My Favorite Songs from Musicals

Alright. So here’s the deal. Musicals make up a big part of my life. And one of the most important parts of musicals are well, the music. If you’re interested in hearing the song, there will be links on the titles of the songs! Beware, this is a really long list. I got (kinda) carried away.

  • Ich Gehör Nur Mir (I Belong to Me) from Elisabeth
    • This song is amazing. You know that song in a musical that really makes a character? That one song that completely describes that one character and all of their yearnings? That’s your On My Own from Les Misérables, for example. This song is everything for the Sisi’s character. And really, it’s just beautiful. If you don’t want to listen to the German version, there’s a beautiful English version of the song sung by Mirusia Louwerse that I will link here. If you like Disney songs, then this song is likely something that you’ll enjoy. It reminds me of a Disney princess song but with a little more grit. A little more reality.
  • For Good from Wicked
    • This song is full of perfect emotion. I love it. I cry almost every time I hear it and it just has that quality that makes me want to sing along to it. And they lyrics are so beautiful. The German version of this song is also amazing so I’ll link it here. I think that this song just has a certain feel to it that anyone can relate to and there’s something just so beautiful about it.
  • One Day More from Les Misérables
    • Believe me. This song is absolutely magical. When everyone’s voices collide it’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever heard. Scratch that. It is definitely one of the best things that I have ever heard. Getting to see this scene play out on stage with the Broadway revival/2010 tour set was definitely the most epic thing I have ever got to witness and experience. The emotion in the song from everyone in the show is amazing. You see what’s important to every character and that’s just drop-dead awesome.
  • With One Look from Sunset Boulevard
    • This song is the sort of song that just sticks in your head. It’s so beautiful that it’s almost unbelievable. Like Ich Gehör Nur Mir, this song demonstrates want. And personally, that’s one of the most important songs to have in a musical. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks that, but the “I Want” song in a musical is always a pivotal point. This song has beautiful lyrics and in general is just amazing.
  • Too Much in Love to Care from Sunset Boulevard
    • If you like romance, this song is for you. It’s quite possibly the most adorable, sweet song that I’ve ever heard in my entire life (besides, maybe All I Ask of You). Personally, as a writer, this song is one that I listen to all of the time. Why? Because it’s inspirational to me and it demonstrates emotion. Lots and lots of emotion.
  • All I Ask of You from The Phantom of the Opera
    • On the note of romance, here’s my favorite romantic song from any musical ever. As a Raoulstine shipper, this song is absolutely phenomenal and I love it. I don’t think that you even have to be a Raoulstine shipper to like this son. And I think that it’s undeniable that this song is awfully cute. Even before I was a Raoulstine shipper, this was always my favorite Phantom tune. Also, the costumes in this scene are perfection. The Sydmonton version of this song is also adorable but I can’t find a video of it on YouTube so I can’t link it. Sorry, guys. If you find it, though, you should definitely give it a listen!
  • Der Schleier Fällt  (The Veil Descends) from Elisabeth
    • Alright. Finales. Finales are oftentimes the most dramatic part of the show. Such is the case with Phantom (and many other shows) but not so much with Elisabeth. It’s just a pretty ending. Pretty, beautiful, however you want to describe it. The simplicity of the costumes doesn’t take away from the scene, it adds to it. And goodness, gracious. It’s amazing. It’s awe-inspiring. It’s perfect. Seriously, my best friend is annoyed at how much I talk about this scene alone. But I just can’t help it. Every version of this song is, in my opinion perfect. The one linked above is probably my favorite but I’ll link a close second here. Funnily enough this song started playing while I was typing this paragraph.
  • Rudolf, Wo Bist Du? (Rudolf, Where Are You?) from Elisabeth 
    • Have I talked about Elisabeth too much? Probably. But I’m going to talk some more. Because it’s my favorite musical. And I love this song. This song is the perfect tearjerker. I won’t tell you why (spoilers), but let me just tell you, it’s beautiful. I love it so much. Here’s another version of the song that I just adore so much that I have to link.
  • Wenn Ich Tanzen Will (When I Want to Dance) from Elisabeth
    • Last Elisabeth one… for now. This song is well, I don’t now how to describe it. I can’t think of another song that really mirrors this one. Except maybe Music of the Night, but I’m not so sure. This song is amazing. Believe me. It makes me want to dance. It makes me want to sing. It gets stuck in my head all of the time. And the costumes in this scene (and every scene in Elisabeth) are beautiful. Here is an English fan cover of the song, and here is another version of the song that I really like.
  • Totale Finsternis (Total Darkness) from Tanz der Vampire
    • There was once a day in which this was the only song that I listened to. And I still listen to this song every day. I love it. I love it. I love it. If I had to classify this song as a type of showtune I’d classify it as a Music of the Night / The Phantom of the Opera Title Song type of showtune. You’ll have to listen to it to really understand what I mean. I’ve had a few of my non-musical-fan friends listen to this song and they’ve loved it. I think that that might be saying something. And again, I’m listening to this song as I’m writing this…
  • Fine Life from Oliver!
    • There is something just so fun about this song. It’s upbeat despite not having the happiest subject matter. And it’s optimistic (or at least sarcastically so). This song is probably one of my favorites from Oliver! and that’s definitely saying something. Because I love a lot of songs from this musical.
  • I Love the Way from Something Rotten!
    • Again, I’m gonna have to hit you with the romance with this song. And I know, I know, I said that All I Ask of You is a favorite romantic song of mine but this one is a super close second. And guys, that’s saying something. This song is literally one of the most adorable things in the entire world. Give it a listen. You won’t regret it.
  • Will Power from Something Rotten!
    • Christian Borle slays this song. If you’re a Shakespeare fan, you’ll love this song. It’s packed with Shakespeare references and, like all of Something Rotten! drop-dead hilarious. Christian Borle’s portrayal of Shakespeare is probably one of my favorite musical theatre performances of all time. It’s literally amazing.
  • Goodbye Until Tomorrow / I Could Never Rescue You from The Last Five Years
    • Again, like with One Day More, that moment in which the voices collide with each other and mix is phenomenal. Also, this song is such a heartbreaking one. And… it’s also my alarm clock ring tone. Yuuuup.
  • The Schmuel Song from The Last Five Years
    • My friends who think that I hate romance really must not know me. Because here we are again with another romantic song. Though admittedly, it’s not as romantic as the others. But it’s still drop-dead sweet. It’s still beautiful. It’s still everything I need and want in a song. Give it a listen. You’ll get what I mean. Also, this song just really inspires me. I don’t really know why. But it does.
  • Welcome to the Renaissance from Something Rotten!
    • Opening songs are crucial. And this might be one of the best openings I’ve ever seen/heard. It’s amazing. And hilarious. The costumes are bright and colorful and overall just nice to look at. This song sets the tone for the whole musical perfectly.
  • Draußen ist Freiheit (Out there is Freedom) from Tanz der Vampire
    • Another romantic song. Last one? Maybe. As I’m writing this, I’m not so sure. Yet. Anyways, this song is another cute one. I love it. I don’t really know what more I can say about it though.
  • Der Letzte Tanz (The Last Dance) from Elisabeth
    • I’m almost done with the Elisabeth songs. Just two more after this one and I’m done. Promise. This song is so fun. Listening to Mark Seibert sing this song could quite possibly be my favorite thing in the world. Really. He’s amazing. And his energy whilst singing this song is amazing. And that high note at the end? Yuuup.
  • Wie Du (Like You) from Elisabeth
    • This song is just sweet. It’s another “I Want” song and it’s executed in a way I don’t see it executed a lot. In a conversation with someone else, saying that they want to be just like them. And really, Sisi gains my compassion in this scene and no matter what Luceni tries throughout the musical through narration doesn’t work to sway my mind about her. Sure, she messed up at points, but she was robbed of the life that she wanted.
  • Mama, Wo Bist Du? (Mama, Where Are You?) from Elisabeth
    • Okay, here we are. Last one from Elisabeth. I promise. And this song is again, heart wrenching but oddly heartwarming at the same time. I just love how Der Tod swoops into the song. It’s amazing.
  • No One Mourns the Wicked from Wicked
    • So this song is the magnificent opening song for Wicked. And believe me. It’s beautiful. I’ll link the German version here because I love that version too. Can I just say that this song makes me want to play Galinda so bad? Literally so bad. I’d love to play Galinda.
  • Dancing Through Life from Wicked
    • I’m not really sure what makes me love this song so much. Maybe it’s the energy. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s something that my sister and I both love and listen to on a daily basis. Whatever it is, I love it. I’ll also link the German version here. Just because it’s great and because it’s Mark Seibert.
  • Think of Me from The Phantom of the Opera
    • Alright guys. This song might be the first showtune that I ever fell in love with so it’s really special to me. I’ve linked the Julia Udine version of the song above because I love her voice and it’s probably my favorite version. Her cadenza is perfection. Here’s the Sydmonton version of Think of Me too. Sorry about the sound quality, but I thought that I’d link it anyways.
  • Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again from The Phantom of the Opera
    • More Julia Udine! Anyways, this song is emotional. It’s something that my dad loves and I guess that, because of that fact, I listen to it a lot. I love this song and on stage, it’s so beautiful. I’ll link the Royal Variety show version here just because I really like it and I think that the lyrics for that version are so beautiful and perhaps even more impactful than the lyrics that are used all of the time.
  • On My Own from Les Misérables
    • Words don’t describe how much I love this song. It was the first song that made me fall in love with Les Miz. For that, I owe it a whole lot.

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