What’s My Favorite Musical Genre (Music-Wise?)

I like to think that the musical genres that I like to listen to are pretty diverse, pulling from all sorts of musical styles. Today, I thought that it would be interesting to analyze some of my favorite musicals and see what type of musical genre I like well… more than the rest.


To me, “Classical Broadway” is practically anything from 1920-1960 or anything that follows this musical style (there have been a few of these in more recent years). Musicals that I immediately think of when I think of “Classical Broadway” are ANNIE GET YOUR GUN, SOMETHING ROTTEN!, ANNIE, CAROUSEL, OKLAHOMA!, and SHE LOVES ME (and maybe STARLIGHT EXPRESS). I don’t think that this is, by any means, my favorite musical genre but it is a good one and I do enjoy listening to music from these musicals from time-to-time. I think that the greatest thing about these more classical era musicals is their strength in dance choreography and overall ensemble involvement.

What I mean by “Classic Orchestra Musicals” is along the lines of musicals like LES MISÉRABLES, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, ROGERS AND HAMMERSTEIN’S CINDERELLA, OLIVER!, SCROOGE, THE SOUND OF MUSIC, JEKYLL & HYDE, etc. I’d say that this is one of my favorite musical genres. I was brought up listening to very classical music such as the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and Mozart and I think that that has had an influence on my taste in musicals as well. I thoroughly enjoy listening to musicals being performed in other languages (especially in German, Dutch, French, and Spanish). I think that these are the most interesting when it comes to differences in orchestral quality and orchestral choices from country to country.


These are the musicals that follow most of the rules of the “Classic Orchestra Musicals” that I just talked about but they add a little bit of a more modern twist to them. Musicals that fit under this category are ELISABETH, TANZ DER VAMPIRE, MARIE ANTOINETTE: DAS MUSICAL, JEKYLL & HYDE, RENT, WICKED, and THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. I feel like STARLIGHT EXPRESS could also fit under this category. I do not know enough about REBECCA to know whether or not it would fit here or not but from what I have heard, it does. Oddly enough, the musicals that I have listed here (with the exceptions of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, WICKED, RENT, and JEKYLL & HYDE) have either been created in Germany or Austria or have been immensely successful in those countries. I must say that some of my favorite musicals do make it onto this list as well.


Some of the musicals that I like to put into this category are WICKED, NEXT TO NORMAL, THE LAST FIVE YEARS, and STARLIGHT EXPRESS. These musicals are musicals that are modern in style (though WICKED, I feel, fits more under the genre above and is listed there as well). NEXT TO NORMAL is, for the most part, a pop/rock-style musical. STARLIGHT EXPRESS could fit under so many of the other categories but I feel like the music style is very modern and that the costumes, set design, and concept are also modern and almost futuristic in a sense. THE LAST FIVE YEARS has an interesting, modern story concept and story-telling style. The music is also fairly modern.


After looking through these lists, I think that my favorite musical genres probably have to be the “Classical Orchestra Musicals” and “Classical… With a Twist” musicals. What do you think is your favorite musical genre if you had to choose one or two?


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