My Favorite Cute Scenes From Musicals?

Guten tag! So… I’m rushing to write this because it’s my brother’s birthday and after some celebrations, I’m going to go watch the new NEWSIES movie with my cousin and her husband so forgive me if there’s spelling errors!

Yesterday, the new STARLIGHT EXPRESS präsentationsvideo for 2017 came out and I immediately watched it and I realized “Ach! Das ist super süß!” (“Oh, that’s super cute!”). (The präsentationsvideo is for the Bochum, Germany production so it’s in German, of course, so my thoughts were also in German… if that matters. Anyways…) So today, I thought that I’d do a countdown of my top ten favorite cute moments from musical theatre. These moments are just purely cute, not necessarily beautiful or gorgeous. So… let’s get into it, shall we?

1. FÜR IMMER (“Forever” or “For Always”) from STARLIGHT EXPRESS – So… this is the scene that I was talking about in that little intro above. Man… the cuteness hit me hard and I just was grinning like an absolute dork. I’m always happy when couples just go for hugs instead of kisses. I don’t know… something about it is just… cuter to me. And that’s exactly what Kevin Köhler and Trina Hill did as Rusty and Pearl (respectively) in the präsentationsvideo. Man… it was adorable.

2. ALL I ASK OF YOU from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – This scene is always one of the most adorable things in the world. I love, love, love it so much. I always am just grinning when this scene comes on. I love the part where Raoul whirls Christine around. Man… ALW does good cute scenes in his musicals, I guess! Because the next one is also from an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical…

3. TOO MUCH IN LOVE TO CARE from SUNSET BOULEVARD – When I heard that SUNSET BOULEVARD was coming back to Broadway, I was the most ridiculously happy person in the world and I just really, really hope to see it. And 98% of the reason (maybe that’s a tad exaggeration) is due to the fact that I want to see this scene live so bad. I can’t describe how absolutely cute this scene is and my only recommendation is just to look up the song! It’s awesome and I’m 95% sure that you won’t be disappointed!

4. FINAL TRANSFORMATION / END DUET from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – Man… I just love, love, love this scene. What I always suppose to be the wedding scene is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. The line: “Two lives have begun now, two hearts become one now! One passion, one dream, one thing forever true: I love you!” is one of the most adorable moments in the world. Man… I love this musical.

5. SCHWARZER PRINZ (“Dark Prince”) from ELISABETH – So this scene is adorable. It only loses points because when it sinks in that Sisi is singing with Death, it’s kinda like “Wait… what?” But nonetheless, this scene is adorable. And well… it just tugs at my heartstrings a little. I also love how Lucheni says “Es ist liebe!” (“It’s love!”). It really makes me think that der Tod (Death) did love Sisi and that Sisi also loved him. The argument could be made that Lucheni is an unreliable narrator but… I still think that this scene and song is utterly adorable.

6. NIE GESEH’N (“Never Seen”) from TANZ DER VAMPIRE – Alfred and Sarah are quite possibly two of the most utterly adorable musical characters ever. While It could easily be said that their meeting is awkward (beyond awkward, really), this song totally just makes up for all of the awkwardness and it’s really cute. Insta-love is not really a trope that I like in literature but when it comes to musicals, I generally give it a pass, especially in musicals like TANZ DER VAMPIRE that has a lot of different subplots going on besides the romance. Nonetheless, my point is that, insta-love or not, “Nie Geseh’n” is one of the cutest things in the world.

7. GARY INDIANA (Reprise[?]) from THE MUSIC MAN – So… for this song, I’m talking about it when it’s sung by Winthrop. And man… this song just makes me smile so much. I love this scene in the movie version a whole lot. Man… it just makes me happy. I think it’s so drop-dead adorable.

8. IT ONLY TAKES A MOMENT from HELLO, DOLLY! – So… at this point, we’ve just got through a really intense scene in which we’re just worried about Cornelius Hackl and Barnaby Tucker and what will come of them due to their inability to pay their bill in the restaurant. However, Cornelius sings this really adorable song to Irene about how “it only took a moment” for them to fall in love. And again, some insta-love, but again, I let it slide in musicals because well… time constriction and the like. Also, something about the music just makes the emotions so much more believable.

9. THE DANCE SCENE in “Dancing Through Life” from WICKED – Here, I’m talking about the part where Galinda jumps in and dances with Elphie when Elphie’s left dancing all on her own. Man… the first time I saw this scene, I just thought “Aww… that’s so cute!” and it’s still one of my favorite moments from WICKED to this day.

10. THE NEXT TEN MINUTES from THE LAST FIVE YEARS – THE LAST FIVE YEARS is not my go-to musical when I’m looking for cute moments. But… “The Next Ten Minutes” is definitely one of my favorite love songs in musical theatre. It’s just so cute and I love how the back-and-forth works in this scene.


So, that’s it for me! I’m surprised to find no LES MIZ on this list, actually but I had trouble thinking of just a cute song with nothing really tainting the cute aspect of it but I couldn’t think of one…

Anyways, what are some of your favorite cute moments from musicals that you just absolutely adore? Tschüss!


18 thoughts on “My Favorite Cute Scenes From Musicals?

  1. Interesting post. Do love some of these moments as well. I love all of “All I Ask Of You” and my favorite part of “Dancing Through Life” is when Galinda starts dancing with Elphaba and that where the plot of Wicked truly begins.

    I know you couldn’t think of a cute moment from Les Mis. I don’t think if this will count as cute, but “Castle on a Cloud” could fit in that category. Yes, I know that song is heartbreaking, but I just love Young Cosette


    1. I did almost put in “Castle on a Cloud” because little Cosette is so adorable but whenever I thought about it I remembered Cosette’s childhood and just… couldn’t. I almost put in “A Heart Full of Love” but then remembered Éponine’s part. There are so many moments in Les Miz that could almost be cute but then there’s some sort of heartbreak or tragedy that makes it… not quite cute anymore. But come to think of it, Marius and Cosette’s wedding waltz might kinda fit the bill!


      1. “A Heart Full of Love” and the moment Marius sees Cosette for the first time, you are feeling conflicting emotions. You are feeling wonderful for Marius and Cosette, but heartbroken for Eponine.


      2. Definitely. I think that the use of emotions in those two scene is absolutely phenomenal and something that I rarely see done. “A Heart Full of Love” is actually probably my favorite scene from the movie version because it did a really good job of showing Marius and Cosette as well as Éponine watching from a distance


      3. Love how all three are shown together. There are lots of conflicting emotions shown when it comes to all three of them together. But when they are separate, the emotions are not as conflicting


      4. that is a big fat reason why Les Mis goes above and beyond what I expect from the emotions. Even though Les Mis does not have either spectacle or dance like I want, the amount of emotional quality Les Mis makes up for that loss


      5. 100% agree. It sounds ridiculous to me now but when I first saw Les Miz through the movie version, I was expecting huge dance numbers and when songs like “At the End of the Day”, “One Day More” and “Do You Hear the People Sing” (and any ensemble song really) started up, I was, for some reason, expecting a huge dance number to start up. But of course, that didn’t happen. And the conflicting, almost contradictory emotions really overwhelmed me that first time around. But when I saw it the second time, the use of conflicting emotions was one of my favorite parts of the musical.


      6. That was another reason why I was confused. Not seeing things I want in a musical was crazy. Wasn’t able to fully grasp it or even understand until the second viewing. Did not accept heartbreak in the world of musicals the first time I saw Les Mis, but the second time I saw that movie


      7. I think that a lot of my confusion from the first time I saw Les Miz had something to do with the fact that I had an idea of what Les Miz would be and it was nothing like anything I’d been expecting. And so I guess I was almost stunned into confusion in a sense


      8. It made me look at all musical emotions fresh. I may have previously understood that musicals are known for being emotional, but Les Mis made me look at musicals fresh. It made all musicals sort of start over again when it comes to emotions and totally transformed the other musicals


      9. I started to understand the emotional nature in middle school through Wicked. But Les Mis enters and it was like are you sure you honestly truly know the emotional side of musicals? And it proved everything wrong of what I once knew


      10. I know our journeys were different, but I couldn’t agree more. One thing I thought was true was that all musicals of comedy. Now, I want comical moments to show up in a musical. Now instead of four main emotions (excitement, love, joy, and sad), there five (excitement, joy love, sad, and heartbreak)


      11. I think our journeys are similar and yet very different at the same time when it comes to Les Miz and musicals in general. I was well-acquainted with the sadder, more tragic side to musicals, but I think that I failed to understand the depths to which the tragedy could sink and I think that I also underestimated the power of comedy, joy, and inspiration in musicals


  2. If you’re looking for a cute moment from Les Mis, I feel the closest would be Gavroche’s song “Little People”?

    Mama, wo bist du? is quite sweet but pretty sad.

    Also, Popular from Wicked is really cute. I love seeing how different actresses bring different things to the scene, not to mention it’s a great time for improvisations and its one of the funniest moments in the show. There are some really hysterical renditions out there xD And I also like the scene in Dancing Through Life 😀


    1. I agree that “Little People” might be the closest thing to a cute song from Les Miz. I thought and thought about it but while writing this post, I just couldn’t think of a super purely cute scene from Les Miz. But if I were to pick one, “Little People” would probably be it!
      I highly considered putting “Mama Wo Bist Du” on this list but when it came down to choosing between “Schwarzer Prinz” and “Mama Wo Bist Du”, I just had to go with “Schwarzer Prinz” (I’ve been kind of obsessed with the version from the 2015 Wien recording–I’m pretty sure that it’s the only version that gives der Tod a part in the song but I could be wrong…).
      “Popular” is one of my favorite scenes from Wicked to watch because it can be drop-dead hilarious! Kinda reminds me of when my little sister wouldn’t let me go to sleep when we were kids because she wanted to do secret exchanges!😂


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