Musical Theatre Characters that I Just LOVE

Today, I’m going to be talking about some of my all-time favorite characters from musicals!!

  • Sisi from Elisabeth
    • Why I love this character: I love Sisi so much. Maybe it’s partially attributed to the fact that Sisi is one of my largest dreamroles and that she’s got really beautiful songs that I would absolutely love to sing. I know that she’s kind of a character that you can either love or hate, but I just find it so hard to dislike her.
  • Éponine from Les Misérables
    • Why I love this character: Éponine’s got such a beautiful, heartfelt story. I just love her transformation from the beginning to the end of Les Misérables (especially in the book). Also, her songs are so beautiful! Total dreamrole for me… (Also, people tell me that I look like Samantha Barks [who played Éponine in the movie and on London’s West End] all of the time… so… maybe that has something to do with it?)
  • Nancy from Oliver!
    • Why I love this character: Again, another character with really beautiful songs. And I really just think that she’s got a tragic story. She fought really hard and she ended up losing in that fight… sort of. She isn’t as much of a dreamrole to me as Éponine and Sisi. But… given the chance, I would still definitely love to play her one day.
  • Portia from Something Rotten!
    • Why  I love this character: Finally a character that isn’t tragic on this list! Portia is absolutely adorable and a total dreamrole. Unfortunately, though… my voice isn’t very well-suited for this role. But, all the same, she’s such an adorable character. I even named my cat after her.
  • The seamstress from A Tale of Two Cities
    • Why I love this character: And we’re right back at the tragic characters again. But… at the same time, there is something interesting about the seamstress. As you may have drawn, she’s not a central character in the musical in the least. In fact, she’s only there in the last 5-10 minutes of the musical. And yet, I would love to play her.
  • Lucy Harris from Jekyll & Hyde
    • Why I love this character: Again, tragedy with this character. And another dreamrole. Lucy is one of those characters that has wonderful songs and just a really winning personality. And her songs “A New Life” and “Someone Like You” are just so beautiful and I would love to play her one day.
  • Alfred from Tanz der Vampire
    • Why I love this character: Alfred is just absolutely adorable and I love him so much. And “Nie Gesehn” is such a beautiful song… oh, and “Draußen ist Freiheit”. I just love Alfred a lot.
  • Rusty from Starlight Express
    • Why I love this character: Again, just another character that is absolutely adorable. Also, his costumes???? So drop-dead cute. I love him so much. And Starlight Express is just one of the most fun, energetic musicals ever.
  • Der Tod from Elisabeth
    • Why I love this character: He’s just really interesting! And I love all of his songs. I think that Der Tod is one of the reasons why I decided to give Elisabeth a try. Because I just thought that the idea of having Death as a character was so interesting!
  • Raoul de Chagny from The Phantom of the Opera
    • Why I love this character: A lot of people like to hate on Raoul, but I love him so much! I used to be one of those Raoul-bashers, but not anymore! I just can’t help but love him. And, in all honesty, when I used to hate Raoul, I think that I just wasn’t seeing how great of a guy he was and kind of falling into the trap that I feel like the Phandom kind of just sets for new Phans in trying to lure them away from Raoul. But, in all honesty, Raoul is just one of the most adorable, lovable characters in my opinion.

What did you think of this list? Who are some of your favorite musical characters of all time?


4 thoughts on “Musical Theatre Characters that I Just LOVE

  1. One of my favorite musical characters is on this list. I love Eponine from Les Mis and I am aware I am growing an attachment to her. She is this amazing, tragic, lonely, loving, loyal young woman. Her songs are so beautiful, yet so heartbreaking at the same time.

    Overall, my favorite musical character is Elphaba from Wicked. I relate to this character so much and I admire her strength and courage. The two of us have a lot in common and at the same many differences.


    1. Éponine is such an amazing character. She’s always been one of my favorite characters of all time! I love her so much. From Wicked, I have to say that I love Elphie too! My favorite thing about those two is that I think that they’re characters in which you can find a lot of strength and relatability!


      1. Elphaba first became part of my life ten years ago when I saw Wicked on Broadway. I got the musical three times since that time. Elphaba is like a role model to me. Wicked just is the musical that has everything I want in a musical.

        It has spectacle, dance, positive and negative emotions, strong emotional connection and has the comic elements. I associate musicals with comedies because that is what I grew up with and most musicals are happy.


      2. I agree with what you said about Wicked having everything that makes a musical so amazing. And really, before I really knew anything about Wicked, I (wrongly) thought that it might be one of those modern musicals that, to me, just lack in so many of those components that you mentioned above. And I think that the dance numbers in Wicked were a huge part in making it one of my favorites.


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