“As Long As You’re Mine” and “Solang Ich Dich Hab”

I hope that everyone’s had a great Christmas!

I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a while, but I finally buckled up the courage to do it. Personally, I love languages and I can speak 6 different languages (3 fluently, 3 very roughly). One of the ones that I am more fluent in is German. And it just so happens that the German versions of musical theatre songs are some of my favorite versions to listen to. So I thought that I would see how “Solang Ich Dich Hab”, the German version of “As Long as You’re Mine” directly translates compared to the original! The following is my translation (I tried to keep it as direct as possible but I did change some bits for it to make more sense).

“Solang Ich Dich Hab”

“As Long as I Have You”


Take my breath

If you kiss me.

Only then can I be sure

That you are with me.

Not even in dreams

It occurred to me

To be with you,

To be one with you.


For a few hours,

As long as I have you

I forget the borders

That are so far from me

If it is also clear to me,

What is and is not true.

Hope remains irremovable,

As long as I have you.


Am I caught

Or am I freed?

It seems to me that before you

Was infinity

I am bewitched,

So strong is the longing

You have awakened within me.


For a few hours,

As long as I have you

I will surrender

As I have never surrendered before


And when it’s tomorrow

And all of this is already over…


It will be night 

For us two…


For a few hours,

As long as I have you

Be as you want to be

We’re both so strong

Grab the moonlight

Let it enfold us

Because you are

Everything that counts

As long as I have you…


What is (it)?


It’s only that… for the first time, I feel somehow… wicked!


And so there you have it! That’s the English translation from German. What do you think of it? Do you like these lyrics better than, less than, or equal to how you like the original lyrics? And should I do more of these in the future?

Mark Seibert und Willemijn Verkaik aus WICKED: DAS MUSICAL

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