My Favorite Love Songs From Musical Theatre

Guys, love songs are amazing. And there’s something especially special about them when they come from musicals. Maybe it’s that they usually carry stronger emotions? Well, whatever it is, I’m talking about some of my favorite love songs from musicals today. And I’m going to limit myself to two per musical because otherwise we might have a ridiculously long list. So… let’s get into it!

· TOO MUCH IN LOVE TO CARE from SUNSET BOULEVARD – I don’t talk about SUNSET BOULEVARD nearly as much as I should. And that’s odd because it’s one of my favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals music-wise. This song is absolutely beautiful and it’s just so… cute! This is always on my playlist when I’m writing a novel of any sort. Honestly, if I could only pick one love song for this list, it’d be this one. 100% this one.

· NEXT TIME YOU FALL IN LOVE / ONLY YOU from STARLIGHT EXPRESS – So… the only reason why I put both of these on the same line is because there’s another one from STARLIGHT that I really want to mention and because I’m pretty sure that some productions switch out one or the other. And I’m kinda okay with that because both of these songs have their strong points. STARLIGHT EXPRESS is an all-in-all really cute musical. It’s got cute costumes, cute characters, and cute songs. Yep. The cuteness is unreal. But these songs definitely only help add to that cuteness. And already we’ve got 2 / 3 ALW songs on this list.

· MAKE UP MY HEART from STARLIGHT EXPRESS – The day that my uncle told me that he could see me playing Pearl in STARLIGHT was one of the best days of my life. Because honestly, playing Pearl would give me a good reason to finally sing this song without people looking at me oddly. Unfortunately, this will never happen, but I can keep dreaming. I think that the conflict here is kind of interesting and it’s so clear that Pearl loves Rusty but almost that she doesn’t want to admit it to herself or anyone else, for that matter.

· DRAUßEN IST FREIHEIT (Out There is Freedom) from TANZ DER VAMPIRE – I’ll be honest: I like most songs that have the word “freiheit” in them. I don’t know why. But this song is no exception. This song is absolutely wonderful. It’s cute and it’s so, so nice to listen to. And relaxing. Which is nice because, with this musical, it’s hard to find a place to take a break and let out a relaxing breath.

· NIE GESEHN (Never Seen) from TANZ DER VAMPIRE – Funny thing about this one? I didn’t initially like this song. But now I do. Now it’s one of my favorites from this musical. The tune is absolutely beautiful and I love watching it played out. It’s quite possibly one of the cutest moments of the musical.

· DER SCHLEIER FÄLLT (The Veil Descends) from ELISABETH – Does this even count as a love song? Maybe. Guess it depends on who you ask. To me it is. And the words sound like the words of a love song. And the words are just too cute. Okay, cute might not really be the right words to describe the lyrics of this song. Beautiful, elegant, absolutely gorgeous might be better. Okay, I just really love this song. This is my favorite song. I kid you not. Maybe not my favorite love song. But it’s my favorite song. Goodness’s sakes, I love this song. And this musical. Yeah. I love it all. But it’s not just this song that makes this song so good and fitting for this “love song” list. But I will say that this scene is one of the most beautifully directed scenes ever. I love it. I love it, I love it, I love it. If you get the chance, watch this scene. It’s beautiful. Beautiful doesn’t even begin to cut it. I’m ranting now, aren’t I? Alright… let’s continue on.

· SCHWARZER PRINZ (Dark Prince) from ELISABETH – Seriously, this scene though. Am I going to go on another “ELISABETH is amazing rant”? Maybe… but I’ll try to keep it short. Promise. “Schwarzer Prinz” is one of the cutest parts of ELISABETH (aside from “Wie Du”). There isn’t much that I would describe about ELISABETH as cute. But this scene and “Wie Du” are cute. Everything else is beautiful. Okay, I’m done. Promise.

· TRÄUM GROß (Dream Big) from SCHIKANEDER – So, as I move away from ELISABETH, I jump to yet another musical that Mark Seibert has starred in. Well… with SCHIKANEDER, he’s currently starring in it. But this musical though. To be fair, this song doesn’t have the lyrics of your typical love song. But it is. You just have to know the story. It’s one of the most beautiful songs that I have ever heard. And really, it’s this song that makes me hope that Hugh Jackman does not play Emanuel if SCHIKANEDER does get a Broadway transfer. His voice is too low to sing this part. But that’s off-topic, isn’t it? Just… I hope that they bring Mark Seibert to Broadway if a SCHIKANEDER Broadway transfer happens.

· ALL I ASK OF YOU from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – Well, it was only a matter of time before this one showed upon the list. Seriously, this song is a musical theatre love song legend. And with good reason. Andrew Lloyd Webber knows how to write those cute love songs, I guess!

· AS LONG AS YOU’RE MINE from WICKED – I always feel so happy for Elphaba in this scene. Up until this life, her life’s been largely turbulent and without joy. But at the same time, I feel so bad for Galinda. I think that’s a unique thing to find in a song.

· A HEART FULL OF LOVE from LES MISÉRABLES – “A Heart Full of Love” is the clearest example of a love song from LES MIZ. And I’ll admit that I did not like this song initially. I kind of thought that it was a weak song for whatever reason. Now, though, it’s just one of the songs that I love.

· ON MY OWN from LES MISÉRABLES – “On My Own” is a song about unrequited love. But that doesn’t invalidate it as a love song in my opinion. If anything, it stands out more to me as a love song because of Éponine’s undying love for Marius despite the fact that he does not love her back. Which leads me to…

· AS LONG AS HE NEEDS ME from OLIVER! – This song hurts. Goodness’s sakes… it hurts. I want to scream at Nancy to run far away from Bill Sikes because I know that he will kill her for doing what’s right. But Nancy loves him. Nancy loves him and so she stands by him despite the fact that he has hurt her—beaten her. And that’s the truth of love. Love’s tough. And this song shows that. Goodness’s sakes… it shows that.

· TILL THERE WAS YOU from THE MUSIC MAN – Miriam has some of the most beautiful songs in that show. And there are a lot of beautiful songs in this show. But the two that I chose for this musical are two of the best in my opinion. This song always kind of just moves me to tears when I hear it or when I watch it. Because rooting for Miriam is easy… especially from the moment that we hear this song:

· BEING IN LOVE from THE MUSIC MAN – This song is just so sweet. I don’t really know what more I can say. Ideally, I would have also put “Goodnight My Someone” on here as well but I felt that the connection was a little weak compared to this one and that I like this song a little more. Miriam is an easy character to like. And she’s definitely one of my favorites.

· DO I LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL from ROGERS AND HAMMERSTEIN’S CINDERELLA – This song really makes me think a lot about the love story in CINDERELLA. I don’t know why. But it does. I think that this is one of the greatest songs from the musical and I feel that it doesn’t get nearly enough credit.

· THE GREATEST LOVE from ROGERS AND HAMMERSTEIN’S CINDERELLA – This is a great opening song to a musical. While originally I thought that it was kind of boring, now I wouldn’t have it have a different opening. It’s perfect the way it is and I don’t know why little, five-year-old me didn’t quite get that.

· UNEXPECTED SONG from SONG AND DANCE – I love this song so much. Seriously. I love it. I love it, I love it. For a musical that is largely sad (in my opinion), this song just is full of love and hope and I love it for that.

· TELL ME ON A SUNAY from SONG AND DANCE – And here we are with the sad side of SONG AND DANCE. But I still love this song. In fact, it was actually this song that introduced me to this musical. And while it is so full of hurt and sadness it still portrays love. And it’s definitely beautiful.

· MR. AND MRS. SMITH from SMASH – Yeah, I know. SMASH is a T.V. show. But it’s about a musical. And MR AND MRS. SMITH is one of the songs that is written for the musical that the characters are writing. Seriously, this song though. This song is so cute. This might be one of the cutest songs that I’ve ever heard.

· GOODBYE UNTIL TOMORROW from THE LAST FIVE YEARS – It’s hard to explain this one without spoiling. But it’s happy song that makes the whole musical hurt a whole lot more. That’s really all that I can say about it without spoiling.


And I think that I’m going to call that good for now. This is my third or fourth love song list and I’ll probably do another one soon! What are some of your favorite love songs from musical theatre?


15 thoughts on “My Favorite Love Songs From Musical Theatre

  1. Love songs are so beautiful in musicals. Love songs can feel quite mature or quite innocent. Songs like “A Heart Full of Love”, “As Long as Your’e Mine”, “All I Ask of You” are wonderful love songs. Love that you included “On My Own” in this list because it sure counts as love song. There are other love songs I love that include “I’m Not That Girl”, “Some Enchanted Evening”, “Younger Than Springtime”, etc. All love songs provide an incredible emotional nature in musicals

    Love that Romance is the biggest theme in musicals.


      1. Love and sad are the most beautiful musical emotions ever. I love sad the most when the song is actually heartbreak because the most beauty comes from those. There are even the heartbreaking love songs


      2. The heartbreaking songs really are worth feeling in the end. When you care about a plot and the characters, gong through the emotions in the songs are 100% worth it. There are some songs that actually started out as being a sad song and over time became a heartbreaking song


      3. That’s very true. I love those emotions within musicals and I think that these emotions can only be so well-portrayed in musicals. There are these emotions in other storytelling forms, of course, but I don’t think that they are nearly as potent.


      4. Now thats the strength of a musicals. Having songs in the musicals make negative emotions so worth it. The ones that have them are the strongest plots with the most memorable characters and songs.


      5. Even in musicals that I love, the negative emotions still hurt. I prefer musicals over plays because the emotions are more present and more well developed and even better felt and more worth feeling


  2. I personally love the more contemporary style ballads like “Waving Through A Window” from Dear Evan Hansen and “I Miss the Mountains” from Next to Normal! Traditional love songs definitely have a soft spot in my heart though.


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