Musical Theatre w/ My Family! | Characters We Relate To?

Guten Morgen, leute! So, it’s time for (yet another) “Musical Theatre w/ My Family” post! And I really had to strain to think of a topic for this week. But I figured that, since last week, we talked about what makes a good musical character, I’d ask my family about what musical characters they relate to! This probably is a post that’ll be more interesting for me to write than for y’all to read, but who knows? Maybe you’ll learn something about my family members and myself! Los geht’s!

MOM (46 yrs.)

“What musical character do I relate to? That’s tough. Hm. Well, I guess that I can relate a little to Rusty [STARLIGHT EXPRESS] and maybe a little bit to Raoul [PHANTOM]. Why? Hmm. Well, Rusty because he works through a lot and oftentimes gets told that he can’t do certain things and I feel like that’s happened with me quite a bit. And then with Raoul, there’s just something about him that I can’t quite pinpoint that I see as relatable.”

So, I wasn’t really surprised by my mom’s choice of Rusty. But Raoul was one that I 100% did not see coming. At all. But I guess that I can see it… kinda? I don’t know. There’s definitely a stronger connection to Rusty than there is to Raoul, I think. But who knows?

DAD (44 yrs.)

“That’s a weird question to ask… well… maybe not. I don’t know what I’m saying. I don’t know if there’s any character in particular that I relate to. Hmm. Let me think about it. Maybe I’m like Bert from MARY POPPINS! Hey, why are you shaking your head and laughing? It’s a good answer…”

Hi, Dad (if you’re reading this, which you’re probably not…)! I wasn’t laughing… not really. It’s just… that the similarities are so evident that I don’t know why I didn’t see it coming. And really, the similarities are pretty amazing.


Unlike my dad, I have a lot of trouble narrowing down my list! Let’s see… there’s Sisi from ELISABETH at the forefront. Then, there’s Munkustrap from CATS. Yes, I relate to a cat… it’s not that weird. I also relate to Raoul from PHANTOM and Marius from LES MIZ. I relate a little to Dinah from STARLIGHT EXPRESS. Hmm… who else is there? Belle from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Megara from HERCULES. And one more… let’s go with Elphaba from WICKED.

So, let’s do some explaining! (If you can’t tell, I’m in love with explaining things…) First up, Sisi. Sisi’s ambitious like I am. But… she’s a little more ambitious than me. At the same time, though, she’s softhearted and yet stands up for what she believes. She’s tough and she’s not willing to sacrifice her own principles for the sake of love, etc. Next up, Munkustrap. Munku’s a storyteller and I relate to that aspect a lot. But I also understand his protective sort of role as well as I feel that, as the eldest, I’m kind of the protector of my siblings in some ways. Next, Marius and Raoul. I’m a bit dorky and I feel like both Raoul and Marius can be a tad bit dorky as well. Oh, and I’m a hopeless romantic… like them. Then, there’s Dinah. Dinah’s a tough girl who gets up immediately when someone knocks her down and just walks it off. And I can relate to that! Next, Belle. I’m a bookworm! Need I say more? Megara? Well… I’m (a bit) sarcastic and I can just overall relate to her. Elphie? I’m ambitious like she is, but caring as well!

MY SISTER (13 yrs.)

“Well I know what you would say. But me? I think that I would go with Fiyero from WICKED and Pearl from STARLIGHT EXPRESS. Ooh… and Christine from PHANTOM. Yeah, might as well put her on the list too.”

I know what I would have said for my sister as well. And I’m pretty sure most people in my family would agree with me. But… my sister just thinks that I’m being weird when I bring it up so…. Anyways, she picked Fiyero, Pearl, and Christine. Fiyero, I can definitely see. They’re both pretty spunky and fun-loving. Pearl… well… I can kinda see that one as well. Overall, I’d say that they’re kinda similar in a lot of ways and the things they experience can be quite similar as well. Then, Christine? Well… that’s where I’m kinda not getting it. But… if my sister says so, she must have a good reason, I’m assuming…

MY BROTHER (11 yrs.)

“Cosmo from SINGING IN THE RAIN, I think. That’s his name, right? Hmm… Michael Banks from MARY POPPINS. And… I think I’ll go with Bert from MARY POPPINS.”

What I find immensely funny here is that this is the first time I’m really realizing how similar my dad and my brother are personality-wise. I mean… all of the choices here could just as easily have fit with my dad and vice-versa. But I mean… I can see all of these fitting my brother pretty well, actually! Never really saw the connection to Cosmo until he pointed it out though!


And that’s it for me! I hope that this was interesting! What musical characters do you relate to and why? Danke schön und tschüss!


24 thoughts on “Musical Theatre w/ My Family! | Characters We Relate To?

  1. Automatically Elphaba: Like her, I am smart, determined, talkative, big-hearted, different, and even I sometimes feel misunderstood and I also believe in equality and staying true to myself. All of up what I said is why she is my favorite musical character. Elphaba probably was the biggest reason why Wicked became meaningful in the first place.

    I do have Annie’s optimism, which is probably why it was my favorite musical in elementary school.

    It is hard to think of other characters that I relate to


    1. Yeah, it can be kinda tough! Sometimes I think it’s easier for me to think of what musical characters remind me of other people. (It’s a kinda weird passtime of mine…) But it’s amazing what other people have said when I ask them what musical characters I remind them of!


      1. But when it comes to characters I don’t relate to, I always am questioning where my emotional connection comes from.

        Elphaba being the character I relate to the most says a lot about the importance of Wicked. Elphaba is a huge reason why Wicked is still at the top and why Les Mis can’t top it. Thats a huge reason why the two are tied


      2. That makes sense. I can relate to some aspects of certain characters of Les Miz. It’s mostly through personality as I can’t even come close to saying I can relate to their experiences. But personality wise, I can relate to a few


      3. I still cannot think of a character from Les Mis that I relate to. But all I can think of is Valjean’s spirituality. But still, cannot relate to any of them.

        I don’t relate to everything about Elphaba for instance. I have never been an outcast in my home and have never struggled to make friend. And don’t even relate to the love triangle either. But overall, I do relate to her


      4. My piano teacher did tell me once that I have the bravery that Eponine has and I don’t believe her.

        I feel like of all Les Mis characters, if I had to pick a character I relate to, I might have to say Valjean because of my strong spirituality and my strive for wanting to continue to grow and become a better person


      5. The biggest reason why I am more drawn to the more complex characters is that it is more fun to discover them than a simple character. A simple character: there is just not much to explore. But a complex character is more fascinating to explore because there is just so much more and they have to deal with more conflict and those characters are more likely to express negative emotions in their songs and even feel more real


      6. You always think you know a complex character, but than you find something completely.

        Last time I saw Wicked, finally got something out of “No Good Deed” and finally was able to pick up on its emotions of anger and frustration and never saw that in Elphaba before. And in “I’m Not That Girl” because I knew it was heartbreaking, I was able to see more in that song and even Elphaba herself. Than the scene before that Fiyero said something like “do you ever let anyone else talk” and I realized she is talkative and never saw that because I tend to not remember spoken lines. Now in Wicked I am starting to remember spoken moments. I thought I finally saw all the complexity of Elphaba, but I guess I was wrong about that.

        In the West End two years ago, I found a new emotion in Eponine and it was an emotion that at first, I didn’t know if it belonged to Eponine or not, but I realized that it actually does. In “On My Own”, anger was expressed at moments.

        For Javert I finally learned to care a bit for him and cared more about his fate for once. I finally could feel his inner struggle during his suicide scene.

        Those are a few examples of complex characters where I found something from these characters that I never saw possible


      7. Definitely! Each time I watch a musical (especially if it’s with actors I’ve never seen before), I tend to get something new out of those characters! I think that really shows how complex some characters can be!


      8. Whenever I see a musical, I never seem to see an actor I have seen before again. I feel like each cast will always bring something new to the table. It can be hard to explain just how complex certain characters are. Some might seem simple at first, but over time you realize that they are complex characters


      9. Even simple characters can gain a new complexity, but they will always be simple. Whenever I see something in a character I have never seen before, then I know the actor made the role their own. How can you see the same protrayl if all actors are different?


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