Ten Shows That I Want to See Live

Elisabeth: Das Musical

Unfortunately, no production of Elisabeth is currently running. I really wish that I could have seen it when Mark Seibert and Annemieke Van Dam were playing Der Tod and Sisi. I think that it’s only a matter of time until a production is brought back and I would love to see it. The costumes are beautiful and I love all of the songs, dances, and characters.

Schikaneder: Das Musical

I might actually be able to see this show but that’s a big maybe at this point. Schikaneder is a new musical that is currently playing in Vienna, Austria. I would love to see Mark Seibert while he’s playing Emanuel Schikaneder. The whole cast is amazing and I love Stephen Schwartz’s music. Also, the costumes are beautiful.

Les Misérables

I have seen Les Misérables live before, but I’d love to see it again–especially the original London production. I was lucky enough to be able to see the 2014 revival production on Broadway earlier this year and it was absolutely phenomenal. Les Miz is one of my all time favorite musicals and I would love to see it again. The storyline and all of the characters are absolutely phenomenal and I love the show so much.


Aladdin has always been one of my favorite Disney movies and I would love to see it on Broadway. I think that the whole staging and choreography is amazing. The costumes are so beautiful and the music is phenomenal. If I ever make it back to New York anytime soon, I will definitely be going to see Aladdin.


Because Wicked is one of my favorite musicals, I would definitely love to see it live. I got to see the touring production when it stopped in Seattle. The show was absolutely spectacular and I would 100% like to see it again on Broadway or in Germany. The dancing and the music is absolutely wonderful.

Something Rotten!

While I am very disappointed that Something Rotten! will be leaving Broadway in 2 weeks, I am happy that it will be coming on tour! I am hoping to see it when the tour stops in Seattle. The music from Something Rotten! is one of my favorites of all time. The dancing is absolutely mind-blowing and I just really want to see it live. While I wish that I could have seen Christian Borle as Shakespeare, I’ll be happy to see anyone in the role.

Starlight Express

I think that Starlight Express is one of the most unique musicals ever. The very idea of a roller skate musical is amazing and I wish that it were running on Broadway right now. If I ever go to Germany, one of my first stops will be Bochum and I will go to see Starlight Express (among the other shows that I want to see in Germany). If I’m to be 100% honest, Starlight Express might be my favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.


Because Oliver! was my first musical, it holds strong sentimental value with me. I definitely want to see it live. The music and dancing is incredible and I love the characters so much. I definitely would like to take my father to see this musical as well because I know that it is one of his favorites as well.

Jekyll & Hyde

Again, this is another show that is no longer running on Broadway (unfortunately). If it ever does get a revival, I will go to see it. Jekyll & Hyde is one of my all-time favorites and I think that it’s so beautiful. I would love to see it live. It’s one of my favorite Frank Wildhorn musicals and so I would definitely go to see it given the chance to do so.

Tanz der Vampire

I think that the costumes and staging of Tanz der Vampire is absolutely incredible. I would absolutely love to see it. It’s a fairly recent favorite of mine, but I definitely want to see it one day. I think that the entire show is so unique and elegant.


2 thoughts on “Ten Shows That I Want to See Live

  1. I have a list of shows that I want to see live. Even though I saw Les Mis in London and three times at my community college, its is back on my list because I am hoping I will be able to catch the new 25th anniversary staging and because I am a Spanish minor, I hope to see the show in Spanish.

    Rent is also on the list. It is coming to my hometown next year. I love the overall messages, characters, and songs. I have never seen it live before and have wanted to since I fell in love with it four years ago by listening to its songs through Pandora. My family owns the filmed Broadway stage production, but I have waiting to see it live.

    As for Disney, I want to see both Beauty and the Beast and Lion King live. I saw them both on stage in elementary school, but I don’t remember seeing them live.

    King and I is on the list as well because its Rodgers and Hammerstein and I have been recommended to see it. What can go wrong with Rodgers and Hammerstein? I already love their South Pacific and Sound of Music.

    West Side Story is on my list as well, but is not one of the highest ones on the list. It is more towards the bottom. I am a fan of this show, but its not a favorite or even meaningful. I saw the movie and liked the songs enough to have the soundtrack. I only want to see it live to see how the dancing fares out and see if it works better on stage.


    1. I agree! I think that I will always want to see Les Miz live to be 100% honest. And really, you definitely can’t go wrong with Rodgers and Hammerstein! I don’t think that there’s been a musical of theirs that I disliked. I think that my community theatre is going to be staging West Side Story sometime soon so hopefully I’ll be able to catch it. I agree with what you said about the movie. It was enough to make me like it but not enough to make me really fall in love with it.


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