My Top Five Favorite Disney Musicals?

I think that it’s safe for me to say that most–if not all–of my favorite Disney movies are the musicals. So I thought that I might list a few of them today.

  1. Beauty and the Beast
    • This one has always been a childhood favorite of mine. The movie is pretty good, but I love the stage version even more. There are so many great songs like “If I Can’t Love Her”, “Home”, and “Change in Me” that just really made me fall in love with the stage production. I’m highly anticipating the new live action movie that they’re making, but I’m also kind of worried that it won’t meet my expectations. Still can’t wait, though!
  2. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    • I really hope that they bring the stage version of this to Broadway soon. The new cast recording that they recently released is absolutely amazing and I just really, really want to see it live. This one is a little darker than most Disney stuff, but I think that I like it for that reason. I think that the music is absolutely beautiful and there’s just something about the story that I just love.
  3. Newsies
    • Newsies is actually one that was based off of real events. I quite like history and historical events so whenever I hear about a historical musical, I’m always excited to try it out. Newsies absolutely does not disappoint. With all of the singing and dancing, this is one that I absolutely want to see live again. I was lucky enough to catch it when the tour came around to Seattle and I would love to see it again!
  4. Aladdin
    • There’s something so wonderful about the magic of Aladdin. This is one that I would absolutely love to see on Broadway. I’ve listened to the cast recording many times over and I just love it so much. Aladdin was always one of the movies that my siblings and I would watch over and over so it also holds sentimental value with me.
  5. Mary Poppins
    • Mary Poppins is a fairly new addition to my life but I love it all the same. I remember constantly refusing to watch it until around this time last year when I finally caved and watched it with my dad. And I am so happy that I did. Because it was absolutely phenomenal. I can’t believe that I declined to watch it for so long because now it’s the movie that I always want to watch after a long week.


What are some of your favorite Disney musicals?


4 thoughts on “My Top Five Favorite Disney Musicals?

  1. I do love Newsies and I want to get the Broadway soundtrack for Christmas. I saw Beauty and the Beast back in elementary school, but have no memories of seeing the stage show and want to see it live again someday. I saw Lion King live as well, but don’t remember seeing it live either, which is why I want to see it again. I did see the movie of Aladdin, but never seen the stage show.


      1. So I hope I get that Newsies soundtrack. I especially love the songs the Newsies sing, which does not just include the group numbers. I love how it is based off a true story and the dance is just mind-blowing


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