My Favorite Reprises of Songs in Musicals?

Yesterday, after a long day of testing, I just was lounging around and writing a little, flipping through my playlists to find the one that I wanted to put on. Finally, I came across my “Reprise Playlist” on my phone and I realized I hadn’t listened to that particular playlist in a really, really long time. So… naturally, I put it on. And so, today, we’re talking about my favorite reprises! Los geht’s!

· “Totenklage / Rudolf, Wo Bist Du?” (Death Sentence / Rudolf, Where Are You?) from ELISABETH – This one might be the most heartbreaking on this list. I can never, ever get through this song without crying or without a tear coming to my eyes. The title of this song is so, so fitting and man… it hurts. It hurts really, really bad. It’s such a good, beautiful song.

· “I’m Not That Girl Reprise” from WICKED – Personally, I’m of the mind that the reprise of “I’m Not That Girl” is more heartbreaking than the original song. When Elphaba sings “I’m Not That Girl”, I can’t help but feel that at that point, Elphie doesn’t really, really love Fiyero but more just realizes that she has feelings for him. In the case of Glinda, she’s had time to fall in love with Fiyero and has thought that Fiyero loved her in return. Finding out that he actually loved her best friend must have been heartbreaking for her. And there’s just something about how Glinda sings this song that hurts more too, I think.

· “Do You Hear the People Sing? Reprise” from LES MISÉRABLES – “Do You Hear the People Sing” was the first song from LES MIZ that I truly fell in love with and a lot of that is due to the impact the reprise had on me when I first watched LES MIZ (the movie version) in the movie theatre. And man… to this day, I still get chills when I listen to this reprise! It’s so hopeful and inspiring and I can’t help but love it.

· “Part of Your World Reprise” from THE LITTLE MERMAID – I’m not that big a fan of the original song for this one. I know, I know. That’s practically Disney heresy, right? Well… I said it. But the reprise is just so amazing. Man… I love this reprise. There’s something so great about the strength with which Ariel sings this song, I think.

· “Belle Reprise” from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – I love all things BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Seriously. And this song was the first song that I always used to sing… ever. And man, I love it. I really, really love it. The yearning Belle has for adventure is one of the best things in the world. I think that this song has shaped who I am now in a lot of ways. I know, that sounds ridiculously cheesy but I truly believe it.

· “If I Can’t Love Her Reprise” from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – Okay, this is a heartbreaker. You thought that “If I Can’t Love Her” was heartbreaking, huh? Yeah… give this one a go and you will probably hate me for directing you to it. Yep. Prepare for some serious jolts of heartbreak.

· “All I Ask of You Reprise” from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – I love finales. And while this song is not a big, big number of a finale, it’s definitely a great, epic finale leading up to the crashing of the chandelier. While I’m not a big fan of the Phantom (Erik), I definitely can feel his pain seeping through the words. I also really like watching this song performed. The acting has a lot of the impact on how the song turns out, in my opinion.

· “Ich Gehör Nur Mir Reprise” (I Belong (Only) to Me Reprise) from ELISABETH – Speaking of Act I finales… this one’s amazing. While I think that I still like the original song better than the reprise, this reprise is absolutely amazing. Seriously. It just really showcases Sisi’s independent nature. Also, that dress is absolutely gorgeous.

· “Die Letzte Chance” (The Last Chance) from ELISABETH – This one’s fun. I’m counting this as a sort of reprise of “Der Letzte Tanz” even though I suppose that it might be debatable as to whether or not it is a true reprise. This one’s just really fun to listen to. Really, really fun. I just really love it.

· “Draußen ist Freiheit Reprise” (Out There is Freedom Reprise) from TANZ DER VAMPIRE – This scene totally shocked me when I first saw it. I know, I know… that’s pretty dumb. It should have been expected. But when they started singing “Draußen ist Freiheit” all over again I just couldn’t help but smile and forget about the inevitable. But it still makes for an absolutely amazing, stunning scene.

· “Die Schatten Werden Länger Reprise” (The Shadows Grow Longer) from ELISABETH – This is one of the strongest scenes I’ve ever seen in musical theatre. It’s fierce and it’s scary. And man… it’s amazing. I also just love listening to this song. Listening to this song is fun. Watching it is horrifying. It’s just amazing like that.

· “Memory Reprise” from CATS – And here, is a song that a lot of people forget has a reprise. Well… a lot of people who have never watched CATS, that is. Grizabella sings “Memory” in Act I and then she sings it again in Act II. In general, I think that a lot of people think of Act II’s “Memory” because it’s longer. But nonetheless, this is a song that really gets the tears running. No matter what people think of the musical, it is definitely one of the best songs from musical theatre, I think.

· “Finale / I Can’t Recall Reprise” from A TALE OF TWO CITIES – Everyone knows about Sydney Carton’s tragic ending. Everyone knows the line: “It is a far, far better thing I do than I have ever done and it is a far, far better rest I go to than I have ever known.” Wasn’t that already horribly heartbreaking? Well… guess what? If you listen to this finale, you will get that heartbreak x10. Yep. I think that about sums it up. But I “can’t recall.” 


That’s it for me! Favorite reprises? Tschüss!


18 thoughts on “My Favorite Reprises of Songs in Musicals?

  1. For some odd reason, I keep on overlooking the “I’m Not That Girl” reprise due to just how short it is. Now that I think of it, that reprise is even more ironic than when Elphaba first sings that song. I even love Memory and yes I tend to think of the longer version of the song and that one is a heartbreaker. I think that the reprise of “Do You Hear The People Sing” is a perfect ending to such a heartbreaking musical because it completely uplifts you


    1. Definitely, definitely agree with everything you said here!
      I think that what makes me love the reprise of Memory more than the original song is that Jemima steps in halfway through when it seems that Grizabella is no longer able to continue on. I think that it’s kind of awesome, having the cat who is generally considered the youngest of the Jellicles singing with one of the oldest cats in the show.
      Do You Hear the People Sing’s reprise is what I think really, really delivers the inspirational, uplifting side to the end of Les Miz!


      1. I feel like both versions of Do You Hear the People Sing are quite different. The first time, it is this passionate and revolutionary anthem and the second time, the song I feel like it is supposed to represent heaven


      2. Definitely! It’s one of my favorite things about the song, I think! The song as a whole is definitely a song of hope and determination. But depending on when it’s sung… well… that kind of changes what sticks out about it, I think in some way.


      3. That is the song that has been stuck in my head since the first time I saw that movie. At the end when its sung, you know that everything you felt that night was worth it. It definitely represents heaven because all of the characters who died (but Javert) you do see again.

        The ending is bittersweet in a way. Marius and Cosette have lost everyone that meant something to them so all they have is each other


      4. “Do You Hear the People Sing?” was the first song from Les Miz that I fell in love with and it’s still one of my favorites. One of my favorite things about the stage version is that Marius and Cosette sing the reprise with everyone else


      5. One song that I wanted to put on this list was Javert’s Suicide but I ultimately wasn’t sure if I could consider it a reprise. Les Miz is so full of parallels and intricate story building that I think it’s impossible to pick just one favorite of anything


      6. Melodies repeat themselves which is why the musical is able to flow together since it is sung-through. It is so carefully planned and all of the characters bring such importance to the plot. All of the characters truly belong in Les Mis


      7. Even when you take out a non-lead character out of the picture, it still doesn’t remain the same. Like any of the students besides Enjolras or Thenardier’s gang members or the forman even..etc. All of them are so needed to make this show what it is


      8. 100% agree. They all play some sort of role in the way that things play out. Take out one of the students, the whole dynamic of Les Amis de l’ABC would change. It’s just such an intricately woven story that if you pull on a single seam, everything could fall apart


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