My Hometown is Weird… But It’s Home | Seattle

I’m from Seattle, WA and being a Seattleite, I know that there are somethings that I do that are different from what a lot of other people do. So today, I thought that I’d do this little post about some Seattleite things that I have realized that a lot of Seattleites enjoy that are, I think, different from a lot of other places!

· Seattle runs on coffee. And this one isn’t very unique, I know. But seriously… I’ve never heard a Seattleite say that they like tea more than coffee.

· We’ll say that Seattle is a place that we’d love to get away from, but really, we love this city and we’ll probably stay here for the rest of our lives… happily.

· The rain is a thing that we all cherish. In most rainy places of the world, people look forward to sunny days (that’s definitely the case in Germany), but in Seattle, we’re all about the rain. We look forward to our rainy season (which is most of the year).

· To us, umbrellas are utterly ridiculous things and we will not use them. I’ve only see business men and maybe some older ladies use umbrellas in Seattle. It’s rare to even see a Seattleite put on a hood in the rain!

· Our street art is ridiculous… but we love it. It’s not rare to be driving around in Seattle and to come across some weird pieces of art (like the Freemont Troll), but a lot of times, these pieces aren’t what a lot of people think of as especially beautiful. But we love it!

· We’re always shocked when people don’t know what the Space Needle is. To us Seattleites, the Space Needle is a key tourist location and a structure that we can recognize on any picture of the Seattle skyline. After all, it’s got a very distinct shape to it. I guess that we kind of forget that it’s not like it’s common knowledge for people all over the world. 

· We’re only 22nd on the “Biggest U.S. Cities” Chart, but we’re pretty proud to think that we’re in the top 50!

· Even if we’re not directly from Seattle but rather from some lesser known city that is in the Seattle area, we will always say that we are from Seattle if we’re talking to someone other than a fellow Washingtonian. And for the most part, we’re not just saying that because we want people to get a general idea as to where we’re from but rather because we really think of Seattle as home.

· Even if we’re not too big on the whole Pike Place thing, we still get excited when someone mentions it or we see Pike Place on T.V. and they’re doing our traditional, customary salmon throwing.


Hopefully at least some of these were funny! For you Seattleites out there, do you agree with this list? And for those of you from other cities and countries, do you share anything in common with us Seattleites? What are some things that you think are unique to your hometown?


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