Songs From Musicals That Have Relevance To My Life

One of my favorite things about songs from musicals is that oftentimes they have relevance to everyday situations, emotions, and hopes, more so than the sort of music that you hear on the radio a lot of time (in my opinion). So today, I thought that I’d make a post about the songs that I feel have the most relevance to me personally and songs that I just… connect with.

· “THE SCHMUEL SONG” from THE LAST FIVE YEARS – So, I guess that there are two sides to this song that I connect with. I connect with Cathy in that I sometimes have these really bad days but you know, friends cheer me up and stuff like that. And a lot of times, I have bad days because I feel like I will never be able to achieve what I want to in life (for various reasons). Then, there’s Jamie. Jamie’s the storyteller—he’s the author. And really, I want to be an author. That’s what I want. But also, I understand how he is with thinking that one of the greatest gifts—one of the greatest ways to cheer a person up—is to tell a story.

· “A SUMMER IN OHIO” from THE LAST FIVE YEARS – So… I don’t aspire to be a musical theatre actress (that would be cool though) nor do I live in Ohio (never been there) but the idea of having a dream and having to suffer through trial and error (for Cathy, that’s this Ohio acting troupe, for me, it’s draft after draft and stories that I wil never write even though I want to). Really, I think that it’s something that most people can relate to, but maybe that’s just me.

· “THINK OF ME” from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – I don’t know… it’s just, I’ve said goodbye to a lot of people in my life throughout my school years and even just in growing up whether that was due to moving or just not seeing each other very often after a while. And you know, I still think of them. I still wonder what they’re doing around now or if they remember me. And it’s just a song that really makes me think a lot.

· “WISHING YOU WERE SOMEHOW HERE AGAIN” from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – This is one that’s a little tough to explain. But it’s a song that really strikes a chord with me probably most relevantly in the loss of my uncle years ago. I don’t know… sometimes I just wish that I could see him again so that I could get to know him better because it was really only until after his death that I realized that I had so many opportunities to get to know him but I never really took them.

· “NO MATTER WHAT” from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – I’d say that I have a pretty close relationship with my dad. My dad’s also one of the funniest, most interesting people that I know. A lot of people think that he’s kind of weird (he is) but I only see him as being weird in the best sorts of ways. I don’t know… this song just reminds me of him a lot.

· “CHANGE IN ME” from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – This was one of the first songs from the stage version of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST that I really, really fell in love with and I think that that’s largely because of the emotional value of the song. As I’ve gone through life, I’ve changed (that’s kind of inevitable) but you know, I haven’t really changed in heart at all. I’m still me. I’m just… a little different now than I was when I was five.

· “STORIES” from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: THE ENCHANTED CHRISTMAS – This is a song that I feel not enough people know of. But as a reader and a writer, it’s just a song that I really connect with. Like I said before, Belle has always been the Disney princess that I connect with the most. And I think that this song only adds to that.

· “PALACE WALLS” from ALADDIN – Another Disney princess that I just relate to is Jasmine. She, like Belle, has that want of adventure and freedom and I think that’s something that’s really well-portrayed in this song. And really, deciding whether to stay in or leave Seattle has been one of the biggest internal debates that I’ve had in more recent years.

· “DRAUßEN IST FREIHEIT” (Out There is Freedom) from TANZ DER VAMPIRE – Again, another song that deals with freedom and wanting adventure. It’s when I listen to these songs that talk about adventure and freedom that I want to fly away from Seattle and land myself somewhere in Oregon or Arizona or maybe even Illinois. I think that this song is one of the songs that makes me think about leaving Seattle the most.

· “ICH GEHÖR NUR MIR” (I Belong to Me) from ELISABETH – As you’ve probably already caught, I’m a person who is very sturdy in my opinions and beliefs and that I have a lot of dreams. And Sisi from ELISABETH is just that way. And so she’s also one of the characters from musical theatre that I most connect with in general.

· “WIE DU” (Like You) from ELISABETH – Like I already stated, my dad and I are pretty close and Sisi and her dad also have a close relationship. I remember that (like Sisi) I really wanted to be just like my dad when I was younger. That want has since changed because now I know a little more about what he does and it just wouldn’t be the sort of thing that I’d be into. But at the same time, I still aim to adapt a lot of my dad’s personality traits because I just really think that he’s the sort of person that I can just look up to.

· “DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING” from LES MISÉRABLES – I’m a history geek and not too ashamed to admit it. I’m especially interested in Enlightenment history so that’s led me deep into the whole French Revolution era. The rebellion that we see in LES MIZ is NOT the French Revolution contrary to popular belief but that particular rebellion did happen during France’s “Revolutionary era”. So I just really feel like this song is important to me because Enlightenment thinking has a lot to do with the themes of this song.

· “ABC CAFÉ / RED AND BLACK” from LES MISÉRABLES – Again, me and history. But with this one, I also really like the friendship between the students. And I also have friends with whom I have debates and talks and this song just reminds me of those times and I think that that’s awesome.

· “THE WIZARD AND I” from WICKED – One of the reasons that I relate to Elphie is that I’m also quite ambitious like she is. And I think that this song is the sort of thing that’s going on in my mind on those days when I’m really motivated to write.

· “FOR GOOD” from WICKED – Kind of like what I said in relation to “Think of Me”, I’ve had a lot of friends that I’ve just kind of… grown apart from in growing up due to moving and/or maybe just growing up in general and change in us. But I think that each one of them have, in some way, changed me for the better.

· “TRÄUM GROß” (Dream Big) from SCHIKANEDER – Again, with ambition and just in general, having dreams. The whole wishing / dreaming theme in SCHIKANEDER is why it’s become my one of my favorite musicals ever. And this song’s awesome. It’s on my writing playlist because it just helps me to get into my “writing zone”.

· “IN MY OWN LITTLE CORNER” from ROGERS AND HAMMERSTEIN’S CINDERELLA – Hey, it’s another song from my writing playlist! This song is just a really good song to remind me why I write. Because I have dreams and because I’m tried of just keeping all of my thoughts “in my own little corner” because I’d rather share them with the world. But I guess that that motivation really comes from the next song on this list…

· “IMPOSSIBLE” from ROGERS AND HAMMERSTEIN’S CINDERELLA – So, I sometimes get this thought “Nah, I can’t do that! That’s impossible!” Yeah. Well… this song reminds me that it’s not. This song reminds me that I wrote 100,000 words in a month (it’s more than one might think). And this song is great for that. Of course, it’s also on my writing playlist.


So, I think that that’s all for me today! What are some songs that you feel have relevance to your life? Tschüss!


11 thoughts on “Songs From Musicals That Have Relevance To My Life

  1. This is something I haven’t really thought of actually. Some songs do have relevance in my life, but haven’t really though about which ones they are.

    “For Good” is definitely a song that I relate because I know what its like to have a good friend. Than there are songs like “Seasons of Love”, which teach me how precious life is and there is such relevance in that as well and the finale of Rent. Even songs like “Seize the Day” have special relevance as well.

    “Edelweiss” has a special memory to it because it was my first piano recital song and is a big reason why it is my favorite song from “Sound of Music”. I grew up on that musical and never once saw it live. But when I finally saw the musical live two years ago, listening to “Edelweiss” hit a chord with me. It is just the moment the Captain started singing, sad entered the song and once Maria and the family joined in, I started crying. Part of it was embracing the sadness that was in that part of song and the memory it has.

    I think there are other relevant songs than the ones I mentioned


    1. Yeah, I had a hard time narrowing this list down. I don’t know… I feel like there’s something special about songs from musicals because they directly apply to situations and emotions. I just don’t usually feel that sort of pull towards most of the songs that are on the radio and stuff


      1. Definitely. I think that this list was kind of funny to make because as a kid, I was super happy-go-lucky and then that kind of changed for a while and I became a bit of a skeptic (a happy one but still definitely a skeptic) but now I’m just a happy-go-lucky optimistic who gets skeptical when it comes to history and that’s kind of reflected in this list. In a lot of ways, I feel like some of these songs have made me who I am today


      2. The musicals I love that are meaningful really show what kind of a person I have become. Through Annie, Sound of Music, Disney movies like Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, and Wicked (those are the original musicals) all the way to Les Mis, Phantom, South Pacific and Newsies. Musicals have truly changed over the years, but it is the original musicals that laid the foundation down of what comes to find when I think musical


      3. Well, I discovered dance, spectacle, and when it comes to emotion, it was Wicked that made me start to understand the emotional world and the actual emotional connection. The main emotions were excitement, love, joy, and sad. Comedy became a huge part too. Today’s world reflects everything that was a part of the musical world when I was growing up. The different is everything is basically expanded upon


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