Scenes From Musicals That Surprised Me?

So, it’s not even 9 o’clock in the morning in Seattle (well, it wasn’t when I started writing this post) and I’m already having a weird day. A weird, crazy day, in which it is snowing. Well… it’s mostly stopped snowing now, but it’s left us with a little more than an inch of snow. Seriously… the last time we had this much snow in Seattle was when it snowed in the middle of March. So… apparently it snows a lot in Seattle when people are thinking that it’s just about to warm up. So, today, I thought that I’d give you a list of some of the scenes in musicals that just shocked me! Get it… because the snow shocked me? No… yeah… okay, well… Achtung, fertig, los!

IT’S A MUSICAL! from SOMETHING ROTTEN – Seriously, seriously, seriously, this scene shocked me. Honestly one of the best showstoppers I have ever seen in my life. And it’s a showstopper in the middle of Act I. I mean, you get showstoppers at the beginnings and endings of acts, but how often do you get a showstopper in the middle of Act I? Not very often. Believe me, it doesn’t happen very often. But this is just an amazing scene. The spectacle is just amazing. Really, it’s impossible to describe. You’re just going to have to see it to believe it.

EMPTY CHAIRS AT EMPTY TABLES from LES MISÉRABLES – So, I think that this really depends on the production (I can’t say because I haven’t seen every production of LES MIZ but…). But seriously, when I saw LES MIZ on Broadway this past April, I cried like a baby watching this scene. Candles, you guys… candles… and then all of the barricade boys came out, picked up their candles and blew them out. And I cried like such a baby. The “Oh my friends, my friends…” made me cry more than usual. Seriously, it hurt. I might cry just thinking about it.

THE FINAL LAIR from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – So, I’d seen PHANTOM enough times to not really be surprised by it when I went to see it on Broadway last April. (I’d seen the 25th Anniversary production because I have it on DVD, I’d seen the tour, and I’d seen the movie.) But I hadn’t see it on Broadway. And there was something about the set that completely shocked me and blew me away. It was that, after “The Final Lair”, you could see Christine and Raoul going away in the boat… which was not something that I was expecting.

MASQUERADE from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – So, really, it wasn’t the scene itself that totally blew me away here but rather the costumes. Seriously, the costumes from PHANTOM are beautiful (especially the ones from the Oberhausen, Germany production). But I was blown away by how many different, beautiful, unique costumes there were in this scene alone. It was amazing. So glad that I got to see it up close! (I’m talking about the Broadway production by the way; not the tour.)

PIPPIN as a whole – Can I just say that there isn’t a thing about PIPPIN that isn’t mind-blowing the first time one sees it? Seriously. Everything about it is awesome and I seriously applaud all of those actors because it’s got to be one of the most challenging shows to perform in. I know that I couldn’t do it.

STARLIGHT EXPRESS as a whole – Like PIPPIN, STARLIGHT EXPRESS just has something about it as a whole that is just so miraculous. Except, instead of circus elements, we get roller skates in STARLIGHT EXPRESS. In fact, STARLIGHT EXPRESS was deemed “too dangerous” for the actors and this largely why it doesn’t have a production playing in any place other than Bochum, Germany. And, granted, it’s not the safest, that’s true. I mean, all of the actors are in roller skates, zipping around at high speeds, doing tricks, and some even have fireworks spurting from out of their skates. But it’s super awesome and I wish that they’d bring it on tour or something because as much as I’d like to go to Germany, it’s probably not gonna happen any time soon (unfortunately). 

EINLADUNG ZUM BALL (Invitation to the Ball) from TANZ DER VAMPIRE – Okay, so we get Count Krolock on the roof of the inn and he sings his hilarious line: “Guten abend, hab für mir keine angst” (“Good evening, don’t be afraid of me”), and then, he has this ridiculously long note on the word “nacht” (“night”) and then next thing you know, he’s gone from the roof and inside the inn in a matter of seconds. And it’s awesome. Also, his cape is amazing in this scene. No joke.

A NEW LIFE / SYMPATHY, TENDERNESS (REPRISE) from JEKYLL & HYDE – So… this shocked me. I wasn’t expecting a sudden death from Lucy. I wasn’t expecting Hyde to kill her. But he did. And I’m still not over it.

AM DECK DER SINKENDEN WELT (On the Deck of the Sinking World) from ELISABETH – So… we’ve talked about awesome sets. But what about that moment when the set practically separates from itself, climbs upward, and starts spinning and opening and closing? That’s what’s going on here and seriously, this took me by so much surprise that I started crying at the mere sight of it. Yep. I get emotional about that sort of thing. But seriously, it’s amazing.

MAYERLING-WALZER (The Mayerling Waltz) from ELISAEBTH – So this scene is purely instrumental (music-wise) but what really is amazing is how this scene is choreographed. “The Wings of Death” (I don’t really know what else to call those guys) pass around the gun, throwing it and sliding it, making sure that it never gets to Rudolf, until next thing you know, Death himself is there and he has the gun, hands it to Rudolf, and Rudolf shoots himself. The choreography is what shocked me; not the scene. The scene itself was expected but the choreography was not and completely made me just bawl at the sheer perfection of it.

NO ONE MOURNS THE WICKED from WICKED – So, I don’t know… this first scene is where we get our first real good look at all of the costumes in WICKED and seriously, I fell in love right then and there. Also, Glinda’s “bubble”? Absolutely amazing.

YA GOT TROUBLE from THE MUSIC MAN – So it’s really just the song that completely blew me away. I don’t know what I was expecting from this song but goodness gracious… it was awesome. It was hilarious. It was everything that I didn’t know that I wanted from a song in a musical. Seriously. It was amazing. Robert Preston, the guy who plays Prof. Hill in the movie did absolutely amazing. 


So, I think that that’s all for me today! I don’t really know if I’ll get a post out tomorrow because it really seems like we might lose power in Seattle today. We’ve got lots of snow and I’ve heard that we’re supposed to get hit with another wind storm and the power lines are already being weighed down by ice and snow so… we’ll see. Anyways, what were some scenes from musicals that just absolutely shocked you when you saw it? Tschüss! 


4 thoughts on “Scenes From Musicals That Surprised Me?

  1. There are some scenes in musicals that I never thought would happen. There is “As Long As Your’e Mine” from Wicked. You wouldn’t expect Fiyero and Elphaba to get together. Another surprising musical scene is the finale of Pippin when the Leading Player was trying to get Pippin to jump in the fire.


    1. Definitely! I was thoroughly surprised by both of those scenes but especially by the ending of Pippin. I feel like it was just so abrupt and got me thinking “Wait… what’s happening?? WHY is this happening??” and that was just awesome


      1. Sometimes even an emotion can surprise you. Just two years ago, I saw Sound of Music live for the first time. It was during Edelweiss, my favorite song from the musical and midway through the song, sadness out of the blue sneaked into the song and did not see that coming. Just because of that little amount, it strengthened the entire show and I ended up crying during Edelweiss


      2. Yeah, there are definitely moments like that. I just recently rewatched The Music Man movie and I had forgotten how happy the ending was and I kinda just started to cry because I was so happy. I don’t know… I guess that I wasn’t expecting to be so happy at the end of it.


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