Elisabeth: Das Musical… My Favorite Cast?

When it comes to musicals, usually I’m pretty sure of what my favorite cast is. But in the case of Elisabeth, I find myself constantly debating which cast is my favorite. And this is tough because there are so many good parts to each and every performance. So I thought that I would take it step by step and try to determine which cast is my favorite cast overall.

Favorite Sisi?

Sisi (Elisabeth) is the titular character of the musical and, in my opinion, one of the most crucial parts of the cast.

  • Ich Gehör Nur Mir
    • “Ich gehör nur mir” is one of the most sensational, well-known songs of the musical. And in terms of this song, I think that Annemieke Van Dam has to be my favorite Sisi. The emotions that she fills into her performance here is just phenomenal. I also love how clear her voice is when she sings this song. There’s something so elegant and strong in the way that she sings it.
    • Maya Haakvort has a really nice sound to her voice in this song that I really enjoy as well.
    • On the other hand, though, Pia Douwes’s emotional take on the song is definitely beautiful. Especially the way in which she ends the song is phenomenal.
    • However, I think that Annemieke Van Dam wins this round. (I think that you’ll see that a trend is that Annemieke and Pia are usually neck-and-neck in my ratings)
  • Wenn Ich Tanzen Will
    • “Wenn Ich Tanzen Will” is probably one of my favorite songs of the musical and this is where things get really complicated. I have yet to find a really good audio of Annemieke singing this song, so I don’t really know what to think. What I have heard clearly from this song, I really, really, really love.
    • Pia Douwes has a nice way in which she says some of the words that I just really like. I feel like Pia has a more regal(?) sound to her voice than Annemieke. But maybe that’s just me? I think that Annemieke’s strength is definitely in the clarity and the prettiness of her voice. Pia just has a very regal, royal feel to her voice that I, at first didn’t like, but have really grown to take a liking to.
    • Of course, the actor playing Der Tod (the death) also holds some sway over this so I’m going to make the final verdict later when I go over my favorite Der Tod.
  • Totenklage / Rudolf, Wo Bist Du? 
    • Maya Haakvort probably has the best emotion in this song. But there is one thing that just really makes this version hard for me to call my favorite and that has a  lot to do with the end of the song. I’m not too fond of the Der Tod that comes in at the end. The aggressive tone in his voice just didn’t work for me.
    • Pia Douwes, on the other hand, kind of falls flat for me in regard to this song. It’s not that her voice isn’t good–it’s still splendid–in this song. No, it’s more that I just feel like her voice was pretty void of emotion.
    • Annemieke Van Dam is kind of a middle-ground when it comes to this song. There’s indefinite grieving in her voice, but at the same time, it’s not overwhelming. I love the way that her voice kind of cracks when she’s singing this song. It almost sounds like a lullaby when she sings it and it really just moves me to tears. Mark Seibert as Der Tod is absolutely splendid. Really, I have no complaints in regard to this take on the song.
    • So, again, I think that Annemieke wins this round.
  • Der Schleier Fällt
    • “Der Schleier Fällt” is the last song for Sisi that I’m going to be examining. I could examine all of her songs all day but that would be a really long post.
    • Annemieke Van Dam, again has a really nice, clear voice that I enjoy. She has such a pretty voice and I love the joyful sound in her voice. Her annunciation of the words is really clear and easy to understand for someone like me who isn’t a native German speaker and is still just getting a hold of the language.
    • Pia Douwes, on the other hand, has some really nice riffs that I in general just love and enjoy.
    • On this one, I have to say that they run really close together and I really can’t pick one that I like more in terms of vocal ability. However, I might have to go with Pia on this one, merely out of the direction of the song in her version. Now, don’t get me wrong. Both endings are beautiful. But something about Der Tod taking Sisi with him instead of just walking away is nicer. Maybe that’s just me?

Favorite Sisi? Annemieke Van Dam wins this round!

Favorite Der Tod?

Der Tod is my favorite character in Elisabeth. And I’m also pretty sure that I know who my favorite is for this round, but I think that it might be interesting to go over it and see the margin by which this person is winning.

  • Der Letzte Tanz
    • “Der Letzte Tanz” is probably one of the hardest songs that Der Tod has to sing (depending on the version). Nonetheless, it’s always a very energetic, exciting song, full of running, dancing, etc.
    • Mark Seibert is my favorite Der Tod for this song without debate. His energy is absolutely contagious and the way in which he’s running around, singing, and acting makes it clear that he is really enjoying himself. And not only is it fun to watch, it’s absolutely amazing to just listen to. Now, I don’t know if the really high falsetto note that he hits at the end of the song was something added in specifically for that version of the musical or if he just chose to do it, but that high note makes me enjoy his version of the song so much more.
    • Uwe Kröger is the only Der Tod that I could possibly see as a second. And really,  he is only going to come in second here. It’s not that I dislike Uwe. Not at all, but it’s just that I feel like his voice isn’t as strong as the song demands.
  • Wenn Ich Tanzen Will
    • “Wenn Ich Tanzen Will” is one of the songs in which I couldn’t choose between Annemieke Van Dam and Pia Douwes. My thoughts on the Der Tod side of this song is well… pretty clear, though.
    • Again, Mark Seibert just really takes the win here. His acting ability is amazing and I can’t help but love listening to his voice. Also, I feel like the dance in this version of the song is just much more fun to watch because it has a lot more symbolism incorporated into it.
    • Uwe Kröger, on the other hand, I feel pushes much more aggressiveness into the song than Mark which is also very interesting and something that I enjoy.
    • But, overall, I’m going to have to hand the gold to Mark Seibert. And I suppose that, by default, I’ll give Annemieke this one as well. Her voice compliments Mark’s remarkably and it’s just such a joy to listen to.
  • Mama, Wo Bist Du?
    • “Mama, Wo Bist Du?” is a song that is primarily sung by young Rudolf. Halfway through the song, however, Der Tod joins in the song.
    • Mark Seibert is excellent in this song. He really, really is. The softness of his voice just really stands out here. And his acting with the actor playing Rudolf is one of the most adorable things in the world.
    • Uwe Kröger also does a really nice job with this song and I really enjoy his version here as well. But, I also feel like his acting is a little more detached and less personable than Mark’s in this song.
  • Der Schleier Fällt
    • “Der Schleier Fällt” is where judging this is going to get really, really, really tough.
    • Uwe Kröger sings this song really well with Pia Douwes, and I feel like their voices are both perfect in this song.
    • Mark Seibert has that softness to his voice that’s just winning all over the place again. But still, at the same time, I don’t know about the version.
    • As much as I love Mark Seibert, I’m going to hand this one over to Uwe.

Mark Seibert wins this round. I don’t see how anyone else could. 

My Favorite Cast Overall?

It looks like Annemieke Van Dam and Mark Seibert from the touring production from a few years back win. I had a feeling that this might be the case, but I think that it was really interesting to just see how all of that played out.


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