Elisabeth: Das Musical

Okay, so you might have noticed that I’ve got an obsession with Elisabeth: Das Musical. And well… I thought that I’d rave about it today because I’m in the mood for it today. I don’t know why, but I just am.

My favorite songs from the musical:

  • “Wie Du” (“Like You”)
    • This song is one of the sweetest songs of the musical. Sisi is talking about how she wants to be free and like her father, not like the princess that her mother is trying to make her be. This song always makes me smile and I just love it.
  • “Der Letzte Tanz” (“The Last Dance”)
    • This song is the sort of song that makes you want to get up and dance. For me to really like this song it takes a really strong voice. While I’m not a big fan of Uwe Kröger’s version of this song, Mark Seibert smashes this song and makes it super duper awesome.
  • “Ich Gehör Nur Mir” (“I Belong to Me”)
    • You know that song that makes you want to get to your feet, clapping? You know that song that lets you know that this is going to be a great musical? Well, this is definitely one of those songs. I’m always singing this song and it makes me so happy. It’s got an ending that’s absolutely beautiful and it’s amazing. Seriously. Give it a listen.
  • “Wenn Ich Tanzen Will” (“When I Want to Dance”)
    • So this is the song that’s constantly stuck in my head. It makes me want to dance along and it’s so fun to sing. I love the melodies and the scene in general is so pretty. It’s this scene that really makes me want to play Sisi. Seriously, I’d love to play Sisi one day.
  • “Mama, Wo Bist Du?” (“Mama, Where are You?”)
    • I mostly love this scene for the adorable nature of little Rudolf and his interactions with Der Tod. I also love Der Tod’s part of the song. It’s absolutely wonderful. I love it so much.
  • “Sie Ist Verrückt” (“She’s Insane”)
    • This scene is just overall really interesting and I like songs where two people are singing at each other. And this is perfect for that.
  • “Die Schatten Werden Länger” (“The Shadows Grow Longer”)
    • Whether I like this song can really depend on the actors singing and acting it out. Some versions of this scene just don’t make sense and then some are super dramatic and super cool. Personally, this scene is better if it’s antagonistic.
  • “Rudolf, Wo Bist Du?” (“Rudolf, Where are You?”)
    • This song is such a tearjerker. And if the actress playing Sisi sings it with a lot of emotion, it’s even better. Seriously, I could listen to this song on repeat forever and I probably wouldn’t get tired of it.
  • “Boote In Der Nacht” (“Ships in the Night”)
    • This song is just beautiful. I really like the back and forth of the two characters and I think that the emotions are really perfectly displayed in this song.
  • “Am Deck Der Sinkenden Welt” (“On the Deck of the Sinking World”)
    • I’m not too fond of this song in the original Essen production, but the more recent Wien productions do it really well and I love it. Maybe it’s the strength in Mark Seibert’s voice. I don’t know. But I love it. And it’s amazing.
  • “Der Schleier Fällt” (“The Veil Falls”)
    • This song isn’t an extravagant ending like the ones that we usually see in musicals. It’s simple and it’s heartfelt and beautiful. I just love it.

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