Musical Theatre Songs… In Appliance to my Life?

Yesterday was a day for me to assemble my writing playlist for Stolen Score. And then, I thought… if someone was writing a story about my life, what would their writing playlist be? So… here we go. This is the “Soundtrack to my Life Tag”… musical theatre edition! Los geht’s!
1. Song you listen to when you’re happy?

· When I’m happy, I like to listen to “Wenn Ich Tanzen Will” (“If I Want to Dance”) from ELISABETH. That song just gets me dancing every time. I also really like to listen to “Gary Indiana” from THE MUSIC MAN when I’m happy! Oh, and even “Tanz Durch die Welt” (German version of “Dancing Through Life”)!

2. Song you listen to when you’re sad?

· When I’m sad… hmm… generally, I like to listen to sad music when I’m sad. I don’t know… something about it makes me feel happier. In general, I like to listen to “Memory” from CATS when I’m sad. Or maybe “Secondhand White Baby Grand” from SMASH (does that count as a musical? I don’t know… I’m counting it!). I also like to listen to “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” and “On My Own” from LES MISÉRABLES when I’m sad. Or “Drink With Me”! Oh… and “Finale / I Can’t Recall (Reprise)” from A TALE OF TWO CITIES.

3. What song would you like to be proposed to with (if any)?

· And then, to be proposed to? Well… I have this really weird idea that der Tod’s part in “Elisabeth, Mach Auf” (“Elisabeth, Open Up”) from ELISABETH is the perfect way to propose to a person. But… it’d have to be done just right for it to work. If you know what I mean. Yeah… I know that that’s weird. Oh, another song that I would be okay with is “I Love the Way” from SOMETHING ROTTEN!. It’s just such a cute song! Love it! But in general, I’m not too big on the whole proposing to people with songs trend. But that’s just personal preference!

4. What song will you have at your wedding?

· For my wedding, I’d definitely want to play “Letting Go” from JEKYLL & HYDE. Or rather… I’d like my dad to sing it. My dad’s a pretty good singer and it’d just be so fitting for the occasion. It’d also make me cry like a baby. I’d also like “Take Me as I Am” from JEKYLL & HYDE to be played for my wedding.

5. What song do you dance around the house to?

· I’m always dancing around to “Ich Bin Ganz Nah Dran” (the German version of “I’m Almost There”) from THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG. It’s just such an upbeat song and I can’t help but dance and sing along to it. All the time.

6. Song you play on your headphones when out and about?

· When my headphones are in, you can count on me listening to one of three things. “Elisabeth, Mach Auf” from ELISABETH, “Do You Hear the People Sing?” from LES MISÉRABLES, or “Alle Tanzten Mit dem Tod” (“Everyone Has Danced With Death”) from ELISABETH.

7. Song you listen to when you’re angry?

· When I’m angry? Man… when I’m angry, I usually just don’t have the want to listen to music. But if I had to pick something, probably “The Tale” from A TALE OF TWO CITIES.

8. Song you’d have at your funeral?

· Well… I have a feeling that I won’t be around to plan my own funeral (unless my family really just wants to get ahead of the game), but if I did get to pick one song to play at my funeral, it’d be “Der Schleier Fällt” (“The Veil Descends”) from ELISABETH. But… realistically, there will definitely be Bach music playing at my funeral.

9. The last song you listened to?

· “Finale / I Can’t Recall” from A TALE OF TWO CITIES.

10. Your karaoke song?

· My karaoke song… well… at my house, sometimes we do at-home karaoke where we pick karaoke tracks off of YouTube and do karaoke at home. My go-to? Glinda’s part in “No One Mourns the Wicked” from WICKED. As a mezzo-soprano, it’s rare that I can actually hit those notes but… when I can, man… I get excited.

11. What song do you work out/exercise to?

· So… this is really weird. But… “Welcome to the Renaissance” from SOMETHING ROTTEN!. I’m not even joking. The dance from “Welcome to the Renaissance” is my workout routine. And it looks drop-dead ridiculous. Which is why I do it at five o’clock in the morning when no one is awake at home. …I wish I was kidding.

12. Song with the most memories attached?

· “A Change in Me” from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. It’s full of memories for me because it’s been with me for so long. And I just relate to it on a personal level. In general? It’s just a song that I really, really love.

13. Song that makes you cry?

· There are a lot of songs that make me cry. But the one that immediately comes to mind right now is “Memory” from CATS. Oh… or “Tell me on a Sunday” from SONG AND DANCE. Every time I listen to those songs I tell myself: “Not this time. You’re not going to cry this time.” And every time, I cry.

14. Song you hate the most?

· I don’t really hate many songs. I mean, sure, there are a few. But none of them are coming to mind right now.

15. Your favorite song of all time?

· Hmm… probably “Der Schleier Fällt” from ELISABETH. I just am in love with those lyrics. But really, “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” is a close runner-up!


And, that’s it! What songs would you put on the soundtrack for your life? Tschüss!


10 thoughts on “Musical Theatre Songs… In Appliance to my Life?

    1. Yeah, when I’m happy, I will generally listen to anything in the world that I feel like, but when I’m sad, I definitely gravitate towards sadder songs over happy ones. But when I’m happy, I still listen to sad songs


      1. When I am sad, I tend to listen to either Christian songs or just any musical song. When I am sad, I don’t always listen to musical songs that are sad or heartbreaking. In high school whenever I was sad, I always listen to Christian songs. I don’t do that as much anymore


      2. I’m not altogether familiar with contemporary Christian music because whenever we’d listen to Christian music at home as a kid, it’d always be Johann Sebastian Bach or hymns. And I would say that I read a lot of hymns when I’m sad. But I think that in general, listening to sad music when I’m sad is a habit I picked up from when I was 12


      3. I am quite familiar with contemporary Christian songs because form like 3rd to 8th grade, during Parish weekends at Kanuga, an Episcopalian Conference Center, we sang those songs and I fell in love with them. Than there was Winterlight in high school and that is where Christian Music became a love of mine. Than now, every week, I sing contemporary Christian Music at the Gathering, a student-led worship service


      4. That’s awesome! My dad is really big on classical music (particularly Bach) so Bach’s “St. Matthew’s Passion” is a yearly listen. We also sing hymns every night as a family as a part of our family devotions. What are some of your favorite Contemporary Christian songs? Maybe I could give them a try!


      5. The best way to describe my love for contemporary Christian music is that I love it just as much as I love musicals. I connect to them better than any other genre of music


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