Musical Theatre Tour Productions That I Want To See in the 2017 – 2018 Season

The Seattle 2017 – 2018 Musical Theatre Tour schedules were JUST released and I couldn’t be more excited! Some of my favorite shows are coming my way and I thought that I would make this post today to talk about some of the shows from the tour that I am looking forward to seeing over the next two years at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle!

· AN AMERICAN IN PARIS – I’ve been wanting to see this show for such a long time and when I was in New York, I really hoped to be able to see it but due to my schedule while I was there I was unable to. Hopefully I will be able to catch this show at the Paramount in May! AN AMERICAN IN PARIS has some of my favorite tunes such as “They Can’t Take That Away from Me”.

· THE SOUND OF MUSIC – I saw THE SOUND OF MUSIC pretty recently at Seattle’s community theatre, The 5th Avenue Theatre. I would, however, like to see it again if possible at the Paramount because I have heard that the touring production is spectacular!

· ALADDIN – I never thought that this day would come but now it has! ALADDIN is coming to Seattle and I am just so excited. I’m hoping that one of my best friends and I will be able to catch it come October because it will be a lot of fun! I’ve been wanting to see the stage production of ALADDIN for so long now and if I could see it at the Paramount, my year would be made.

· LES MISÉRABLES – So… I didn’t think that LES MISÉRABLES was going to be coming to Seattle any time soon but it’s coming in 2018 and I am so, so excited. This is another one that my friend and I will be sure to catch. It’s one of our absolute favorites and we definitely will not be passing up the opportunity to go and see it. I’ve seen it on Broadway already but let’s face it, I’ll never get tired of seeing LES MISÉRABLES.

· THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – I saw the PHANTOM tour about two years ago now and I am so glad that it is coming back to the Paramount. It was one of the best theatre experiences I’d ever had and I would love to see it again live. Hopefully my friend and I will be able to catch this one as well. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA’s tour set is pretty amazing (though costumes are kind of “meh” in my opinion).

It should be a good two years for Broadway in Seattle and I can’t wait to see how many of these shows that I can catch. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch at least ALADDIN, LES MISÉRABLES, and THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. If you live in the Seattle area or are visiting and are interested in what other shows are coming to the Paramount in the 2017 – 2018 season, you can visit and click the “Upcoming Shows” tab to see the full list of shows coming on tour in 2017 – 2018.


Are any good shows coming to where you live in the 2017 – 2018 season? If so, which ones do you plan on going to see?


7 thoughts on “Musical Theatre Tour Productions That I Want To See in the 2017 – 2018 Season

      1. I have been waiting to see Rent since Fall of 2012 when I fell in love with it by listening to the songs through Pandora. At the time, didn’t even know the plot.

        This sounds a bit ironic. Rent, not Les Mis, was the first sad musical I ever loved. Crazy how that sounds. I fell in love with Rent before. I did not realize Rent was sad another after I saw the movie of Les Mis


      2. I think that it’s interesting how our musical theater experiences kind of differ but are similar at the same time. I was brought up on generally sad musicals. But personally, it wasn’t until more recent years that I even began to think of the musicals I was brought up watching and listening to as sad.


      3. I was brought up with happy musicals, which is why I believed all musicals were happy. The whole Wicked, Annie, Sound of Music, Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast. Now I know that most musicals are happy.


      4. My musical lineup as a child was Oliver!, The King and I, The Phantom of the Opera, and Jane Eyre. I never really saw the tragedy in any of them until more recently, but a part of me thinks that a lot of that has to do with the fact that they all have happy moments even if they don’t necessarily end happily.


      5. Heres the thing about Phantom (just my interpretation). I don’t actually see Phantom as a heartbreaking musical. I have always viewed Christine as the main character. I see it as on the edge of becoming a tragedy.

        I want to see “King and I” and it coming to Charlotte over the summer. But Rent was the ultimate show I wanted to see this year


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