“I’m Not That Girl” and “Ich Bin Es Nicht”

I liked the practice translating “Solang Ich Dich Hab” (the German version of “As Long As You’re Mine) directly into English so I thought that I would do the same thing with “Ich Bin Es Nicht” which is the German version of “I’m Not That Girl”. While I will try to keep the translation as direct as at all possible, I might change the wording at times so that it will make more sense.

“Ich Bin Es Nicht”

“I’m Not…”


Pulse increases, heart flirts

Suddenly speechless and confused

Longing, and the world is suddenly full of light.

He, he can be (that boy)

But I’m not (that girl).



Take it as it is

Remember who and what you are

Don’t picture a miracle 

He, he can be (that boy)

But I’m not (that girl)



In weak hours we fled

To the land of “Make-Believe”

But consolation of wounds remains an illusion

Because reality takes us in



Eyes lock, mouths laugh

It’s like she was made for him

Gold hair and the face of a fairy

(She’s) his kind of woman 

But I know well

That I am not



Give up, let go!

Some desires only hurt (you).

Who cares if my heart breaks?

He hardly noticed me

She is his dream

But I am not…


This was a fun one to translate! I found it interesting that what I decided to translate as “The land of ‘Make-Believe'” actually comes out as directly meaning “The land of ‘So-It-Can-Being”. I didn’t think that quite made sense in English, but I do like it in German. It holds a lot of meaning, actually.

Do you like the English one or the direct version of the German one? I think that I fall on a weird little middle ground. I think that there are real strengths to both. I think that I will be doing more of these translations for Wicked and other musicals as well.


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