My Obsession With Elisabeth: Das Musical

Elisabeth is my latest musical obsession and it has become my absolute favorite musical. Which, prior to discovering this musical, I thought was impossible. Seriously, I love this show so much that my friends are starting to worry about me. This show literally took over my favorite musical list over the course of a weekend. And really, I was surprised. No other musical ever has become a favorite of mine just like that. Usually it takes a little bit of time to get to the obsession level for me. This didn’t take any time. I watched one video (I kid you not) and I was stunned.

Which is funny because when I decided to give Elisabeth a try, I didn’t expect to love it. Guess that I was wrong. Goodness’s sakes… I was so wrong. Because I love this musical so much.

I tend to like serious musicals over whimsical ones (though those are great too) and really, this musical is serious and heart-felt and everything that I love in a musical. But I’m not sure that it was any of those things that really made me fall in love with Elisabeth. If it were that, Les Misérables would definitely still be topping my list (don’t worry it’s going to hold onto it’s position at the very top right behind Elisabeth).

No, I think that the reason why Elisabeth really stood out to me was because of the idea of it. The very idea of Death (der Tod) being a person really reeled me in in an instant. And from there, I just drowned in the amazingness that is this musical. Every time I listen to one of the songs I love the musical even more.

And Elisabeth is so full of heart. There are so many beautiful, emotional songs that just really make me want to sing, cry, laugh, and smile. Oh, and dance. Dancing is not something that I just do. No way. But this musical makes me want to dance.

Also, the costumes for Elisabeth? Stunning. The most beautiful costumes I have ever seen. And believe me, I’ve seen a lot of beautiful costumes. I mean, have you seen the costumes for The Phantom of the OperaLes MisérablesWicked, Something Rotten! and so many other musicals? They all have super nice costumes. But, in my opinion, compared to the Elisabeth costumes, they all fall short. A lot of the costumes for Elisabeth are not very over the top. Some of them are, yes, but a lot of them are generally simplistic. And I love that. They’re simple in all of the best ways and I can’t get enough of them. Seriously, I love, love, love them. If I could ever get the chance to wear those costumes, I’d probably die because I’d be so happy.

Along those sames lines, dreamroles. I think that a lot of what makes a favorite musical is whether or not you have a dreamrole from that musical and for this musical, I definitely do. Sisi is my top dreamrole, I kid you not. Unfortunately, I’ll probably never get to play her, but I’ll be playing her  in the privacy of my bedroom for the rest of my life, dancing and singing along. Seriously, I should probably go and do that right now. “Wenn Ich Tanzen Will” is calling.

What are some musicals that you just can’t get enough of?


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