How I Got Into Musicals

Well… there are a lot of answers to this question.

To be honest, I was kind of born into it but I didn’t really, really, really like musicals until a few years ago. But I always have liked musicals. I suppose that I didn’t realize how many musicals there are out there until a few years ago.

My first musical outside of Disney stuff was Oliver! and I fell in love with it immediately. And for years, it was the only musical (besides Disney stuff) that I knew. But I knew that I loved that movie and that I loved the idea of musicals.

A few years ago, I discovered The Phantom of the Opera and I fell in love with it almost instantly. From there, my love of musicals really just branched out. I discovered all sorts of musicals from there and even today, I’m still discovering and falling in love with new musicals.

But musicals have always been really important to my family. My dad is big on classical music (especially J.S. Bach) and he also really likes those classic-type musicals. I’d say that he and I are the musical enthusiasts of our family. My mom likes musicals too. In fact, the reason she came to America as an exchange student was because she fell in love with Starlight Express.

And me? Well, I think that I geek out about musicals more than anyone else in my family and I think that that’s okay!

What’s your history with musicals?


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