Musical Characters That I Relate To?

Guten morgen, alles! Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about characters. Maybe it has something to do with all of the writing I’ve been doing for my current novel, Stolen Score or maybe it’s just that I’ve also been doing more reading more recently (my Goodreads challenge is going surprisingly well and I’m determined not to fall behind!). But whatever it is, I’ve been thinking a lot about characters and their development. So today, I thought that I’d do something really simple and talk about the characters from musicals that I relate to! Let’s go for ten? Achtung, fertig, los!

1. Sisi from ELISABETH – Of all the characters on this list, I can most relate to Sisi. And then, at the same time, I can’t relate to half of the suffering that she went through. But… her spirit and her personality? That’s something that I can relate to. And I know what it’s like to feel trapped. I’ve done a post on this sort of thing before, but, like Sisi is told by her family that her dreams are childish, I’ve been told that my writing dream is nothing more than a dream and that I shouldn’t count on success with my writing. Furthermore, I understand Sisi’s want to be free. I understand not wanting to be loved or hated by everyone. I understand wanting to just be and not some person that the world wants to shape me into being. And it’s not that I’m disloyal or don’t like close relationships with people. I just want these people to understand that I am me and they’re not going to change that about me.

Annemieke Van Dam as Sisi in ELISABETH

2. Boq from WICKED – I’d say that Boq is a character that I don’t relate to so much anymore. But man… I know what it’s like just letting people walk all over you because you’re too afraid to stand up for yourself when it comes to the possibility of hurting other people. And that’s how I was when I was younger. I was like Boq. Now, though, I’d like to think that I’m a little less naïve and am a little less willing to just let people walk all over me.

Boq from WICKED

3. Lucy Harris from JEKYLL & HYDE – Like the situation with Sisi, there are a lot of things that Lucy suffers through that I don’t have any personal connection to. But it’s Lucy’s personality and spirit that I connect with. Her hopefulness, her determination to get away. All of that is stuff that I can relate to. One thing about both Sisi and Lucy that I really relate to? The fact that their dreamers.

Colleen Sexton as Lucy in JEKYLL & HYDE

4. Megara from HERCULES – Meg is kind of the reverse of Boq for me. Whereas I related to Boq when I was younger, I would have never related to Meg as a kid but now I do. For those that know me, they know that my humor is largely sarcastic and deadpanned. Like Meg. And I can just see little bits and pieces of myself in Meg.

Illustration of Meg by Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen

5. Belle from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – Belle was the first character that I remember relating to. As a kid, I was always a bookworm and I still am today. Books and literature are a huge part of my life. Essentially, literature is my life. Then, there’s Belle want for adventure. I’ve also been one of those people who sits down to read and just totally get whisked away to other worlds. When I found out that there was a character who loved reading as much as I did (and do), you can only imagine how enthralled I was. It’s one of the reasons why Belle is and always was my favorite Disney princess.

Susan Egan as Belle in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

6. Enjolras from LES MISÉRABLES – I hate to admit that I’m like Enjolras a lot of the time. Why? Because I feel like Enjolras is not the type of character that I’d like to see myself in. He’s the sort of character that I like to look up to—that I just like. But to be like him? No thanks. Unfortunately, I’m very highly opinionated about things and I am not afraid to voice those opinions and I feel like that’s something Enjolras and I have in common. We both really care about certain things and well… I guess that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Chris Durling as Enjolras in LES MISÉRABLES

7. Munkustrap from CATS – How does one relate to a cat? Well… these are Jellicle Cats, so I guess anything can happen. Munkustrap is easily my favorite character in CATS. And I think that has something to do with the fact that I just really like his role as the storyteller. As a writer, I see myself in those sorts of characters, I guess. I like telling stories and so does Munkustrap so…

Michael Gruber as Munkustrap in CATS

8. Dinah from STARLIGHT EXPRESS – Dinah isn’t my favorite character from STARLIGHT but she is the one that I can most identify with. Dinah is the character who grows to be vulnerable around another character but they turn out to not be what she originally thought. But Dinah doesn’t mope about it for long. She quickly gets over it and comes out of it stronger than ever. In general, I’d say that I sometimes get hurt emotionally by people due to my nature of being so open and essentially just being an open book for everyone. But I get up when I fall. I don’t just sit there stunned. I might bite down on the inside of my cheek for a while but I’ll push myself up again.


9. Nigel from SOMETHING ROTTEN! – Nigel writes poetry and he writes what he feels. I can relate to that. Also, Nigel’s a bit of a hopeless romantic and I guess that you could say that I’m guilty of that too in a sense. I think that most writers out there can relate to Nigel in some way, shape, or form.

John Cariani as Nigel in SOMETHING ROTTEN!

10. Emanuel Schikaneder from SCHIKANEDER – And here, we have arrived at the more ambitious side to me. Emanuel Schikaneder is the epitome of ambitious, I think. And while I wouldn’t say that I’m ambitious to the same extent as he is, I definitely am considerably ambitious. Also, Schikaneder is (was?) a dreamer and I can 100% relate to that. One thing in which we differ? Emanuel is confident. I’m not nearly that confident. But… I wish that I had even a little of his confidence.

Mark Seibert as Emanuel Schikaneder (left)


So, that’s it! 10 characters from musicals that I can relate to in some way! What are some characters that you can relate to? Oh, and… I’ve reacquainted myself with CATS recently and fell in love with it all over again. Would you all be interested in a post about my thoughts on CATS? Let me know! Tschüss!


33 thoughts on “Musical Characters That I Relate To?

  1. I have never fully thought about all the musical characters that are part of my life that I relate to, but can think of some.

    I do relate to Annie because of her optimism and that is a big reason why Annie was my favorite musical in elementary school was Annie.

    But Elphaba is who I relate to the most. We both are smart, determined, talkative and “different” . I know what is like to feel misunderstood at times. We both believe in equality and staying true to ourselves.


      1. Yeah, I’m that way with a lot of characters. Some of the characters on this list I’m not very happy to say that I’m like but ah, well! For me, it’s easier to relate to personally traits of characters than to their life experiences


      2. Yep! I mean, I can relate to characters like Enjolras in some ways but overall, I’d say we share no similar life experiences and all that. I would, however, say that I am slightly like him in personality and such! It’s kinda weird; as I was writing this post, I feel like I learned more about myself that I didn’t previously notice before


      3. I think that when it comes to Les Miz, I definitely cannot entirely relate to any of the characters. But I would say that I relate to Enjolras because I’d say that he and I can get pretty carried away and emmersed in causes we believe in


      4. This is not something I relate to, but something I emotionally connect to. In high school, I realized I have a deep connection to those living in poverty and homelessness and I think that connection is felt in Les Mis


      5. That 100% makes sense! I think that I feel an overall connection to the idea that people can change no matter who they are. To me, that idea is really well portrayed in Les Miz and I think that it’s one of the most important themese of Les Miz. And because Javert doesn’t understand that concept until his death, he’s the antagonistic force of the story


      6. Yeah, I kind of only got to thinking about it just now. I don’t know that they are necessarily characteristically different, but rather that their ideology and beliefs are nearly opposite in some ways


      7. Yeah, definitely. I don’t understand why they acted that way especially towards their children. But, one thing that I really do enjoy about the way Hugo wrote the Thenardiers is that they very well portray the people who got the worst lot after the failure of the French Revolution and they really show the apocalypse-like world that the end of the Reign of Terror left France in


      8. Yeah, I agree–it’s not something one would be able to pick up on the first time ’round but yeah. It’s kinda foreshadowing what’s to come in a sense. When it comes to the Thenardiers, they have got to be some of the most despicable characters that I have ever, ever come across. I feel so bad for Cosette and Éponine (and the other Thenardier kids) because they had to be stuck with such horrible, cruel people as guardians. Cosette was lucky enough to be rescued by Valjean. Éponine’s life horribly changed for the worse in a surprise reversal of roles with Cosette and Éponine


      9. The reversal of Eponine and Cosette is so fascinating to me. Cosette got rescued and her life improved. Than Eponine had a better childhood, but her life became increasingly even worse. The coinicedence among these girls is that they both fall in love with Marius and due to the reversal, I love that Cosette is the one to end up with him in the end.

        I cannot believe that the Thenardiers don’t even love their children and don’t even care that both Gavroche and Eponine were killed during the uprising


      10. The switch that happens with Cosette and Éponine is one of my favorite things about Les Miz plot-wise. It’s something that one wouldn’t expect and yet, at the same time, it (sadly) makes sense. The Thenardiers’s neglect and abuse of their children was much more… fleshed out in the book (probably due to lack of time for the musical) and man… those descriptions and details just made me so mad. I just couldn’t stand it.


      11. So agree. You don’t get to know Eponine as a child as much as you get to know Cosette as a child. I feel like it is important to understand their childhoods to find the switch between the two girls


      12. It is just so complex and so fascinating. It is a wonderful representation of what it means to be human. There are so many wonderful things to be explored about in this musical


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