Bilingual Experiences?

Hallo, leute! So, it’s a new day and I’m pretty busy today with classes and meetings and such so I wanted to do something simple. So, I decided to do the “Bilingual Tag” because it’s been a while since I’ve talked about languages on this blog! I found this tag on the channel GetGermanized on YouTube and you can find his video here: Los geht’s!

1. What languages do you speak?

• I speak German and English!

2. Would you say you are fluent in both?

• I’m definitely fluent in English and I would say that my German fluency is very good but it’s not nearly as fluent as my English.

3. Did you grow up speaking both languages?

• Kind of. English is my native language—the language that I grew up speaking is English. However, I did start learning German pretty early on… maybe at about 7 or 8 years old.

4. Which language do you prefer and why?

• German, actually. While English is the language that I speak most, I do like German a whole lot more than English. I don’t really know why, but there’s just something about the German language that I just love.
5. Which language do you speak in mostly?

• English. 99% of the time, I speak English. Wish there were more opportunities for me to speak German in my day-to-day life!

6. What’s your favorite word in your second language? (I’m going to list a few because… I can’t just pick one!)

Das Versicherungschaft (the life insurance company) – Why on earth do I like this word? That’s a really, really good question, actually. I just love saying it.

• Das taschenbuch (the paperback) – This literally means “pocket book”! Isn’t that just wonderful? I love it!

Die Schnapsidee (the crazy [drunken] idea) – So, this word when literally means an idea that you came up with when drunk. But really, it just means an idea so crazy that people think that you must’ve been drunk when you came up with it (whether you really were or not… that’s a different story).

7. What’s the translation of that word in your first language?

• Oh. Well… I just went ahead and defined them earlier! I didn’t even read ahead. I guess that’s why they always tell you to read all the questions before you start, huh?

8. When do you most often use your second language?

• When I’m talking to friends, reading, and/or listening to music!

9. Do you prefer watching movies dubbed in your first or second language?

• German dubs can be really hard to sit through. So generally English dubs. But I wish that I could watch more German dubs. Unfortunately, the quality of those dubs can be sehr schlecht (very bad) in German.

10. Literally translate your favourite expression/phrase from your second language into your first.

• “Eine hand wäscht die andere.” literally translates to “One hand washes the other”!
11. Do you code-switch? (Switch from one language to another in the middle of or after a sentence)

• Definitely! I do that a lot in my blog posts, actually. I think I’ve done it in this post at least once!
12. Did being bilingual make school harder or easier for you?

• I didn’t really notice that it was easier nor harder until I had to take Spanish in Sophomore year. Because there are some similarities between German and Spanish, I’d have trouble remembering the Spanish words for things and instead accidentally say the German word.

13. What advice would you give someone who wants to become bilingual?

• Work at it every day and just don’t give up! It’s the only way to improve! Für mich, I like to watch German YouTubers and listen to German music—that counts as studying too!
14. How does being bilingual benefit you nowadays?

• Well… it definitely lets me interact with all sorts of people. And I’ve learned so much about the German culture! I’ve discovered a lot of German things that I really, really love that maybe I wouldn’t know about if it weren’t for my German learning.

15. Do you have more friends that speak your first or second language?

• I have more friends who speak English!
16. What language would you take up next?

• I’ve wanted to improve my Spanish and my French for a while now but whether or not that will actually happen is a completely different issue. I’m working at it slowly though!


What’s your bilingual experience? Let me know in the comments! Tschüss!


8 thoughts on “Bilingual Experiences?

  1. I have been learning Spanish since 9th grade and hardly fluent since I don’t really get to practice it. I message my host mom from Costa Rica in Spanish. Costa Rica is the only Spanish speaking country I have been to. Obviously English is my native language, but my host was basically fluent in English so I couldn’t fully practice my Spanish on that trip.


      1. I studied abroad for two weeks and we stayed in Atenas, Costa Rica. We did some service, spent a day in San Jose and also saw a play in San Jose. We also went to Monteverde to go to the Monteverde Rainforest Restort and hiked one day and went on the canopy tour another day


  2. This is a really cool tag. I’m also bilingual, but in English and Mandarin. I’m fluent in both but my English is definitely better so I prefer it haha 😛 It’s weird, I’m most comfortable in writing for English, but for Mandarin it’s speaking, so that’s something interesting I realized in being bilingual, like having different strengths in different languages.

    I’m also trying to pick up German but it’s very hard!! xD


    1. I 100% agree with what you’re saying about having different strengths in different languages! My vocabulary is much larger in English, but I am very good at picking out roots of words and deducing what things mean in German! I think it’d be so cool to be able to speak Mandarin! I think it’s such an interesting language!
      Oh, and this is completely unrelated but I listened to Artus Excalibur for the first time a few days ago and loved it!


  3. I like this post! I am bilingual too. I’ve learned English since 3rd grade. And Korean is my native language. I love my life as a bilingual bc it makes my life more interesting than ever. When I google for finding something needed in my assignments or just some what I wanna know, I use English and it offers me a lot of information than using just Korean! But I am still struggling in productive skill like writing and speaking in English, listening and reading in English are more comfortable tho! I don’t know what I should do! I think learning new languages is not easy.
    I want to speak Germany too!


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