My Favorite Costumes From Musical Theatre

So, today, I’m going to settle for something nice and simple because my younger cousins are over and they seem to be wanting me to play basketball with them (that’s a disaster just waiting to happen). So… here’s my top fifteen favorite costumes in musical theatre! Los geht’s!

1. Christine’s Blue “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” Dress from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – PHANTOM has so many beautiful costumes and Christine on her own has so many beautiful costumes. But my personal favorite? This super beautiful, elegant blue dress that she wears during “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again”. As someone who cares a lot about historical accuracies when it comes to costumes, this costume just made me grin like an idiot. It’s perfect. In so many ways. Love, love, love it.

2. Christine’s “Think of Me” / Hannibal Dress from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – This is the first costume from PHANTOM that I saw that made me really go “Wow, that’s a beautiful costume.” And I’m still in love with how the quick transition is done by adding the big skirt to Christine’s ballet dress. Man… it’s just an awesome scene and this dress just makes it all the better.

3. The Phantom’s Sparkly Title Song Cape from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – This cape is pretty drop-dead awesome. While it’s something that some people in audiences of PHANTOM don’t really have an appreciation for, I think that fans who care about costume design and the small details really like this cape. And it’s stunning. I love how when the light catches it, the sequins shimmer and it’s so beautiful. Also, it’s a cape. Who doesn’t love capes?

4. Sisi’s “Wenn Ich Tanzen Will” Coronation Dress from ELISABETH – I love all of Sisi’s costumes. But when it comes to my absolute favorite? I’ve got to give it to the “Wenn Ich Tanzen Will” dress. It’s beautiful. And while it’s not an original design, it’s a beautiful replication. I love how the skirt swishes when Sisi moves around the stage throughout the scene. And the colors? The colors are absolutely stunning.

5. Sisi’s “Wie Du” Dress from ELISABETH – Sisi’s “Wie Du” dress is absolutely adorable and something that I’d probably wear if I could get my hands on a replica of it. To me, it just seems so… Sisi. It’s just right for her. It’s especially right for her in that scene, matching her playful attitude.

6. Sisi’s Nightgown / “Ich Gehör Nur Mir” / “Der Schleier Fällt” Dress from ELISABETH – While this dress may not be the type of dress that takes your breath away, it is certainly a dress that is right. It’s a dress that makes every scene it appears in somehow better and it just works with the set. In “Ich Gehör Nur Mir”, the white goes beautifully with the blue of the set. In “Der Schleier Fällt” it goes perfectly with the darkness of the stage. I love it.

7. Enjolras’s Red Vest from LES MISÉRABLES – While this vest isn’t technically historically accurate and it’s not something that Enjolras would probably ever have realistically worn, it’s a costume that I like enough to have a replica of that I wear every once in a while. Yep. I really do wear this vest out an about to places (much to the embarrassment of my younger brother). Anyways, this vest is not just awesome looking, it’s also really practical. For what? Well… for keeping track of wear Enjolras is. At the barricades, it’s easy to mix the barricade boys up. They essentially just are a unit. But Enjolras stands out with this red and gold vest and you can literally point him out and say “That’s him. He’s the leader.”

8. Fantine’s “I Dreamed a Dream” Dress from LES MISÉRABLES – There are so many things that I like about this costume. The little details are really what counts with this costume. The locket that Fantine wears and looks at. The little designs on the dress. The simplicity of the dress and yet the elegance of it. It’s just an overall amazing costume.

9. Rusty’s Costume from STARLIGHT EXPRESS – I could go on and on about the costumes from STARLIGHT EXPRESS. They’re phenomenal and quite frankly, revolutionary. Roller skates? Yes, please! Seriously, these costumes are awesome. But it was Rusty’s that I first fell in love with. It’s just so adorable. Man… I still smile when I look at this costume. Also, I have a lot of appreciation for the actors who wear this costume and skate around in it. It’s not a light costume and remember, these guys are doing tricks on skates in these things.

10. Glinda’s White Dress from WICKED – This dress is just so… classy. It’s a dress that I’d probably never wear even if I had it in my wardrobe but man… it’s a pretty dress. It’s really drop-dead pretty. It just feels so… Glinda in so many ways.

11. Glinda’s “Thank Goodness” Dress from WICKED – “Thank Goodness” is one of my favorite scenes from WICKED costume-wise. The costumes from “Thank Goodness” are just so… Oz-like in so many, many ways. Absolutely love, love, love it. But Glinda’s? Love it. I just love it and I don’t even know how to describe it.

12. Elphaba’s “As Long as You’re Mine” Dress from WICKED – I’ll be the first to admit that while “As Long as You’re Mine” is an interesting, highly important scene in WICKED, it’s not one of my favorite scenes. At all. But nonetheless, Elphie’s dress here is absolutely beautiful. Again, it’s the little details.

13. Ballet Costumes from SCHIKANEDER – Now… here, I’m specifically talking about the men’s ballet costumes in this scene (not that the women’s ballet costumes aren’t awesome but…). There’s just something about those costumes that are so… cute in a way. I don’t know how to describe it, really. But they’re adorable and I love them.

14. Count Krolock’s Costume from TANZ DER VAMPIRE – Now, as is always the case, when I’m talking about TANZ DER VAMPIRE I’m talking about the Austrian and German productions, not the Broadway production. Count Krolock’s costumes is absolutely stunning. The details are phenomenal. The cape is unbelievably beautiful. Just everything about it is awesome. And… let’s just not talk about his costume in the Broadway production…

15. Sarah’s Red “Totale Finsternis” / Ball Dress from TANZ DER VAMPIRE – Yet another stunning costume. Just beautiful. The red, the ruffles. The design. Everything about this dress is enough to make me just get excited about it. Man… I love it. I love it so much. It’s just so fitting for the scene, you know?


So, what are your favorite costumes from musical theatre? Tschüss!


20 thoughts on “My Favorite Costumes From Musical Theatre

  1. My favorite Glinda costume as a matter of fact is her “Popular” dress and the biggest reason behind that is because that song was my favorite song from Wicked when I was 12 and still is due to how much I loved the song when I first saw it.

    While it still is favorite Glinda costume, my favorite Wicked costume is Elphaba’s act II dress and have no idea why I love it. That costume really shows just how mature Elphaba has become. Her other costumes do show her innocence much more. But there is something special about Elphaba’s act II dress.

    I love Enjolras’ vest as well. The only two barricade boys you don’t lose track of are Marius and Enjolras and that is especially true of Enjolras. His vest is such an incredible vest. I love Fantine’s dress from the West End and the dress there is quite a simple design and it does like the outfit you have shown have the two necklaces.


    1. Somehow I forgot about the Popular dress!
      Act II Elphaba’s dress is so beautiful, I think! I love the lacey look to it and the little details!
      Enjolras’s vest is pretty spectacular! It just is one of those costumes that catches the eye immediately!
      I love Fantine’s necklaces! I think it’s a great character detail!


      1. It would seem like Glinda’s favorite outfit is the bubble dress. I love that dress as well, but the Popular dress really has meaning.

        As for Elphaba’s act II dress, it just really works well with Elphaba. It really works well with the green and looks perfect on her.

        Enjolras vest has a lot of detail in it. I especially love all of the golden detail on it with the different buttons. Due to it being so different than the other students’ barricade outfit, it really shows just how passionate Enjolras is about the cause and really shows how much of a leader he is.


      2. I really like the Popular dress because it kinda symbolizes when Elphie and Glinda became friends!
        100% agree–Elphie’s Act II dress looks absolutely amazing on her. The contrast of the colors just works really well!
        The golden details on Enj’s vest are just absolutely amazing. Love ’em! Somehow it just feels so… Enj-like!


      3. The Popular dress does symbolize when they become friends. They truly bonded at the dance. The song follows immediately afterwards. Popular in many ways is still my favorite song from the musicals since it does symbolize when I first fell in love with that musical


      4. My little sister’s favorite song and scene from Wicked is Popular. She says it reminds her of when we used to share a room. Popular is one of those moments in Wicked that is absolutely hilarious and fun and super, super cute!


      5. The last Glinda I saw was absolutely hilarious in that number and Popular is probably my favorite comical number in the world of musicals. Glinda also is my favorite comic musical character.


      6. But I can tell how brilliant an Elphaba and Glinda is during “For Good”. It is crazy looking back and seeing how far that musical has come in levels of vulnerability and emotion and in terms of my relationships with the two girls and Fiyero. Those three are the characters I tend to think of when it comes to Wicked and tend to forget about the others


      7. Yeah, I agree! I kinda feel like I’ve almost grown up alongside these characters in a way. Because I was relatively young when I first saw Wicked, my understanding was really baseline. But as I’ve grown up, I think I’ve been better able to understand them growing up as well


      8. I was only 12 at the time was special since it was my first trip to New York and I was with my mom. I don’t have vivid memories of seeing it, but I do remember just loving “Popular” at that age.

        My knowledge of characters has grown in complexity the more I grew over the years. Last year shows just how far the show has become. My relationship to Elphaba was the strongest that time around. What happened with “No Good Deed” and “I’m Not That Girl” was crazy. To dislike one of them so much and not getting anything out of it: “No Good Deed” and that time finally appreciating the number and finally feeling those emotions.

        “I’m Not That Girl” sure has changed over those years. The once sad song that wasn’t that insightful or not that capable became a heartbreaking and insightful song. That change does show how much I have grown as a person over the years.


      9. It is. I was just a 12 year old, the next time I was in high school, the next time 2013 (you would think by than I would pick up on “I’m Not That Girl” being heartbreaking, but still couldn’t), the next time 2016 and the emotions were the most capable that time around which increased the vulnerable. But I need to be careful because I need to make sure I still feel innocence from Elphaba when she is at Shiz and still need to make sure my childhood stays alive in Wicked


      10. Yeah, that makes sense! Childhood’s something to hold close. If Wicked holds that for you, that’s great! I love it when I see musicals from my childhood because I almost feel like a kid again. And then I remember all of the thoughts I was thinking while watching the musical as a kid


      11. Each time I see it, I feel like the emotional level has gotten as capable as it has gotten, but each time, the show gets deeper. Any musical of my childhood gives me the feeling of the younger years, but through my college years, I find a new reason to love them


  2. I love Elphaba’s Act II dress as well! The detail on it is just amazing and so intricate (not to mention how *expensive* it is!) It’s kinda hard to find good pictures that show the detail but I really like this one because you can see all the lace and patterns on it. I read somewhere it weighs almost 40 pounds!

    I also really like Glinda’s bubble dress! Apparently it weighs about the same as the Elphaba Act II dress? 😮 But the beading and its color is so beautiful!

    Also, I didn’t realize Elisabeth’s dress in Der Schleier Fällt was the same nightgown as in Ich Gehör Nur Mir! Oops! But I love how she unbuttons her thick coat and lets her hair down in that scene, I think it’s really symbolic. 🙂

    I’ve not watched Tanz der Vampire but that red dress is gorgeous ❤


    1. Love that picture of Elphie’s dress! I think that the lace details are just so amazing! Glinda’s bubble dress is definitely stunning–I think it’s so fairytale-esque and I love it! I always marvel at how the actors manage to move around in those heavy costumes!
      I agree about how Sisi takes off the coat! I feel like it really shows how she’s finally able to be free and to be herself. I think there’s so much symbolism to be found all throughout Elisabeth!
      Tanz der Vampire is full of beautiful costumes, but that one’s my personal favorite, I think!


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