The Story of How Starlight Express Changed My Life

So I might not be writing this right now if it weren’t for Starlight Express.

My mother first saw Starlight Express when she was in High School. She, being a Japanese citizen at the time of her first viewing, saw the Japan/Australia Tour Cast. She went to see Starlight Express five times because she loved it that much. And it made her want to go to America. It made her want to learn English.

And so, what do you know? She came to America as an exchange student. And because of coming to America, she met my dad and they got married and had me.

Seriously. If it weren’t for Starlight Express, I might never have been born and that, to me, is insane. But it’s something that’s amazing as well. I love Starlight Express and it has become one of the best things in my life.


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