Hopes and Dreams For The Future

For the most part, this blog is about musicals and languages (specifically German). But… the past week has been a tough one for me. I talked a little about it on my other blog which mostly has to do with reading and writing. I’ve talked a little about my troubles over this week over there, but I kinda just skirted over all of the details. Today, though, because I couldn’t think of anything else to write about, I thought that I’d write about something that I’ve always kind of dreaded: the future. So, I will go ahead and say this now. Reading the rest of this post is going to be just me rambling about my dreams and hopes for the future. But I would like to know: what are your dreams and hopes for the future? So, even if you don’t read the rest (and I don’t suggest that you do, I just need to get a lot off of my chest), please do comment and let me know what your hopes are for the future! I’d love to read them! Thank you!

We all have dreams. And a lot of times, we don’t tell anyone about these dreams. Or at least, I don’t. But you know, I think that I could profit from getting some of those off of my chest right now. So, let’s talk about dreams.

I’m a writer. I want to be write books and I want to publish them. Maybe on the side I could be an English and / or History teacher while I’m trying to get both feet on the ground with my writing. But bottom line? I want to write. And I want to share my stories with people. Because writing is what I love to do. But what else? Surely I don’t just want to write the rest of my life away, right?

Okay, yes, that’s true. If I’m to be honest, I really want to be a mom one day. I don’t usually tell people this because well, they laugh and tell me “Well, that’s lame.” Thing is, I don’t see it as lame. Seriously. I see it as one of the greatest things that I could possibly ever do for the world in my life.

You see, a big problem that I’ve been having recently is that people always tell me “Well, what if writing doesn’t work? It doesn’t work for most people. And it’s risky.” And maybe it is. Okay, it’s not just a maybe. It is risky. But I’m not an idiot (even if my last name means “stupid idiot” in German and is a synonym for “dummkopf”). And I have backup plans. But just because I have those backup plans does not mean that I’m throwing writing out of the window. No. Those backup plans are there to support me while I’m getting my work published and starting to get my feet on the ground with writing being the source of my income.

Guys, we all have our dreams. And some of us have dreams that are “riskier” than others. But that doesn’t meant that we should discourage those people from following their dreams. If anything, we should be encouraging them because they’ll need it more than most people.


Sorry for that rant, guys. But I needed to get that off of my chest. I’ll be back with the scheduled programming of a musical post tomorrow (or maybe a post about German). Anyways, what do you guys want to do in the future? What are your dreams?

Träum groß! (That means “dream big”!) 


6 thoughts on “Hopes and Dreams For The Future

  1. I have been told that my dream job is too risky and that you shouldn’t risk it. I don’t fully know what my plans for the future are. I want to work in Nonprofit and people have been asking me why the risk. It will be worth the risk because I was called to reach out to the homeless and poverty population. I even find the future scary as well because I don’t know what it holds


      1. I have been asked how come I am not going into musical theatre? Well, I do have more than one passion. My true passion is volunteering. As a matter of fact, my Nonprofit idea is actually opening up a theatre where the homeless can actually audition and become a part of plays and musicals. I am listening to my calling and that is the path that I want to go on


      2. Wow! That’s super awesome! That would be really great if you could do that! I actually never wanted to go to college because I believe that writing is something that you can’t teach a person but I am glad that college is something that I eventually opened up to because it has introduced me to many new possibilities. I think that it’s super awesome that you want to do that nonprofit stuff and it’s super good to have more than just one passion!


      3. My passion for volunteering developed sooner than my passion for musical. I found my passion for volunteering in high school at an outreach event and that event was how I found out most people in the world live in the poverty and thats how I knew that I had to do something about that and where I found my calling.

        My passion for musicals did not start until college. True, I loved musicals in high school, but it wasn’t a passion at all. It was Les Mis that turned it into a passion


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