Musical Theatre Tag!

Hallo, leute! As a person who spends way too much time watching YouTube videos, I spend a lot of time watching Booktube videos especially! And recently, there’s been a tag going around Booktube called the “Not a Booktube Newbie” tag and I’ve got a regional competition today so I thought that I’d do something simple and make a similar sort of tag… but for musical theatre! Los geht’s!

1. How long have you been a fan of musical theatre?

· It’s been a while! I’d say that I’ve been a musical fan for 10 years—maybe more—depending on how you look at it!

2. What are your favorite musicals (top 5)?

· At the moment, my top five are: LES MIZ, ELISABETH, WICKED, CATS, and SCHIKANEDER!

3. What three musicals would you recommend to someone just starting to dip their feet into the musical theatre waters?

· To people who are just starting to get into musical theatre, I always like to recommend THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, WICKED, and OLIVER!. I feel like they’re really good musicals to really introduce someone to musical theatre!

4. Which musical(s) emotionally effect(s) you the most?

· LES MISÉRABLES is one of those that hits me hard, for sure. ELISABETH would also fit under this category. I think that I’d also put SCROOGE on this list as well. All of these musicals move me to tears in some way, and not just because of sad moments but also because of the high levels of hope and inspiration that are there as well.

5. What is a favorite musical that you’ve watched / listened to purely due to someone else’s recommendation?

· JEKYLL & HYDE, LESTAT, and A TALE OF TWO CITIES are three musicals that were recommended to my by a friend and I just fell in love with them!

6. Overall, what is your favorite aspect about musical theatre?

· The songs, the dance, and the overall spectacle of musicals. I think it’s pretty ironic that people think that musicals are all happy and sunshine and rainbows… but that’s not the case. In fact, the songs are portals for showing emotion whether those be happy or sad!

7. What musical(s) would you like to give a shoutout / recommendation?



This was a really fun thing for me to do! What are your answers to the questions? Tschüss!


12 thoughts on “Musical Theatre Tag!

  1. This looks like a wonderful musical tag.

    1. Like you, depends on how you look like it. It would be reasonable to say elementary school. But the love wasn’t sparked until 2006 because Wicked was the first show I saw on Broadway

    2. I cannot think of my top 5 musicals. But Wicked and Les Mis are in that both. My top 5 would technically be 6 musicals due to Wicked and Les Mis both at the top

    3. Wicked for sure. Honestly it depends on what age you are first exposed to musicals. But I would start with a musical that has everything a musical can do. Meaning spectacle, dance, song, positive and negative emotions in the score

    4. Les Mis by far emotionally affects me the most. Still cannot explain the impact the musical gives me. It makes you feel a massive load of emotions and knows how to make you truly feel for them. It is spirituality inspirational but at the same time quite heartbreaking

    5. N/A. Honestly have no clue

    6. Everything to be honest. Everything about a musical is special. The dance, the spectacle, the comic and tragic moments, the positive and negative emotions, the varied amount of characters and plots. Just everything to be honest

    7. It does depend on who you are giving a recommendation to such as how old the person is at the time. I do recommend Les Mis all the time especially when someone says they will never watch it just because of what the title means. It just depends on the person to be honest


    1. Love all of the answers! What you said for #7 is very true, actually! The age of the person definitely does sway a lot! There’s a lot of musicals that I love now that I probably wouldn’t have liked when I was younger–Les Miz definitely being one of those


      1. I feel like you can start exposing children to Les Mis when they are young teenager, but mature enough. I would recommend Les Mis the most to those living in high school and older.


      2. Yeah. And in general, I think it depends on the person as well. Some people will take it better at a younger age than others, I think! But I agree–for the most part, I’d recommend Les Miz mostly to people in high school and up!


      3. Definitely. My brother’s seen the movie version of Les Miz several times and he’s 10. He likes Les Miz but doesn’t really love, love, love it. But I think that his love for it will grow as he grows older too


      4. My journey started in 2012, but my true journey if you think about it started in 2013 when I gave the movie a second chance. My love for it has grown over the years as well. I still feel like I still can discover more things about it even though I already know a lot already


      5. I have no idea what new things I can learn from it, but can tell there is still room for development. It could easily be something like a new character’s emotion or a new personality trait


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