Netflix Musical Tag

This tag was originally a book tag created by Accio Books on YouTube but I thought that I would repurpose it as a musical tag because I was unsure of what I wanted to post about today.

1. Recently Watched: The last musical you watched (movie adaptation, T.V. special, live, etc).

I watched Hairspray Live! most recently! I have to say that it was my first time seeing the musical or hearing any of the songs (except “Good Morning Baltimore”) so I was going into it with completely fresh eyes (and quite low expectations) but I was pleasantly surprised by all aspects of it. I really liked the characters and the casting was great. I also really liked the style of the songs. This might be my favorite live television musical event so far.

2. Top Picks: Musicals that have been recommended to you based on musicals you liked.

One of my online friends has recommended a lot of musicals to me. I’d say that the one that sticks out the most to me at the moment is probably either A Tale of Two Cities or Jekyll & Hyde. Both of which I have really, really liked. In general, I’m always glad when I get recommendations from her because they’re always great.

3. Recently Added: The last musical cast recording/movie adaption you bought

I can’t really remember because it’s been a while. My newest C.D. is probably the Australia/Japan Tour cast recording of Starlight Express that my mom bought me for my birthday. I do really hope to buy the most recent Elisabeth cast recording as well as the new Schikaneder cast recording because I’ve just fallen in love with all of those songs. Also, I do want to buy the PBS live concert DVD of A Tale of Two Cities. Sadly, my budget at the moment isn’t the biggest.

4. Popular on Netflix: Musicals that everyone knows about. (2 you’re familiar with and 2 you haven’t listened/watched yet or don’t have any interest in watching/listening)

Erm… for ones that everyone knows I’m going to go with Les Misérables and Wicked. I think that they’re both just generally well-known musicals. Even if you’ve never really listened to or watched them you know something about them. I haven’t listened to Dear Evan Hansen yet but I really want to (Is that one that everyone knows about?). And then for the next one I’m going to have to go with Billy Elliot. I just don’t really know the story and I haven’t heard any of the songs so I’m not too interested in it.

5. Comedies: A funny musical

I’m going to go with Wicked for this one because I’m not quite sure about what else I could possibly put here.

6. Dramas: A character who is a drama queen/king.

Carlotta from The Phantom of the Opera. Though I do think that a lot of the time she is justified in this.

7. Animated: A musical with cartoons on the cover.

I’m not sure… this is a pretty tough question. I’m not sure that I know if there is one… does Something Rotten! count? I’m not sure that those are cartoons, but they’re definitely drawings…

8. Watch it again: A musical that you want to see again live.

I just really want to see Les Misérables all over again. And I would love to see Beauty and the Beast as well. It’s such a great show that I’d just love to see again.

9. Documentaries: A musical based off of a real event that you’d recommend to everyone.

I’m going to go with Elisabeth for this one. I’m so in love with this musical and I’m 98% sure that some of that has to do with the fact that it’s got historical origins. It deals with Empress Elisabeth of Austria and it’s just overall such a fascinating musical. And really, this is my favorite musical. If you haven’t listened to it or watched it yet, definitely give it a try! I’d also say Schikaneder because it’s one of my latest obsessions. It’s so amazing.

10. Action and Adventure: An action packed musical

I’m going to go with Tanz der Vampire. I’d say that vampires are pretty action-packed. Also some of the dance numbers in this musical are insane, so there’s that too!

11. New Releases: A musical that just came out or will be coming out soon that you can’t wait to watch/listen to.

Schikaneder! It’s just come out recently and the cast recording was just released a few days ago and seriously, I can’t wait to buy the cast recording. If I go to Germany or Austria anytime soon, I am definitely catching this show.


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