Things That I Like That are Not Musicals?

Guten Morgen, leute! Wie geht’s? Yesterday, @mphadventuregirl wrote a blog post entitled “Things That I Like That are Not Musicals” and I thought that it was a really good idea! I’ve realized that people probably think of me as “the girl who’s obsessed with musicals”… which I am! But there’s also more to me than that! So I thought I’d give you ten things besides musicals that I love. So, los geht’s?

1. Writing! Writing has been a really, really big part of my life ever since I can remember. I’ve always wanted to be a writer and I’ve already got a few novels down on paper. All I need to do is look for a publishing deal or publish them on my own! And I fully intend to do it!

2. Reading! I absolutely adore reading. Reading has always been one of my favorite pass times. I love reading all sorts of books but my favorites are classics, historical fiction, and just plain old fantasy!

3. Learning German! Learning German is just one of the most important parts of my life… to me, at least. People always ask me why I want to learn German so much. And really, that’s got a lot to do with my love for my culture as well as my general love for the language!

4. My hometown, Seattle! Sure, I want to get away from Seattle, that’s true… at least for a few years. But… I do love this city. It’s a beautiful city that’ll always be home to me, no matter how I look at it. From people running around in the rain sans umbrellas and raincoats to the Seattle Mariners (who will have a winning season one of these days), I just love and adore this city.

5. Board games! I love, love, love board games. Or well… I like games in general. Card games, board games, anything! Some of my favorites are Seven Wonders, Guillotine (don’t worry, it’s just a card game!), Ticket to Ride, and Dixit!

6. History! I absolutely adore history. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always loved the story aspect of history. Oh, and I just love learning about things that have passed. I know, that’s weird but I think it’s a lot of fun and super interesting!

7. Quirky T-Shirts! Yep, quirky t-shirts are so my thing. I love, love, love any weird t-shirt I find. Seriously. My current favorite? A shirt that says “Gone Squatchin’!” Yep. I’m weird. But hey… I’m a good North westerner!

8. Dinosaurs! Ever since I was about two years old, dinosaurs have been a point of interest of mine. There’s just something about them that I find so very, very interesting and I love learning about them.

9. Dressing up in costumes! I absolutely love dressing up in costumes! Here’s a picture of when I dressed up as Enjolras last year! But, overall, I absolutely love costumes. Any opportunity I get, I’ll dress up in a costume.

10. Baseball! It’s almost baseball season again, guys! And I’m so, so excited about it! The Mariners are going to have a good season, I can just feel it. And sure, I say that every year. And sure, it’s been sixteen years since our last winning season. But we’re going to do great this year. I can feel it in my bones.


And that’s all for me today! Hope that this was interesting! Thanks again to @mphadventuregirl for letting me steal her idea! Tschüss!


8 thoughts on “Things That I Like That are Not Musicals?

  1. I saw this list and I realized that there are some things from my list yesterday that I forgot to include. I do love writing and always have since I was a kid and I remember always telling my parents stories and at one point, they asked that I should write them so I want to write books as well.

    As a kid, I have always been fascinated by dinosaurs as well. I enjoyed collecting statues of them and loved the Land Before Time series.

    When I saw you enjoy learning German, I realized that I enjoy learning Spanish


    1. Writing books is a ton of fun! I’ve only gotten two done–working on my third this April!
      I also collected those little model things and loved watching Land Before Time! I still have one of my dinosaur models which I named Tiny Tiny! In fact, the other day, I saw that Land Before Time was on TV and I watched it with some of my younger cousins!
      Learning languages is a whole lot of fun! Absolutely love it!


      1. I hope to write some books. One series idea is about a group of fairy frogs: they are artist, very clever and smart and extremely compassionate. Their wings are clear with a golden colored lining of the wings.

        Another series is about a group of 12 orphans who get put on a Scavenger Hunt TV show and it happens in New York. Some of the series is based off of my experiences in New York City.

        I think its cute that you named one of your dinosaur models Tiny Tim. A Christmas Carol was my first exposure to the classics.


      2. Those sound like some really awesome ideas! For me, the hardest part of writing my books is the actual finding of the time to get the words down!
        A Christmas Carol was also one of my first classics as well! It’s still one of my favorites!


      3. My wild imagination has the imagination for Children’s books.

        Sometimes I feel like A Christmas Carol was what got me interested in the Classics in the first place. But once Les Mis entered, I found myself wanting to actually read them. Due to Les Mis, my dad recommended a Tale of Two Cities to me. Because I loved that Dickens book, he recommended Great Expectations to me. Due to a school project where I choose to research Don Quixote, I decided to read the book due to my fascination with its tragicomic nature. I don’t know what fully got me interested in reading Oliver Twist over this summer


      4. That’s awesome! I really want to write a children’s book one day! All of my books thus far have been young adult historical fiction novels.
        A Christmas Carol was the first classic I read besides Little Women. I think that it was A Christmas Carol that really got me interested in classics but Little Women that really made me fall in love with them! One of my first theatre moments was actually when I saw the musical version of A Christmas Carol in Seattle!


      5. I love how in between semesters I read the classics. It is the only time I can read them due to school. Trying to finish them in a limited amount of time gives me the right amount of motivation to read them. Of the classics I read, I know why l loved Les Misérables and Don Quixote but don’t know why I liked Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations. It can be annoying to not know why you liked a book


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