Musical Theatre Costume Evaluation

Costumes, to me, are a big part of musical theatre. Today I thought that I’d go through some of my favorite shows and look at the costumes for those musicals.

  • Elisabeth: Das Musical
    • There was no way that this show wouldn’t make it onto this list. Alright. So, let’s talk about the costumes. Sisi has some beautiful (yet simple) costumes. Her nightgown manages to be beautiful but at the same time simple. Many of Sisi’s costumes are based off of paintings of the real Elisabeth. Der Tod also has some nice costumes as well. He has costumes that, while plain, seem to symbolize different moods.
  • Wicked
    • I’d say that overall, Wicked has pretty nice costumes. I like the elegant simplicity of Elphaba’s Act 2 costumes. I also think that the coloring of the costumes is great. Really, when you have a Tony Award for Best Costumes, I think that, for the most part, it’s undeniable that you’ve got good costumes. I think that the creative nature of the Shiz University uniforms and the “Thank Goodness” costumes are absolutely wonderful.
  • Tanz der Vampire
    • For most productions, the costumes for Tanz der Vampire are beautiful. But I say the word “most” because the Broadway costumes were absolutely horrendous. But the costumes that I really want to talk about are the costumes from the German/Austrian productions. These costumes are generally more flamboyant than the other costumes that I’ve talked about thus far, especially in the case of the vampires. But I think that it really works for the story that is being told.
  • Starlight Express
    • These costumes are in a completely different league unto themselves. Because Starlight Express is a musical about trains, the actors are wearing costumes that are made to look like trains. And goodness’s sakes… they’re so cool! I love them.
  • Les Misérables
    • My favorite thing about the costumes for Les Misérables is that they are completely authentic. Meaning that there isn’t a single Velcro on those costumes and, instead, they use clips and clamps. Also, I think that the costumes are just so elegant and beautiful. Just like the musical itself.
  • The Phantom of the Opera
    • I don’t think that it would be right to write up a post about theatre musicals and not mention the costumes from The Phantom of the Opera. The costumes are beautiful and so colorful. I think that they are so elegant and nice to look at. I also think that the costumes especially in “Masquerade” are absolutely beautiful. The little details definitely count in The Phantom of the Opera.

What are some of your favorite musical theatre costumes of all time?


12 thoughts on “Musical Theatre Costume Evaluation

      1. I fell in love with it when I was just a kid. Wicked was the musical where I truly knew that musicals are in fact emotional. The emotions have truly matured and became more vulnerable over the years


      2. This happened at the fourth time I saw the musical. From 2006 up till the fourth time, I always hated the song, “No Good Deed” and never looked forward to the song. Well during this fourth time during that song, I finally found some appreciation of the song and truly realized its emotions. That is why during my fourth time I felt the most vulnerable.

        Also like I said previously, it was the first time I came into the show viewing “I’m Not That Girl” as a heartbreaking song compared to a sad song. I realized sometime in between the third time I saw the show (2013) to the fourth time I saw the show (2016) I learned it was a heartbreaker. It was just “On My Own” that taught me it was a heartbreaker, it was also memorizing the lyrics that made me realize that.


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