My Favorite Musical Lyrics? (Pt. 3)

I know that I’ve made this sort of post many times before but… I’m doing it again! It’s another favorite lines from musicals post! I’m going to try to not repeat lines that I’ve used previously but we’ll see how that goes. I just really like making these posts and I always think of a line that I wished I’d added but somehow forgot after I post them. So… let’s get into it, shall we?

· “Love is like a virus we’re infected with…” from JANE EYRE – So… my favorite song from JANE EYRE is “As Good as You”, a song sung by Edward and man… it makes me cry when I’m just listening to it late at night. And I think that this line is so insightful as to how Edward thinks and man… it hurts. The simile of love being like a virus just fits his character somehow…

· “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if life were just as you’d perceived?” from JANE EYRE – I love rhetorical questions in songs because, even though they’re rhetorical, they really, really make you think. And as a generally optimistic, happy-go-luck, part-time cynic, I oftentimes think that it would be great if life was as wonderful and easy as I sometimes dream. But unfortunately, that’s not the case. I just feel like it holds a lot of emotional weight, I guess.

· “Miss Eyre, I tell you this because I want you to know that I, with some luck, without shame, without blame, all the curse of my name… might have been as good as you.” from JANE EYRE – And here, we have the ending to “As Good as You”, in which Edward tells Jane his reason for telling her his story. And you know, this line hits me hard every time I hear it. They’re just absolutely beautiful words.

· “You’re all I’ve got no matter what…” from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – The song “No Matter What” is a song sung by Belle and her father and man, it’s a beautiful, cute song. I love it. Man, I love it. I think that this thought that Belle feels like she’s only got one person in her life who she can trust will be with her through anything is heartbreaking to a certain extent and I love this song so much. It was actually an inspiration for a short story that I wrote last year.

· “No change of heart; a change in me…” from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – A majority of the songs on this list that are from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST will be from “A Change in Me”, a song that is sung by Belle to her father when the Beast lets her go back to save her father’s life. And man, this song is what has sealed Belle as my favorite Disney princess. I love this song. And this line is perfect on so many levels.

· “For now I realize that good can come from bad. That may not make me wise but oh, it makes me glad.” from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – These lyrics really show how much Belle grows as a character throughout the musical and man, I love it. And I think that the fact that Belle would rather be glad than wise is wonderful because in the town she lives in, she’s kind of known as the village geek as it were and you know, that’s not all there is to her.

· “I never thought I’d leave behind my childhood dreams but I don’t mind… I’m where and who I want to be… no change of heart; a change in me.” from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – Again, another beautiful lyric that just shows her progression as a character from “A Change in Me”. Man… I love this song. And really, I think that it’s so amazing to see Belle, who started off as a character who wanted to see the world and just wander about now has seen the world an realizes that she’s who she wants to be and that now, she’s found the place she belongs.

· “For in my dark despair, I slowly understood my perfect world out there had disappeared for good. But in its place I feel a truer life begin and it’s so good and real, it must come from within!” from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – And another lyric that just really shows character growth. “A Change in Me” is a perfect song where character growth is concerned. Man, it’s great. I love, love, love it. Really. I love it. And this lyric just hits me hard. Love it. Man, I really, really love it.

· “No pain could be deeper, no life could be cheaper, no point anymore if I can’t love her. No spirit could win me, no hope left within me. Hope I could have loved her and that she’d set me free. But it’s not to be… if I can’t love her… let the world be done with me!” from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – “If I Can’t Love Her” is probably my favorite song from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST because man, it’s so beautiful and I just can’t get enough of it. It just is so heartbreaking and shows a side to the Beast that we don’t really get to see in the cartoon version. It’s just a really great song and I highly recommend that you listen to it if you’ve never listened to it before.

· “Trust in me for you know I won’t run away… from today, this is all that I need and all that I need to say. Don’t you know how you’ve changed me? Strange how I finally see… I’ve found home, you’re my home… stay with me…” from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – So this is from the finale of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and man… it makes me cry. (Yeah… I’m a bit of a cry baby when it comes to movie and just storytelling in general…)

· “Two lives have begun now, two hearts become one now. One passion, one dream, one thing forever true… I love you!” from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – This is also from the finale of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and I guess is a part of what is the wedding scene. And man, doesn’t this line just melt your heart?

· “I’m here when you need me, I’ll live and I’ll die with you. I’ll share all your troubles, I’ll laugh and I’ll cry with you. You can blame me and bless me but you cannot possess me. ‘Cause I belong to me…” from ELISABETH – So, this is actually from the English translation of “Ich Gehör Nur Mir” (“I Belong to Me”) from ELISABETH. And I love, love, love it. It’s a little bit different from the German version but really, Sisi’s spirit is still clearly there and I love it!

· “Die welt sucht vergebens den sinn  lebens denn ich gehör nur mir.” (“The world is searing in vain for the meaning of my life because I belong to me.”) from ELISABETH – I’ve talked about how much I love ELISABETH already, haven’t I? Well… here’s a little more of that, I guess. Man. I love this song. “Der Schleier Fällt” is one of my favorite songs of all time. And this line just is perfect. Really, really perfect.

· “To love another person is to see the face of God.” from LES MISÉRABLES – If I’m not already crying at this point in the finale of LES MIZ (I usually am), this line gets me. Seriously gets me and man… it makes me cry like a little baby. There’s something so perfect about this line that just makes me cry. And it’s just an overall beautiful line.

· “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” from LES MISÉRABLES – Another one that just gets me bawling. Right around the time when I think that I’ve recovered from the tears that the previous line brought me, this line comes in and gets me again. Man… it’s a great, hopeful line.

· “Klingt cool!” (“Sounds cool!”) from WICKED – So… I don’t know what it is about “Klingt cool!” that just sounds so much more fun than “Sound perfect!” I don’t know… maybe I’m a tad obsessed with how Mark Seibert says it? I dunno… I’m weird.

· “She died alone…” from WICKED – So, when Glinda signs this line apart from everyone else it gets me bawling. Yikes… this is right at the beginning of the show too, isn’t it? Man… I’m in need of learning how to gain better emotional control. But anyways, this line is just super powerful especially when one knows how WICKED ends.

· “Guten abend, hab’ für mir keine angst…” (“Good evening, don’t be afraid of me.”) from TANZ DER VAMPIRE – There’s something so great about the absurdity of this line and just the downright politeness (?) of it. Man, it cracks me up. So… I had to mention it!

· “Demons will charm you with a smile, for a while but in time… nothing will harm you… not while I’m around.” from SWEENEY TODD – “Nothing’s Gonna Harm You” is my favorite song from SWEENEY TODD and I think that a lot of that has to do with how much it just shows that Toby really cares for Mrs. Lovett and that he really isn’t dumb at all and that he won’t turn a blind eye to all fo the stuff that’s going on.


And I’m going to call it the end for today here! I’ll probably do another post like this very, very soon. So, what are some of your favorite lines from musicals? Tschüss!

Les Miz in Australia
Mark Seibert as der Tod and Annemieke Van Dam as Sisi
Susan Egan as Belle and Terrence Mann (or maybe James Barbour) as the Beast
Susan Egan as Belle


14 thoughts on “My Favorite Musical Lyrics? (Pt. 3)

  1. I love those two lines you posted from Les Mis. In a lot of ways, they both describe Les Mis perfectly. One represents just how important love is in this musical since it exists in varying forms. The other just represents how much hope is found in Les Mis despite the level of darkness and tragedy


      1. Musical songs are literally the most storytelling oriented songs ever. They have to tell a story and each musical has an unique set of songs that only fit that particular show. All of the songs from the same musical need to all sound like they are coming from the same musical


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