that I can’t really pick one, definitive favorite musical. I like so many musicals and I have different reasons for liking each one. But… if I had to pick just one, I’d probably pick either ELISABETH or LES MISÉRABLES.
  2. Opinion on HAMILTON?
    • Erm. So, get ready for an unpopular opinion… I don’t care for HAMILTON all that much. I mean, you’re free to like it. It’s just not my thing so, yeah. You won’t find much HAMILTON on this blog (unless it’s me talking about why I don’t like it or if I’m writing about unpopular opinions; all of which are done respectfully).
  3. Favorite musical performers?
    • Oh, boy. Mark Seibert? Lukas Perman? Steve Barton? Annemieke van Dam? Bernadette Peters? Sarah Brightman? Marjan Shaki? All of those are good choices.
  4. Favorite lyricists?
    • Michael Kunze, definitely.
  5. Favorite musical characters?
    • Here! Take a few:
      • Sisi from ELISABETH
      • Raoul de Chagny from PHANTOM
      • Munkustrap from CATS
      • Alfred from TANZ DER VAMPIRE
      • der Tod (Death) from ELISABETH
      • Orpheus from HADESTOWN
      • Graf von Krolock from TANZ DER VAMPIRE
      • Enjolras from LES MIZ
      • Fantine from LES MIZ
      • Javert from LES MIZ
      • Sydney Carton from A TALE OF TWO CITIES

That’s the end of my quick get-to-know me! Hope to see you around on the blog!