Dear ______, |Letters to (Some of) My Favorite Musical Characters

Guten Morgen, leute!
As y’all probably know, it’s April Fool’s Day! So… by definition, it’s one of my favorite and least favorite days of the year. Oh, and yesterday, I dressed up as a Newsie for a celebration of the late 1800’s to early 1900’s at my school! Here’s a picture:

But for today, I’m going to be doing a weird little post for April Fool’s Day and I’m going to write letters to do five of my favorite characters from musicals! Yeah, I know it’s not quite an April Fool’s Day thing but I thought that it’d be hard to do a prank or something online so I thought that I’d just do a kind of fun post for today! Anyways, the characters that I’m going to be writing to are Sisi (from ELISABETH), Raoul (from PHANTOM), Sydney Carton (from A TALE OF TWO CITIES), Fiyero (from WICKED), and Éponine (from LES MISÉRABLES).


Dear Sisi,

First and foremost, I feel like I really, really need to thank you for changing my life in so many aspects. You’re amazing.

Of all the things that you’ve taught me, though, I think that the most important is that I’ve got to stay true to myself. And that’s not always easy. Especially when people are constantly trying to hold you back. And I don’t know if saying this is completely weird, but… “Ich möchte mal so sein wie du.” [I want to be just like you.] Seriously. And you might think that that’s completely contrary to what I’ve just said about staying true to myself. But I think that what I mean is that I want to be able to have your courage to always be myself and to stand up for myself like you.

But you’ve been inspiring to me in so many ways. Not just in the fact that you’re strong-willed but also in the fact that I can see a lot of myself in you. Except you’re stronger than me, I think. You’re braver. But we’re also really, really different at the same time. I want to have a book published. You wanted to join the circus. You wanted to fly. I want to see my book in stores. And I’m almost there, Sisi! I’m almost there!

And… I might never truly know who you were… I might be “searching in vain for the meaning of your life” but I think that I understand something about the both of us:

Wir gehören nur uns.



Dear Raoul,

Hey, there! So… where should I start? Well, first, I want to apologize for once not giving you a fair chance. I’ve since changed though. You’re now my favorite character—yes, favorite—from PHANTOM.

There’s so much that I want to say and yet, I don’t even really know what those things are. So… let’s start over, shall we? Hi.

Man… I’m blanking. Really, really blanking.

Oh! Hahaha. How could I forget? This is going to sound completely weird but I’m just realizing that one of my characters in my book called Stolen Score reminds me of you quite a bit—his name is Allen. And believe me, he’s a sweetheart. A real sweetheart just like you. (He’ll never admit it though.)

So sorry I couldn’t think about what to say! I’m just… blanking. Sorry!



Dear Sydney,


So, I can honestly, honestly say that you have singlehandedly changed the way I view characters. And well… that’s ridiculous, I know. But I think that you’ve revolutionized the whole hero thing. (Was that joke utterly horrible? Probably…) Seriously, in YA these days, there’s a whole bunch of main leads that are practically just like you! You’d never believe it, Sydney. I know you wouldn’t. In fact, you’d probably be embarrassed. But people love those characters. Seriously. But you know, before you, this sort of character was practically unheard of.

So… everyone loves you. Believe me.

But… Sydney. Before I end this letter, I have to tell you this: you are a good guy. Seriously. You don’t see it but you are. And I think it’s a downright shame that no one tells you that quite enough. Don’t let Stryver keep walking all over you like a rug. You can do better than that!

But, for now, I’ll just go ahead and say that you’re one of my favorite characters in the world. I’m tearing up just thinking about you.

So… I guess I have to tie this up now but… Sydney, thanks. Thanks a lot.



Dear Fiyero,

So… I’m just going to say it.

I didn’t like you at first. I mean… you were throwing books across a stage. You have no idea how badly that pained me as a seven year-old. Seriously.

But… you came around. You changed. And I grew to be able to like you. But that doesn’t mean that you still don’t confuse me. Because you do. A lot. And maybe that’s my own fault. Maybe it’s my fault for not being able to set you apart from well… different versions of you. Or maybe it’s just that you’re confusing. I have a feeling that you’d prefer to be really confusing.

And that’s okay too.

There are so many questions that I want to ask you. But… even though I’ve got a crazy, crazy imagination, I’m not really expecting a response from you. (Unfortunate though that is.) So… I’ll keep the questions to myself until I can find a way to find you.

Anyways… thanks for showing me that I can like a little bit more frivolous characters too! And… please, please, please don’t throw any more books! (Just a personal request from me!)



Dear Éponine,

Well… there’s a lot that I want to say to you and well… not quite enough time, I think.

Let’s start with this: you were one of the reasons I came back to give Les Miz another chance. I was so intrigued with your storyline that I thought “I must be missing something here. I’ve got to watch it again.” And then, that second time sometime in the middle of “A Little Fall of Rain”, I realized “Hey… I think I really like this musical.”

Éponine, in a lot of ways, you remind me of Sydney. And a lot of the things that I want to say to you are very similar to what I said to Sydney. But I’ll say them again anyways.

You’ve practically revolutionized (again, a horrible joke, I know) what people view as a hero/heroine. Before LES MIZ, people rarely would have seen characters like you and Sydney as good options for heroes. I mean, Sydney hates himself and when we first meet him, is usually drunk. You had a horrible upbringing and relied on stealing as a way of surviving. And yet, both of you are good. Sydney was able to sacrifice his happiness for the sake of Lucie’s. You were able to sacrifice your happiness for Marius’s happiness. Sydney laid down his life to save Charles Darnay so that Lucie might keep her husband by her side. You laid down your life for Marius.

Éponine, you’re one of the greatest characters I’ve ever come across, ever. And you’re inspiring. Super duper inspiring. And I mean that. I seriously mean that.



And that’s it for me! This was fun for me to do! What would you say to your favorite characters? Vielen dank und tschüss!


5 thoughts on “Dear ______, |Letters to (Some of) My Favorite Musical Characters

  1. Hmmm. Let’s see. On my blog, I did write letters to Eponine, Elphaba, and a letter to all the Rent characters on one list. I probably would say to all of my favorite characters that I am glad that they have become a part of my life.

    I would say to Elphaba that she is such a role model to me and that I relate to her so much. I would say that I admire her strength and courage. Without her, I don’t know if I would have become a musical fanatic all. After all, if that musical love wasn’t sparked early on, I don’t think even Les Mis would have entered my life. I would even say to Elphaba that I love her relationships with Fiyero and Glinda. I feel like if I could write a letter to Fiyero, I would have to ask him some questions regarding the love triangle and me trying to understand why I love him as character (which I still don’t have a reason)

    I would say to Eponine that I do have a special love for her. I would say I love that she is loving despite her upbringing. I would say that I love how despite the love being unrequited, I would say I admire what she does for Marius.

    I feel like I might now have to write letters to other musical characters sometime on my blog. I would write letters to characters I have not written letters to yet


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