My Favorite Covers and / or Medleys of Songs from Musical Theatre?

Hallo, alles! So… today, I thought that I’d do a post on my favorite covers of songs from musicals! I’ll admit that I spend a lot more time on YouTube than I probably should. And a majority of that time, I’m looking at theatre-related videos. Through those times of just looking through things, I’ve come across some really awesome YouTubers and singers who have created absolutely beautiful covers of musicals. So, today, I thought that I’d do a spotlight on them and some of my favorite works of theirs! I’m gonna be separating these out by the singers / musicians who did these covers! Los geht’s!


Think acapella is lame? Well… think again! Peter Hollens creates awesome, awesome acapella covers of all sorts of songs and he’s done his fair share of musical covers as well! He’s one of my favorite singers over on YouTube. His videos are always really high-quality and it’s obvious that he puts a lot of work and effort into his work! You should definitely check him out!

· THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA MEDLEY w/ Evynne Hollens – Peter did this cover with his wife, Evynne. This was actually the first of his videos that I’d ever seen and ever since I saw it, I’ve been hooked! It’s an awesome, awesome cover. I actually think it would be super cool to see a completely acapella production of PHANTOM!

· LES MISÉRABLES MEDLEY w/ Evynne Hollens – Yet another acapella medley done with his wife and this one is just as awesome or even more so than the PHANTOM one! Definitely check it out! It’s an absolutely beautiful medley and all of the songs are done super well! With songs like “On My Own”, “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables”, and “Bring Him Home”, this medley is one of the best things that I have ever seen!

· WICKED MEDLEY w/ Nick Pitera – So… this medley is absolutely amazing! Again, more acapella and man… it’s fun! Nick Pitera’s vocal range is absolutely phenomenal! In Peter’s version of the video, you get more complete footage of him singing “Defying Gravity” and man, it’s awesome! Definitely check it out, especially if you’re a fan of WICKED! And even if you’re not, or maybe you’ve never gotten to give WICKED a chance, check it out! You might just fall in love with it through this video!

· THE LAST FIVE YEARS MEDLEY w/ Evynne Hollens – You can only imagine how excited I was when I saw this video in my subscription box a few years ago. One of my favorite things about this medley is that although this musical is a total heartbreaker, this medley manages to leave off on a note that makes you smile. I also just love seeing how much fun Peter and Evynne clearly had while making this video!

· THE SOUND OF MUSIC MEDLEY w/ The Shaytards – When I saw this one in my subscription box last year, I was so, so excited! THE SOUND OF MUSIC is one of my longtime favorites and I’d been really hoping that Peter would do an acapella video for THE SOUND OF MUSIC for the longest time and I was so happy when I saw it! It’s so much fun! The Shaytards family was just amazing in this video and I’d definitely recommend checking it out!

· I SEE THE LIGHT from TANGLED w/ Evynne Hollens – TANGLED is one of my absolute favorite Disney movies so I was pretty psyched when I saw this video! The acapella is absolutely amazing in this (like always) and man… it’s one of my absolute favorites!

· DISNEY MEDLEY w/ Alex G. – You have no idea how excited I was when I saw this video for the first time! It’s absolutely phenomenal! Peter’s got some of my favorite songs on this video and it’s just a lot of fun! Also, Disney and acapella? Yes, please!

· FROZEN MEDLEY w/ Colleen Ballinger – So, this video is a lot of fun and it’s super cute! I loved, loved, loved this medley! The acapella, again, was amazing (like always) and I can tell that they had a lot of fun making this video! I had a lot of fun watching this video!

· GO THE DISTANCE from HERCULES – It’s no secret that I love Disney’s HERCULES. So… when I first discovered this video, I was jumping around because I was just that excited. Man… this video is awesome. Acapella really, really works with this song and man… if you’ve never seen this video, definitely, definitely check it out! I actually think that I like this version better than the version in the movie!


Nick Pitera has one of the most amazing vocal ranges that I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s pretty impressive what he can do! He does a lot of musical covers and also does a lot of collaborations with Disney! Nick does some acapella stuff and does some traditional instrumental stuff! Definitely check him out!

· WICKED MEDLEY w/ Peter Hollens – So, I mentioned this one on the section of Peter Hollen’s videos, but this one’s got some differences and a little more of Nick in it! Definitely check this one out if you liked Peter’s version!

· ONE-MAN ALADDIN MEDLEY – This one is one of my favorite covers Nick’s done! I love ALADDIN and in this video, Nick covered a lot of my favorite songs from ALADDIN! Definitely worth checking out!

· ONE-MAN LES MISÉRABLES MEDLEY – I was pretty drop-dead excited when I saw this video for the first time! Nick sings all of the roles in LES MIZ in this video (at least, all the prominent ones) and man… it’s awesome! Definitely, definitely check it out! It’s one of the best videos I’ve ever seen!

· ONE-MAN THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA MEDLEY – So… Christine Daaé has a range that even I, as a mezzo-soprano have difficulties reaching the high end of. But Nick? Nick does an amazing job with this. If you guys like PHANTOM, definitely check this one out!

· ONE-MAN INTO THE WOODS MEDLEY – I don’t talk about how much I love INTO THE WOODS enough on this blog. But guys, here’s my opportunity! It wasn’t until I saw this video that I realized how perfect Nick Pitera would be for this musical. He sings all of these songs so well! Check it out!

· ONE-MAN NEWSIES MEDLEY – This video was actually the way I discovered a lot of the NEWSIES songs! If you like NEWSIES or even if you’re just interested in the show, definitely, definitely check out this video! It’s amazing and it’s a lot of fun!


Lindsey Stirling is a violinist who does super awesome covers and original music. A friend of mine is super obsessed with Lindsey’s work so I have to thank him for introducing me to her music! Her channel’s absolutely amazing and I 100% recommend checking her out!

· LES MISÉRABLES MEDLEY – This medley is quite possibly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever come across. I get chills every time I listen to it. Looking for good instrumental music but you’re also super into musical theatre? Here you go! This cover is absolutely beautiful.

· INTO THE WOODS MEDLEY – This one’s also just really beautiful! 100% recommend checking it out! It’s a lot of fun and the video in and of itself is just phenomenal! Love, love, love it!

· THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA MEDLEY – This one won’t be one that everyone likes especially if they’re looking for a really melodic cover. This one’s on the more electric side of things but it’s definitely amazing! If you’re interested, I would highly recommend checking it out!


Evynne Hollens does covers on YouTube of all sorts of songs and has done a lot of musical theatre and Disney covers! Funnily enough, all of the ones on my list here today are Disney. She’s also featured a lot on her husband, Peter Hollen’s channel. While Peter does acapella, the majority of Evynne’s work is done with accompaniment by instruments! Definitely check out her work!

· BEAUTY AND THE BEAST from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST w/ Peter Hollens – Everyone knows that BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is my favorite Disney movie and this cover is one of my favorites that Evynne has done! The video is also of amazing quality and it’s definitely worth checking out!

· ONCE UPON A DREAM from SLEEPING BEAUTY w/ Peter Hollens – “Once Upon a Dream” is one of my favorite Disney songs and Evynne and Peter absolutely nailed it! 100% recommend checking it out! I’m just in love with this cover!

· I SEE THE LIGHT from TANGLED w/ Peter Hollens – I talked about Peter’s version earlier but this version uses instruments! So, if acapella isn’t your thing or you’d just like to hear a version with instruments, definitely check this one out! It’s a beautifully made video and I just absolutely love this video!

· A DREAM IS A WISH YOUR HEART MAKES from CINDERELLA – For as long as I can remember, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” has been a favorite song of mine! I highly recommend listening to this cover—it’s so beautiful! Also, this video is just so cute! Love it!

· LET IT GO from FROZEN – When I first saw FROZEN I thought, “Man, Evynne Hollens would absolutely nail this song!” And well… I was right. She does an amazing, amazing job with this song! Definitely check it out!

· ALMOST THERE from THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG – It’s no secret that I absolutely love this song and Evynne did an amazing cover of it! This video is also just amazing! I love, love, love it! Highly recommend checking it out!

· DEFYING GRAVITY from WICKED – I was so happy when I found this cover! It’s phenomenal and I loved, loved, loved the video! Really, Evynne would make an amazing Elphaba!

· THAT’S HOW YOU KNOW from ENCHANTED – This cover reminded me of how much I loved this movie! Also, the video’s just really cute and fun to watch! Love, love, love it!

· FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER from FROZEN w/ Melinda Kathleen Reese – I was super excited when I first saw this video! “For the First Time in Forever” is one of my favorite songs from FROZEN, so I couldn’t resist putting it on this list! I get chills every time I listen to this! 100% recommend checking it out!


So, that’s it for me! What are some of your favorite covers of musical theatre songs? Did you discover some from this list? Tschüss!


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Covers and / or Medleys of Songs from Musical Theatre?

  1. Have you listened to Jackie Evancho? She’s sung several songs from The Phantom of the Opera, like All I Ask of You, Think of Me, Music of the Night, Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again, etc. Her voice is really pretty! ❤


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