My Favorite Disney Movies / Musicals?

Hallo, alles! So, it’s been a long, exhausting week for me. In general, I’ve just been out of it. I’ve gotten lots of writing done, though! But that’s kind of irrelevant. Anyways…

Today’s post is a post that I’ve been writing and then throwing out for about a month now. Disney’s a big part of my life. Really, it always has been. I love Disney. A lot. I wouldn’t say that I’m an expert on all things Disney, but I just really enjoy Disney movies and Disney music and all that stuff. So… today’s post is going to be all about my favorite Disney movies. We’re going to be doing a spotlight on my top ten favorite Disney movies (in order from favorite to least favorite [of the ten]). Los geht’s!

· FAVORITE CHARACTER – Belle was always my favorite character from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and also in general my favorite Disney character. It was always easy for me to relate to her as a kid. I still remember wanting to look just like Belle when I was a kid. Whenever I’d watch the movie, I’d always beg my mom to do my hair just like Belle’s throughout the movie, changing it whenever her hair changed. Thanks, Mom for putting up with me as a kid (and still putting up with me!)—I can only imagine how horribly tired you must’ve gotten with me always begging you to change my hair and twirl me around the living room!

· FAVORITE SONG(S) – Man… I have so many favorite songs from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. For the purposes of this post, I’m going to be including the sequel to the movie, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: THE ENCHANTED CHRISTMAS because there’s one song that I can’t help but want to mention and that’s “Stories”. It’s a beautiful song that just doesn’t get enough credit in the world of Disney. Besides that, though, my favorite songs from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST include “A Change in Me”, “Home”, “Maison des Lunes”, “If I Can’t Love Her”, and “No Matter What”! Oh, and how could I possibly forget about “Beauty and the Beast”, right?


· FAVORITE CHARACTER – This is actually an insanely tough question for me to answer. So… I’m going to pick four favorite characters for this movie. Of course, there’s Rapunzel, Flynn (Eugene), and Gothel. And the fourth? I just really love the pianist guy that they meet at the Snuggly Duckling! Does he have a name? I don’t know… but I’ve always just really loved him as a character. I’m note even that clear on why. As for why I love Gothel? Well… I don’t love her. But she is one of my favorite characters because she’s an awesome villain. Probably my favorite Disney villain, actually.

· FAVORITE SONG(S) – I’m really in love with “Mother Knows Best” and it’s reprise. Man… the reprise is chilling. And then, there’s “When Will My Life Begin?”, “I See the Light”, and “I’ve Got a Dream”! In general, I just love most of the songs from TANGLED.


· FAVORITE CHARACTER – This is also tough for me to answer. Probably Esmeralda or Phoebus. Quasi is definitely up there too! Don’t make me choose!

· FAVORITE SONG(S) – Well… of course, “God Help the Outcasts” makes it onto this list. I also love “Out There”. But really, the German translation of “God Help the Outcasts” (“Gott deine kinder” (“God, Your Children”)) is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. Really. The lyrics are beautiful. In general, the lyrics of “God Help the Outcasts” are wonderful. But something about the German translation is just even more beautiful in my opinion.


· FAVORITE CHARACTER – Meg! But I do really like Phil’s character too. He makes me laugh. And… he kind of reminds me of my dad. A lot of the things that he says are just like the things that my dad would say. Also, in the German version of HERCULES, Phil says “Hopp, hopp, hopp!” Which pretty much translates to “Chop-chop” or “Hurry up!” and well… my dad is notorious for saying that all of the time. But… that’s a topic for another time. Anyways…

· FAVORITE SONG(S) – Well… obviously “I Won’t Say I’m in Love” is on this list. “I Can Go the Distance” is also definitely on this list! Oh, and “Zero to Hero”!


· FAVORITE CHARACTER – It’s definitely Jasmine or Aladdin but I’m not quite sure which one I like more!

· FAVORITE SONG(S) – “Proud of Your Boy” has been a longtime favorite of mine. I think that it’s one of those songs that anyone can really connect to in some way. And then, I also really love “Palace Walls” and “A Whole New World”. Oh, and “Prince Ali”! I remember when my siblings and I would listen to “Prince Ali” on repeat and sing it on the top of our lungs when we were the only kids at the park!


· FAVORITE CHARACTER – Kristoff is by far my favorite character in FROZEN aside from Sven and the trolls!

· FAVORITE SONG(S) – My absolute favorite songs from FROZEN are “Fixer-Upper” and “Reindeers are Better Than People”. Other than that? I really like “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” and “For the First Time in Forever”!


· FAVORITE CHARACTER – Tiana! Tiana’s actually one of my favorite Disney characters! Also, I just really love the German dub of Tiana’s voice done by Cassandra Steen! You can practically hear her smiling!

· FAVORITE SONG(S) – “I’m Almost There” (“Ganz Nah Dran”) is my absolute favorite song from this movie! It’s a definite pick-me-upper when I’m feeling down and looking for something to make me smile. I absolutely adore how Cassandra Steen does the voice acting for Tiana in the German version!


· FAVORITE CHARACTER – Michael’s always been my favorite character from MARY POPPINS ever since I was a kid!

· FAVORITE SONG(S) – There are so many songs that I absolutely love from this movie. “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” (I’m kinda impressed that I spelt that right the first try!), “Tuppence a Bag”, and “Fly a Kite” are probably my favorites!


· FAVORITE CHARACTER – Giselle is probably my favorite character from ENCHANTED. I’ll admit that it’s been a while since I’ve actually watched this movie (give-or-take three, four years?) and so I don’t really remember too much about the characters but I do remember really liking Giselle as a character!

· FAVORITE SONG(S) – “That’s How You Know” was always my favorite song from this movie! I still love listening to it!


· FAVORITE CHARACTER – Flounder. Yes, I know… it’s weird. But… Flounder’s always been my favorite character from this movie! I was never the biggest Ariel fan but Flounder was one character that I really enjoyed!

· FAVORITE SONGS(S) – “Part of Your World (Reprise)” is probably my favorite song from this movie! And then I also really like “Poor Unfortunate Souls”!


And that’s it! Phew, it was kind of nostalgic going over all of these again! I feel like I don’t talk about Disney nearly as much as I should on this blog so maybe it’ll be a more recurring theme? I don’t know! Anyways, for tomorrow’s post, I’ve got a post about my writing playlist for Stolen Score coming up so that’s pretty exciting! It’s probably more exciting for me than it is for y’all, but who knows?

Anyways, what are your favorite Disney movies and who are your favorite characters?



4 thoughts on “My Favorite Disney Movies / Musicals?

  1. Nice list you got there. Enchanted is my favorite Disney movie musical and i love Giselle a lot. I also love Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, and Aladdin and I had nearly forgotten I love them at one point in my musical journey, so hopefully I see Lion King next year in Charlotte


    1. I really need to rewatch Enchanted! It’s been way too long! I think the last time that I watched it was the last day of eighth grade. Man, that seems like ages ago…
      I’m so glad that I grew up with Disney! I think that Disney musicals have had a lot of impact on my love of musicals!


      1. I am glad I grew up with Disney too. It was part of what made me become the musical person I am today. I did eventually rewatch some of the Disney movies that I stopped watching. Going to Disney last year with my school made me feel like a 5 year old


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