“Blurbing” My Favorite Musicals??

Hallo, leute! So, I was watching some more BookTube yesterday (what’s new, right?) and came across Jesse (jessethereader)’s video called “Blurbing my Favorite Books”. For those of you unfamiliar with what “blurbing” is, pick up practically any book and if you see quotes from other authors/famous people praising the book, that’s called “blurbing”! So, I thought that I’d do that for my (top 5) favorite musicals! Musicals sometimes get blurbs on their billboards but I’ve never seen blurbs on cast recordings, etc.! Los geht’s!


“ELISABETH is a masterpiece of musical theatre. History meets metaphor and creates a story and character that the audience can relate to. It’s a story of love, trial, pain, and death. But overall, it is a story of being true to oneself. It’s a story of freedom.”


“Considered one of the greatest literary works of all-time, it is no wonder that Hugo’s masterpiece transfers beautifully to the stage. The characters and their stories will continue to make you think far after you leave the theatre.”


“You thought that you knew THE WIZARD OF OZ, did you? But what if the Wicked Witch wasn’t so… Wicked after all? WICKED is an artistic masterpiece. There is not one dull moment and it’s a touching story of friendship and doing what’s right.”


“TANZ DER VAMPIRE is a stunning contribution to musical theatre. Everything seemingly falls into place. Costumes are stunning, and characters are unforgettable. It’s a story that never stops giving.”


“’It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…’ A TALE OF TWO CITIES shows the best and worst of humanity during the trying time of the French Revolution. Sydney Carton, Lucie Manette, and Charles Darnay remain as they ever were and your eyes will not be dry when you leave the theatre.”


And that’s it for me! What would you write for a blurb on your favorite musicals? Vielen dank und tschüss!


4 thoughts on ““Blurbing” My Favorite Musicals??

      1. Definitely! It’s funny thinking about watching the show and the movie as a kid and not really seeing the emotional side of it. Now I cry every time I watch the show and the movie! I think Beauty and the Beast was one of my first favorite movies/musicals!


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