“I Dreamed a Dream” and “Ich Hab’ Geträumt Vor Langer Zeit”

“Ich Hab’ Getrüamt Vor Langer Zeit”

“I Dreamed a Long Time Ago”


I dreamed a long time ago

Of a life worthwhile

Of love and immortality

From the good God who has spared me



I was young and without fear

And dreams went just as they came

I’ll find you no matter what you demand [Fantine clutches her locket that holds Cosette’s hair]

For every joy (there was) a name



But the tigers in the night 

Worsen your wounds,

Tear wild at your heart

And destroy your dream



The summer that he slept beside me

Was like an endless wonder

I was a child when he called to me

I was a girl when Autumn began.



Even today I dream that he’ll return

Together we would defy the years

But we were not made for happiness

(But rather) for its storms and dangers



I dreamed that my life would be 

A destiny that would not be hell

But God has not answered my wishes

Nothing remains of my dream.


Personally, I think that this German direct translation is more heartbreaking than the English version. But maybe that’s just me? What do you think?


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