Broadway Nowadays

So, this is going to be a somewhat unpopular opinions post. Just a heads up. These are just my opinions. Not fact. You’re entitle to your opinions just as much as I am.

Broadway, to me, has changed. And in some ways, for the better. I’m glad that there’s more diversity now, for example. I’m glad that new shows are opening.

But there are some things that have changed that I’m just not too happy about. I want to start off with the Tony Awards that were hosted earlier this year by James Corden. Now, don’t get me wrong. It was a great show. I loved it. But it was aggravating. Because every win that Hamilton got was sending another show closer to the Broadway drop pile (essentially, making it more likely for them to be closed). And I really don’t think that it was just me who thought that other shows like Deaf West’s Spring AwakeningWaitressTuck Everlasting, and etc. deserved to have gotten more wins. And, I get it. Hamilton has become a world-wide sensation. It deserves credit for that. It really, really does. But at the same time, other shows do too. And there were some categories that Hamilton won that had me like: “How on earth…?”. For example, the costumes category. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think that Hamilton deserved the costumes award. And that’s nothing against Hamilton. I have a high respect for Hamilton and the actors in it. But the costumes never impressed me. I thought for sure that it was something that they wouldn’t win it, but I was shocked.  And, I get it. I don’t decide who or what wins the Tony Awards. But I don’t think that I was the only one who thought that costumes could have gone to some other show.

Now, I’m not mad that Hamilton won all of those awards. I genuinely congratulate the cast and the show on all of their successes. In fact, I consider myself a Hamilton fan. Maybe not a die-hard fan, but a fan. The reason why I felt the need to talk about the Tony Awards, though, is that because of the way that the Tony Awards went, so many shows are closing. And, if they were closing independently of the Tony Awards, that’s fine. I get it, that happens. But so many good shows are closing so early because of the Tony Awards. Maybe the system needs to be changed? I don’t know.

But enough about the Tony Awards. Those are over and I had no control over the decisions there and there’s no point in complaining now.

So, I know that I’ve mentioned it a lot, but shows are closing at a rapid rate. Les Misérables closed a few months ago. MatildaJersey Boys, and Something Rotten! (among other shows) are closing within a few months. And while that means that we get to see new shows, I think that we need more revivals. Revivals and new shows are both equally important and that seems to be something completely neglected by the world these days. Maybe that’s just me.

Anyhow, that’s my little rant for today. Sorry. I just wanted to talk about it.


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