Get to Know Me Through Some of My Favorite Musicals…

  1. Elisabeth
    • Favorite song: “Ich Gehör Nur Mir” (“I Belong to Me”), “Rudolf, Wo Bist Du?” (“Rudolf, Where are You?”), “Der Letzte Tanz” (“The Last Dance”), “Wenn Ich Tanzen Will” (“When I Want to Dance”), “Der Schleier Fällt” (“The Veil Descends”), and literally every other song in this musical.
    • Favorite character: Der Tod.
    • Favorite costume: I really love Der Tod’s costumes because of their simplicity. Somehow, with that simplicity they still are amazing. Elisabeth’s nightgown is gorgeous. I also really like the coronation dress that she wears.
    • Favorite cast: Mark Seibert and Annemieke Van Dam as Der Tod and Elisabeth. I also like the original Essen Cast.
    • Why it’s my favorite: I really, really, really love the idea of Elisabeth. The music’s great, the costumes are beautiful, the characters are unforgettable, and it’s just such an intriguing, wonderful story. Literally so easy to get obsessed with.
  2. Les Misérables
    • Favorite song: “Turning”, “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables”, “Loud Hailer 1 & 2”, “On My Own”, “I Dreamed a Dream”, “One Day More”, and “Paris/Look Down”.
    • Favorite character: From the musical, Javert and Enjolras. I also really like Éponine and Fantine.
    • Favorite costume: I love Enjolras’s red vest and Éponine’s standard costume.
    • Favorite cast: The 2010 Live Cast Recording Cast with John Owen-Jones and Earl Carpenter. I also really liked the last Broadway cast with JOJ and Hayden Tee.
    • Why it’s my favorite: I love how heart-felt the story is and I love the idea of the musical. The characters are unforgettable and it’s a musical that you walk away from knowing that you’ll never be the same again. I seriously believe that I have changed for the better due to this musical.
  3. Tanz der Vampire
    • Favorite song: “Draußen ist Freiheit” (“Out there is Freedom”), “Einladung Zum Ball” (“Invitation to the Ball”), and “Totale Finsternis” (“Total Darkness”).
    • Favorite character: Probably Krolock. I also really like Alfred.
    • Favorite costume: Sarah’s red dress is really pretty and I like Krolock’s cape. That cape is amazing.
    • Favorite cast: The original cast with Steve Barton as Krolock! I also really would have liked to have seen Mark Seibert and Veronica Appeddu as Krolock and Sarah.
    • Why it’s my favorite: I love the stage work for this musical and I love the story. The choreography is amazing too.
  4. Wicked
    • Favorite song: “Dancing Through Life”, “Wonderful”, “Thank Goodness”, “No One Mourns the Wicked”, and “For Good”.
    • Favorite character: Elphaba and Galinda.
    • Favorite costume: I like Glinda’s bubble dress and I also really like Elphie’s standard black dress.
    • Favorite cast: I love the original German cast of Wicked as well as the current Broadway cast.
    • Why it’s my favorite: The music is music that I can listen to non-stop. I love the characters and I love the storyline. I never get tired of it!
  5. Starlight Express
    • Favorite song: “Starlight Express”, “A Lotta Locomotion”, “Make Up My Heart”, and “Next Time You Fall in Love”.
    • Favorite character: Rusty! As a dreamrole though, I’d really love to play either Dinah or Pearl.
    • Favorite costume: I just really love Rusty’s costume. I think that it’s one of the best things in the world.
    • Favorite cast: I really like the Bochum cast with Kevin Köhler and Trina Hill. I also think that the Japan/Australia Tour Cast was great!
    • Why it’s my favorite: My family has so much history with this musical. I’m not even sure that I’d exist if Starlight Express didn’t. I’ll post about that some other time.
  6. Something Rotten!
    • Favorite song: “Welcome to the Renaissance”, “Hard to be the Bard”, “Will Power”, “Right Hand Man”, “I Love the Way”, and “We See the Light”.
    • Favorite character: I really love Nigel and Portia’s characters. My dog’s name is Nigel and my cat’s name is Portia oddly enough!
    • Favorite costume: I really like the women’s costumes in “A Musical”. I love all of Portia’s dresses. I also like Shakespeare’s leather costume.
    • Favorite cast: The original Broadway cast!
    • Why it’s my favorite: I love how original this musical is. The jokes make me laugh. The whole idea of the musical is great. I just really wish that this musical was going to have a longer run.
  7. The Last Five Years
    • Favorite song: “I’m Still Hurting”, “The Schmuel Song”, “The Next Ten Minutes”, “I Can Do Better Than That”, and “Goodbye Until Tomorrow/I Could Never Rescue You”.
    • Favorite character: Cathy. I love her perseverance and determination to keep their relationship alive.
    • Favorite costume: I really like Cathy’s wedding dress in the movie version.
    • Favorite cast: The movie cast. I don’t know any of the other casts well enough to say that they’re my favorite.
    • Why it’s my favorite: I love how the musical is formatted and I just really love the storyline. It’s got great music too and I really really love it.
  8. Next to Normal
    • Favorite song: “I’m Alive”, “Superboy and the Invisible Girl”, “Next to Normal”, and “I Am the One + Reprise”.
    • Favorite character: I really like Diana and Dan’s characters. I think that Gabe’s character is really interesting.
    • Favorite costume: I like Diana’s red dress.
    • Favorite cast: I liked the cast with Alice Ripley, Brian D’Arcy James, and Aaron Tveit.
    • Why it’s my favorite: I like the idea of this musical and the way that the story is told is great. I really liked the set for this musical too. The music is really great and really touching.
  9. Sunset Boulevard
    • Favorite song: “Too Much in Love to Care”, “With One Look”, and “Sunset Boulevard”.
    • Favorite character: I like Norma and Joe’s characters.
    • Favorite costume: Norma’s black robe is beautiful!
    • Favorite cast: I liked the cast with Earl Carpenter in it!
    • Why it’s my favorite: It’s got great music and great characters. I could listen to this musical on loop.
  10. The Phantom of the Opera
    • Favorite song: “All I Ask of You”, “Point of No Return”, “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again”, and “Music of the Night”.
    • Favorite character: Raoul.
    • Favorite costume: I like Raoul’s standard suit and I also like all of Christine’s dresses. Especially her blue dress and Aminta dress.
    • Favorite cast: I liked the German cast that just recently closed and I also really liked the Moscow cast.
    • Why it’s my favorite: This musical is the musical that really got me into musical theatre. I owe it a lot.

One thought on “TOP TEN: FAVORITE MUSICALS (Nov. 2016)

  1. I also love Phantom, Les Mis, and Wicked. And nice things you included about the musicals where you mentioned your favorite character and stuff like that post. This post might have inspired some other musical posts of mine and use the exact same things you used on these musicals


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