My Top 5 Songs From Musicals That Are Sung By Children

Sometimes the children in musicals are absolutely mind-blowing. And a lot of times the songs they sing are just the songs that I need to listen to when I’m stressed out of my mind because they calm me down. So this is my list of my favorite songs from musicals sung by children in musicals because right now, I’m stressed out of my mind as I’m sitting here, waiting to be called in for an interview with judges who read my paper.

· “Castle on a Cloud” from LES MISÉRABLES

o Okay, let’s be real here. I couldn’t not include this one on this list. “Castle on a Cloud” has a fairly simple tune but goodness’s sakes… it’s not a simple song in the least. It’s beautiful and it’s sad. And it’s wonderfully calming. Little Cosette has to be one of the strongest characters in musical theatre.

· “Mama, Wo Bist Du?” (“Mama, Where Are You?”) aus ELISABETH

o Yes, I know that Der Tod (the death) steps into this song but it’s only for about 10-15 seconds so I’m counting this one. This song is also yet another sad song sung by a child from a musical. Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria just wants his mother to tuck him in and say good night to him and it’s one of the cutest moments of the musical. And once again, the tune is absolutely calming.


o Seriously, this is one of the most adorable songs ever. Toby’s devotion to Mrs. Lovett is one of the most heartwarming things that I have ever seen in my life. For a long time this is the song that I would put on when I was trying to go to sleep and it would repeat a few times and I would be out like that *snap*. I don’t know if I can even accurately explain this song because it’s just one of the best things ever. Josh Groban sings it really well (I know that he’s not a kid but…)! The version from the movie is also pretty good. For such a dark musical, you’d never generally expect something as sweet as this.

· “Giants in the Sky” from INTO THE WOODS

o Every time I hear this song, I think of my brother. Weird, I know, but it actually totally makes sense. Ever since the movie came out in 2014 (has it really been that long ago since the movie came out already?!) he’s loved singing this song and he actually sings it REALLY well. And so, beside it reminding me of my brother, this song is just really uplifting and easy to listen to. I can just sit back and relax while listening to it. I need to pull it up on my iPod right now… I could use it.

· “I Know Things Now” from INTO THE WOODS

o This song isn’t exactly soothing per say, but it’s definitely an easy-going, uplifting song that I like to listen to when I’m freaking out. When I first heard it was kinda “meh” about it. But I definitely warmed up to it with time. 

Rudolf mit der Tod
Cosette in 10th Anniversary Concert
Cosette and Fantine
Little Red in INTO THE WOODS (2014)
Jack in INTO THE WOODS (2014)
Rudolf mit seine Oma


32 thoughts on “My Top 5 Songs From Musicals That Are Sung By Children

  1. I love “Castle on a Cloud” and love Young Cosette. Cannot believe she was horribly abused by the Thenardiers, but she gets through it by the fantasies she creates as shown through this song.

    Another song I love that is sung by a child is “Tomorrow” from Annie. Before Wicked entered my life, Annie was my favorite musical.


      1. I loved it since elementary school and I still love it just as much as did more than ten years ago. I saw it on stage for the first time in December of 2014. Whenever I watch Annie, I feel like a kid again.


      2. The original musicals really formed the foundation for musicals. The original musicals are any musical from elementary school up to Wicked: Wicked is original too. I am trying to keep that child in me alive in those as much as possible


      3. The foundation of musicals was created through these original musicals. Musicals home to spectacle, dance, comedy, positive and negative emotions, and emotional connection. However, I truly began to understand the emotional world of musicals right after Wicked entered my life


      4. The emotions are a huge reason why I love musicals. I sometimes feel like the positive emotions are stronger than the negative emotions.

        I think there are five core emotions and the others sprout from those. The main core emotions are excitement, love, joy, sad, and heartbreak.

        There are two sets of emotions going on in a musical: the characters and your own.


      5. So true. Positive emotions are just stronger because some musicals don’t have those negative emotions. The negative emotions are so highly unpredictable. Both sets of emotions are all over the place and so hard to describe


      6. Just a month ago, I was asked by my dad, why do I love the dance in musicals. I never really thought of it before. One of the most unique thing about musicals is the different art forms that are combined to make one show


      7. I agree. My dad and I are both musical fanatics but we like them for very different reasons. My dad mostly loves musicals for the music but I like musicals for everything combined that, when mixted together make one beautiful masterpiece. I think that might be why we have very different opinions on The King and I


      8. I love them for everything. The first thing I tend to judge are the songs. If the songs are bad, than the musical isn’t any good and the emotions become dull. But if the songs are good, than the emotions become worth feeling.
        My mom loves musicals.


      9. Yeah, I think that if the songs aren’t memorable, I’m less likely to like the musical. One of the things that I love about watching musicals live is the part when I’m leaving the theatre and there are little kids who are singing the songs on their way out. It always makes me smile


      10. But there are cases where it is hard to know what emotion some songs are. The negative emotions may be strong, but those emotions do hold limitations.

        I think they said that because I said the songs make the negative emotions worth feeling and it makes them easier to deal with. But for me, if you care enough about the songs and even the characters and even the plot, than those negative emotions are worth feeling even if they still are going to hurt


      11. Yeah. I have come across songs like that. I think that they usually kind of leave me unsure what to think of them the first time around but when I come back to listen to it later, I understand it a whole lot more and also like it a lot more, kind of like how it was with Les Miz for me


      12. Sometimes you are unsure if you even felt the negative emotions when you first see a musical. Or you think you did and are a 100% really uncertain if you felt them or not. I call that a faint edge in a way


      13. And don’t forget both positive and negative emotions are three dimensional not two dimensional even some musicals make you feel emotions on the surface. Think about a musical like Music Man and than think about Les Mis. There is a lot of layers in between musicals like those


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