The Musical Theatre Tag

I’m not sure who created this tag, but if you know, please do tell me so that I can give them credit! Thank you! Anyhow, I thought that I’d like to do this today because I’m just kind of bored and this seemed like fun!

Your favorite musical?

Elisabeth. I know. Shocker. Guys, Elisabeth has literally taken over my life. And the funny thing is that I never anticipated it being something that I would fall in love with. I thought that I might like it, but never, in a million years, did I think that it would become my favorite. That was, of course, before I gave it a shot. The moment I gave it a shot I knew that I was so wrong and that my life would be turned upside down almost immediately. Not that I’m complaining. Believe me, I’m not. And it just so happens that I’m listening to it right now…

Your most sentimental musical?

Phew… sentimental? Probably Oliver!. Or maybe The Phantom of the Opera. Both of those could really fit the bill. Oliver! was my first actual musical and it’s the first one that I really remember falling in love with. But The Phantom of the Opera was the musical that really got me into musical theatre.

Your favorite movie musical?

My favorite movie musical would probably have to be Oliver! but I think that I’ll go with either The Music Man or Into the Woods. Both are very well done and really good if you’re looking for a musical movie to watch. The singing’s great in both and I would highly recommend them.

2 musicals that need to be mentioned?

Can I pick more than two? I’m going to go ahead and mention Tanz der VampireSchikaneder: Das MusicalBright StarSomething Rotten!Jekyll & Hyde, Starlight Express and Elisabeth. I feel like Tanz der Vampire and Elisabeth are just starting to get the amount of attention that they deserve and I hope that that continues. (Maybe it’s just that I follow a lot of people on Instagram who post about those two? Idk.) But other than that, I think that they’re all just really good musicals that are in general underrated. Well, maybe Something Rotten! isn’t so unrecognized, but I definitely think that it deserves more attention.

Your favorite musical song?

Yikes… there are so many that I could go with for this one. I’ll make myself pick only three, though. “Träum Groß” from Schikaneder, “Ich Gehör Nur Mir” from Elisabeth, and “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from Hairspray.

If you could be one character in a musical who would it be and why?

I’m not really sure if it’s asking about a dreamrole or if I could just be any character so I’ll answer both. My biggest dreamrole is Sisi from Elisabeth. What I wouldn’t give to play her (if even just for one day)! But I don’t think that I would like to really be her. So for that question I’m going to have to go with Tracy from Hairspray. I don’t know. She’s got such a loving family and great friends that I think that it would be great to be her.

If you could make something into a musical what would you choose?

Anything into a musical? I think that I’m going to have to say that I’d like to see a musical about the French Revolution. You know, kind of like Assassins but with the historical figures from the French Revolution. Yeah, I know, I’m a geek.


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