Who Am I??? (Sorry… Jean Valjean Moment) | Get to Know Me Tag

{Picture is of me dressed up as Enjolras}

So, I’m kind of stressed today. Getting interviewed by the people who judged my paper on Camille Desmoulins is not exactly my ideal start to a morning, but it has to happen and skipping out on it would do me more harm than good. So I thought that I’d do something simple today. Just a little “Get To Know Me” Tag. Maybe I’ll post something more interesting later when I’m not being so freaked out.

· What is your name?

o My name’s Celeste. Don’t feel comfortable sharing my whole name on the internet, but I will say that, in German, my last name means “stupid fool”. Not joking.

· Share your favorite subject in high school

o For most of my school career, my favorite subject was English language arts but that changed in high school. My favorite subject in high school became history / civics / economics. I still like language arts and I still consider myself a writer over a historian but… history, to me, is more interesting. I’m a history geek, so… if you’ve got questions about history or government / civics, I’m pretty willing to talk about that (and, heads up… I might get really into it).

· What is your favorite drink?

o I love orange juice. But… I’ll admit that when it comes to soda, I love root beer.

· What is your favorite song at the moment?

o At the moment? Yikes… Well, today, I’ve had these dinosaur songs that I used to listen to as a kid stuck in my head but those aren’t my favorite songs. I think that, at the moment, my favorite song is “Der Schleier Fällt” (“The Veil Descends”) from ELISABETH is my favorite song. I just love the whole thing so much. I also am hooked onto anything ELISABETH, really. And LES MISÉRABLES, WICKED, and THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA are pretty much playing non-stop in my head.

· What would you name your children?

o This might change depending on where I am in my life and what’s happened more recently in my life, but at the moment, I think that I’d really like to name a boy “Lukas” or “Stefan”. For a girl, I really like the names “Lena” and “Sofia”.

· Have you participated in any sports?

o I did swimming for years!

· What is your favorite book?

o There are so many! But… my favorite book is either Les Misérables by Victor Hugo or A Place of Greater Safety by Hilary Mantel. Oh, and Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray.

· What is your favorite color?

o My favorite color is either blue, purple, or black. Kind of depends on my mood but for the most part, I’d say that my favorite color is a deep navy blue.

· What is your favorite animal?

o Not sure, really. When I was a kid, my favorite animal was a jaguar (or a Stegosaurus if we’re counting dinosaurs). But I think that my favorite now is probably some type of bird… like an eagle or a goldfinch.

· What is your favorite perfume?

o I don’t typically wear perfume. But I do like lotions because my hands dry out a lot. My favorite lotion is an olive oil hand lotion. I’m not sure what company makes it, but it’s really good. However, I will say that my ideal perfume scent would be the smell of a book.

· What is your favorite holiday?

o Easter is my favorite holiday that is well… a holiday that I spend with the family. As a Christian, Easter is a wonderful holiday in which we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day. It’s also one of my favorites to spend with the family because we spend most of the day outdoors and we have a wonderful dinner and after church, my uncle hides eggs in his backyard and that is one of the most intense egg hunts ever. And, because I have a big extended family, it’s just really fun to see everyone around.

o A day that I kinda sort of consider to be a holiday is this day in which my family does these “summer Olympics”. We do them annually instead of every four years and I usually am not participating in the games but rather keeping score on the little board that I make. It’s fun to watch the festivities and it’s one of the only times that my uncle who is a pastor in Oregon can actually come up to Seattle with his wife and kids and spend time with the rest of the family and that’s super fun.

· Scale from 1-10 rate your childhood

o I’d say an 8.5. I had a pretty good childhood though it wasn’t without problems. Problems that weren’t really mine but were mine by extension as my sister spent a lot of her first months in the hospital. But other than that, I had a pretty good, normal childhood!

· Have you ever been out of the country?

o Yep! I’ve been to Japan. I’ve also been to Canada many times, but I don’t really count it because it’s so close to Seattle that I always forget that it’s another country. I’ve never been to Europe though, despite how much I want to go there. I hope for my first trip after college to be a trip to Germany.

· Do you speak any other languages?

o Yeah! I speak German and Japanese pretty fluently. My Spanish and French are not so good but I can say the essentials.

· Do you have any siblings?

o I have two siblings.

· What is your favorite store?

o This is going to sound kind of lame but at the moment? It’s probably Grocery Outlet. Or Goodwill. Goodwill’s pretty awesome. There’s a huge Goodwill in Seattle and I buy most of my clothes there. They sell really great clothes at a super affordable price.

· What is your favorite restaurant?

o I love the restaurant, Rams. I haven’t been there in a while but hopefully will be going there soon with the family. I also really like Five Guys Burgers. Essentially, if they sell burgers, I’ll probably like the place.

· Do you like school?

o School’s pretty great for the most part. It’s not always the most stress-free environment but I do really enjoy learning and I do appreciate school for all of the people that I have met there. School’s also pushed my comfort zone quite a bit and I think that that’s a good thing.

· Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?

o I like watching Jenna Moreci’s writing advice videos. As a writer who hopes to get her first book published in 2019, her writing advice is really helpful and those videos are almost always playing while I’m writing.

· What are your favorite movies?

o I really like musical movies but I’m going to abstain from talking about those here. My favorite movies are the following:
§ League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – This is essentially the Avengers… but with literary characters like Dorian Gray, Mina Harker, Captain Nemo, Jekyll / Hyde, etc.

§ The French Revolution: A New Republic Is Born in Blood – So… this is a documentary from the History Channel. But I love it. It’s great for an overview on the French Revolution. …Except for the fact that it fails to mention Camille Desmoulins. Which is… disappointing.

§ Clash of the Titans – I’m talking about the original from 1981 here. I’ve never watched the 2010 one so… I don’t know if it’s any good.

§ The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – I’m a big J.R.R. Tolkien fan (though my favorite Tolkien book hasn’t been adapted into a movie) and this movie trilogy is pretty amazing.

· What are your favorite TV shows?

o I’m going to have to admit that I don’t watch many recent TV shows. But… I’ll list some of the shows that I do / did like:

§ Liberty Kids – This was a PBS series on the American Revolutionary War. As a history geek I really liked this show and found it pretty informing. I recommend it—most of the episodes can be found on YouTube, I think.

§ Dinotopia – This series was amazing. I have it on DVD and I need to rewatch it. Granted, I watched it when I was really young and probably shouldn’t have been watching it because it can be kind of… frightening and violent (for a five-year old to watch but it’s not anything super violent), but… I loved it and still love it today.

· MAC or PC?

o For me, MAC but… I use a PC.

· What phone do you have?

o I have an iPhone 5 c. Or is it the S? I don’t know. It’s the iPhone 5 that doesn’t have the fingerprint scanner but I can’t remember what the model is called!

· How Tall are you?

o I’m about 5 foot, 5 inches… last I checked…

· Do you have any pets?

o Yep! I have a dog named Nigel, and I have a cat named Portia.


I hope that this was at least mildly interesting! Hopefully I’ll be posting something a little more interesting later once this interview is done. I was thinking about doing a post on some cool things about German… a sort of part 2 to the post that I wrote a few days ago!


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