Musicals I Wish Had a Longer Broadway Run

Guten Morgen, leute!
So, first and foremost, I think that I should let y’all know that I will probably not post on Monday (tomorrow) and perhaps not on Tuesday either as I will (likely) not have access to my laptop and I don’t have the energy to type up a post on my phone. However, if I can, I will most certainly try to write posts!
Anyways, I think that, for now, I’m done with my translation / analysis posts! For today, my post is going to be about musicals that I wish had had a longer run on Broadway! Los geht’s!

– This musical was beautiful and I wish that I could have seen it! So glad that there’s a DVD of the concert performance with most of the original cast! However, I do wish that it had continued to run for longer! The music is gorgeous and overall, this is one of the most beautiful musical I’ve ever seen. I hope it gets a revival sometime soon!

– I first found out about PIPPIN about halfway through its Broadway (revival) run and well, I fell in love with it immediately. PIPPIN is a musical that holds a lot of memories for me and it’s such a stunning musical. The revival was amazing with all of those circus elements and I wish that it were still running! It’s really an amazing musical!

– As I recall, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST had a pretty long Broadway run but no matter how long it had, it will always be one of those musicals that I wish had a longer run… because it’s that good. It’s a musical that I never, ever get tired of watching live and unfortunately, I’ve never been able to see it on Broadway. However, tours and countless high school productions have made it possible for me to watch this musical over five times live. But oh, to be able to see it on Broadway! People always tell me “Why? You have the movie…” but they just don’t get it. Definitely wish it had a longer Broadway run! And, hopefully with the success of the new movie, they’ll revive it?

– This is the sort of musical that I’m just in awe of. I mean, I love musicals in general, but SONG AND DANCE has me completely stunned just reading about it. It’s a two-person show and man, I wish I could have seen this live but unfortunately, SONG AND DANCE came and went before my time. A musical that tells half of a story completely through song and half completely through dance is the sort of thing that I will always believe should have had a longer run! But, I don’t make the rules…

– Sure, JEKYLL & HYDE was flawed musical in terms of sets, costumes, and wigs. And yes, they didn’t always cast the best actors and actresses. But JEKYLL & HYDE captures Robert Louis Stevenson’s story really, really well. So well that it never ceases to amaze me. Just listening to the music one can practically see Hyde before their eyes. And really, JEKYLL & HYDE has some of the best music that I have ever heard in my life. If you’re looking for an epic, haunting musical, JEKYLL & HYDE will be a good friend. And while it had a decent run, I feel like if someone had just allowed for a cast change and a bit of redesigning, the musical could have run for a lot longer.

Honorable Mention:

– So, with STARLIGHT, I didn’t want to give it an official place on this list because well… the sets and costumes for the Broadway production weren’t very good. I mean, for what they were able to do at the Gershwin Theatre, I guess that the sets were pretty good. But… they just don’t compare to the sets in Bochum, Germany (to be fair, that’s a really hard standard to beat). Why do I wish that STARLIGHT had a longer Broadway run then? Because it’s an awesome show that I wish more people had gotten to see and I really wish that more people knew about it. People like to make fun of STARLIGHT but I think it’s one of those musicals that you really have to see to appreciate.


So, that’s it for me! Like I mentioned earlier, I will try my best to write posts for Monday and Tuesday but I can’t make any promises! Anyways, what musicals do you wish had a longer run? Vielen dank und tschüss!


6 thoughts on “Musicals I Wish Had a Longer Broadway Run

  1. Revivals don’t seem to last long on Broadway. I love Pippin so much especially due to the cicuta and love how the antagonist is the narrator. It honestly should have lasted much longer.

    There is nothing like the power of live theatre. I am hoping Beauty and the Beast is up and running again. i honestly want to see the stage show again. As a musical fanatic, I honestly prefer seeing a musical live over seeing the movie of the musical

    I feel like I need to visit Broadway again because it has been too long since I last saw a musical in New York.


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