Why I Love CATS (the Musical)

Hallo, leute! In honor of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s birthday, I thought that I would make a post about why I love CATS! A lot of people view CATS as a musical that should be a complete and utter flop—a musical that absolutely doesn’t deserve all of the success it’s had. A musical that people are “weird” for liking. But… I disagree. CATS is actually one of my favorite musicals—it’s easily in my top 10 and it might even be in my top 5. While I will admit that it is a flawed musical, I think that it is a musical that people don’t give nearly as good a chance as they ought to. So, today, I’m going to talk about all of the things that I love about this wonderful musical!


I think that most people, whether they love or hate CATS, will agree that the production value of CATS is amazing. The choreography is phenomenal and just watching all of the dances is a lot of fun. Dance and choreography-wise, CATS is probably my favorite musical. It’s just so spectacular and man… I just love it. I think that the choreography of CATS really does bring the atmosphere of the junkyard to life and the actors always do a really good job with the choreography!


The costumes are also key to the production value. And I’ll admit that the first time I heard about CATS, the costumes were the part of the musical that I was most worried about. I was worried that the costumes would be weird and just kind of lame. But man, was I wrong! These costumes are phenomenal and so is the makeup! All of it together just really brings the characters to life! Also, one thing I really love about the costumes is that they’re very helpful in drawing family ties between the characters for us diehard fans!


CATS is a musical that depends largely on its characters to pull the story along. And it makes sense. After all, the musical is made up of a lot of poems from a book by T.S. Eliot. But the main focus of CATS is definitely on the characters. And it works. Why? Because the characters are awesome and all in all, a lot of fun! I can’t think of any character whom I don’t particularly like and they’re all so unique in their own ways!

But… my favorite is definitely Munkustrap. Munkustrap doesn’t get a song all about him but he’s, in my opinion, the cat with the most personality. Or maybe that’s just the strength of Michael Gruber’s performance making me think that? I don’t know. But whatever it is, I just really, really love Munku.


I love all of the songs from CATS. No joke. I could listen to this CD all day and all night. There’s just something so fun about the musical of CATS that I just love. And besides, there are a lot of famous songs in CATS and just a lot of fun ones too. Grizabella’s “Memory” and “Memory Reprise” have become world famous. And although “Memory” is an amazingly beautiful song, there are so many songs in CATS that are just so amazing and fun. Every song tells a story and I just absolutely love that about them!


The fan community of CATS is one of the most beautifully friendly, kind fan communities I’ve ever come across. While I love fan communities of LES MIZ, PHANTOM, etc., a lot of times, when one has a differing opinion about love triangles and such, other fans can be quite mean at times (at least in my experience). And I haven’t really met with any of that in the CATS fandom.


And so, those are just some of the many reasons I love CATS! What is your opinion of CATS (please, please, please be civil but feel free to share!)? Tschüss!


6 thoughts on “Why I Love CATS (the Musical)

  1. I do love the song “Memory” from Cats and have loved that song for a long time. For the longest time ever, I didn’t why I was familiar with that song. I have no recollection of seeing Cats. While Cats has virtually no plot, there is a reason why it is the success that it is


    1. Yeah, the plot of cats really lies in the stories of the characters, I think! It’s kinda fun for me to speculate about which cats are related to each other and to see how they interact, etc. But I would have to agree, “Memory” is an absolutely phenomenal song–probably one of my favorites ever


      1. It is my favorite song from the musical. I also love the opening song and Mr. Mistoffles. I honestly don’t know the cats are related. I am thinking about owning more than the three songs I already have, but still don’t know where my opinion lies in Cats


      2. For a long time, I avoided rewatching Cats, but the moment I did, I was hooked and I’m not 100% sure why. There are some really fun songs in the musical, definitely! But as for family relations and stuff, a lot of people like to look at the colorations and markings on the cats, as well as interactions to draw familial ties. For example, a lot of people think that Munkustrap is the son of Old Deuteronomy and maybe Grizabella


      3. I did see the stage show in elementary school. I only just revisited it through that film of the stage show. It was like watching it for the first time. “Memory” will always be special since I loved it for so long, but cannot believe I forgot how in the world I knew that song in the first place


      4. Yeah, I revisited it through the filmed version as well. But I definitely want to see the revivial production on Broadway!
        Y’know, it’s kind of interesting that you say that you forgot where you knew “Memory” from because my dad also seemingly forgot. I’m usually in charge of music when we go on roadtrips so I brought an ALW collection as one of my CD choices and when “Memory” came on, my dad asked me what musical it wad from.


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