“On My Own” and “Nur Für Mich”

So I just did the direct German to English translation of “Ich Bin Es Nicht” (“I’m Not that Girl”) and so I thought that it would be fitting to do it for “On My Own” as well. I’m going to be doing “On My Own” including the part prior to the beginning of what is usually considered the song.

“Nur Für Mich”

“Just For Me”


And again I am all alone

A course (riddled) with hells

I do not want any money from you, sir,

This is not to be paid with money.

The night is already so close,

I can almost believe he was there.



I often go around alone,

When all other people sleep.

How often have I dreamed of him,

And that we met in the dark.

The moon in the sky 

Leads me into my own world.



Just for me, in silence he is with me

All alone we wake in the night

Then I feel his distant arm touch me

And when I walk, I close my eyes and he leads me.



Rain falls, the street flows like silver

Fog rises, the light flutters in the river

Dark trees, the branches heavy with stars

And all I see are our eternal faces



But I know that it never can happen

For I am only talking to my self and not to him

Yes, I know he overlooked me,

No matter, I have to stand beside him.



I love him, but the night passes

And then he is gone, the river is dark and dim

He lacks me, the world loses all of its color

The trees blow through people

The streets are full of scars.



I love him, but I have to see everyday

How he lives as if I had never been

His life will go on without me

The world is full of salvation and I cannot enter in



I love him, I love him, I love him,

But only for myself.


Do you like this version or the English version more? I feel like this one just screams sorrow more than the English version at some points. I like both for different reasons!


18 thoughts on ““On My Own” and “Nur Für Mich”

    1. I agree! I think that this song was the most interesting to me of the ones I have translated thus far. I hadn’t really thought in depth about the differences between the German and English words until doing this. I think that there are some really nice lines in the German one now that I come to think of it. I think that the English version also portrays Eponine’s emotions very well.


      1. I want to see Les Mis in Spanish. I am a Spanish minor so why not? People have been asking me how will you understand what is going on. Thats a crazy thought because I know so much about the show and know the plot from start to finish


      2. That would be really cool if you could see it in Spanish! I’d love to see it in Germany one day, but as far as I know, they don’t currently have a production running. I think that it’d be a great show to see in a different language.


      3. That’s true! I just realized this, but in translating, there are a lot of phrases that don’t properly translate to English and hold a lot more meaning in the starting language (in this case German). I think that it would be really cool to see how the story remains the same yet somewhat different lyrically as well.


      4. I took two years of Spanish in high school. I wish I retained a lot more knowledge of the language but a lot of it kinda just left me. It’s not one of the languages that I’m more fluent with, but I definitely want to try and learn it again sometime.


      5. I took four years of Spanish in high school. Started taking Spanish in college in 2013. This semester in college I couldn’t take a Spanish because the class I needed to continue my minor. Despite that, I still was able to practice it. Two years ago I studied abroad in Costa Rica for two weeks and I stayed with a host family. I am able to practice Spanish with my host mom from Costa Rica


      6. Even though my Spanish is not that experienced or fluent, I can still pick up words here and there in the songs of Les Mis. And due to how much I know about the show, I am able to understand what is going on


      7. That’s really nice! It’d be really cool if you could see the show in Spanish! I’m sure that it’d be a great experience! I really want to see a lot of shows in languages that are not English but that probably won’t happen for a little while. Oh, well! I’m willing to wait because I’m pretty sure it’d be well worth it.


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