Top Ten Favorite Musical Theatre Villain Songs??

Guten Tag, alles! Wie geht’s?Today, I thought that I’d do my top ten favorite villain songs from musical theatre today! There are so many great ones so maybe I’ll do a follow-up post to this one sometime! Anyways, here’s my post for now! Los geht’s!

1. “Alive” from JEKYLL & HYDE – This song is just epic. It’s one of the first songs—the first, I think—that we hear from Hyde and man… it’s awesome. It’s frightening but exhilarating too. It’s one of the most amazing songs I’ve ever heard in my life and it definitely is a thrilling song. From the instrumentation to the singing, there’s not a dull moment with this song. My favorite version of the song is the version with Anthony Warlow as Jekyll and Hyde! He does a particularly great job with this song.

2. “Out of Sight Out of Mind” from A TALE OF TWO CITIES – Madame Defarge is one of those villainous types that you can sympathize with because of the fact that she is right. However, what makes her a villain is that she can’t let go of her hate and lets it drive her to extremes. This song is amazing and I absolutely adore it! Natalie Toro completely steals the show with this song and man, I never get tired of hearing her sing this… it’s such a great song!

3. “Stranger Than You Dreamt It” from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – “Stranger Than You Dreamt It” is a sort of… odd song. At this point in the story, we’re pretty sure that the Phantom is a bad guy but really, we haven’t seen him do anything beyond dropping the backdrop of the set on top of Carlotta. However, in this song, we really get to see the potential that his anger has and we kind of see how this is going to go. It’s also the point in which we first see Christine express fear of the Phantom, especially as she sees him as a man and not the angel she believed him to be.

4. “Der Letzte Tanz” [The Last Dance] from ELISABETH – This is the song in which we first see der Tod [Death] as being well… a bad guy. And throughout the musical, it’s kind of unclear as to whether or not der Tod is supposed to be a bad guy. I mean, can you call Death a bad guy? I don’t know. However, I feel like the determination he expresses to win Sisi over to his side really does show him to be a villainous sort. It’s only at certain times in the musical that I think one can see der Tod as a villain. And this is one of them.

5. “Totale Finsternis” [Total Darkness] from TANZ DER VAMPIRE – “Totale Finsternis” is unique in that it is a song in which the protagonist is singing alongside the villain and is slowly being won over to his side. It’s a really interesting dynamic and I really enjoy it. However, I feel like this song is very acting-heavy and relies on the act of watching to really see the villainous side play out.

6. “Die Schatten Werden Länger” [The Shadows Grow Longer] from ELISABETH – With this song, I’m talking about both the original song and the reprise that is sung in Act II. I feel like the reprise definitely has a more villainous vibe to it especially in the acting as der Tod drags Rudolf around aggressively. In the original song though, der Tod is almost, it seems, depending on the actor, remorseful about what he had to do in regards to Sophie, Sisi’s daughter and yet, he tells Sisi that this is the way things have to be.

7. “Wonderful” from WICKED – This is a kind of funny villain song. And really, I really like how the song paints the wizard as a cowardly man and really human. I think it’s really interesting to look at some of the things he says and really think about them. Some of the things he says are outrageous, and yet, some of the things he says are very, very true. It’s a highly cynical song and I really love that.

8. “Spread a Little Sunshine” from PIPPIN – If one were to just listen to this song on its own they might not realize that this is a villainous song. However, in context, it’s quite the villain song. It’s upbeat and fun but at the same time, it’s pretty sickening how it’s really a song about selfishness and looking out for oneself. Fastrada is somewhat a secondary villain but I think that this song is absolutely incredible.

9. “I Will Prevail” from WONDERLAND – Kate Shindle makes an incredible Mad Hatter. And, with the twist on the story of the Mad Hatter being a villain, she does an incredible job of bringing out that evil nature to him in this song. Seriously. This song is amazing. It’s fun, it’s upbeat, but oh, it definitely rings “villain” throughout!

10. “Macavity” from CATS – While this song is not sung by the villain, it is most certainly about the villain of the musical. It’s sung by Demeter and Bombalurina and man, it’s a really fun song from the musical. It was actually the song from CATS that I liked best as a kid!


Okay, that’s it for me! I think that tomorrow, I will be doing a post on my favorite lines sung by villains in musicals! What are your favorite villain songs from musicals? Danke schön und tschüss!


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Musical Theatre Villain Songs??

  1. Now this something I hardly think about. The antagonist/villain songs are kind of tricky in a way. They are the characters that can easily constantly be overlooked. I am going to have to say “Gaston” is a memorable villain song, which I was able to relearn that when I saw the live action version of Beauty and the Beast.

    Cannot believe I am constantly overlooking the Wizard’s role in Wicked all the time. I keep on forgetting about his villainous nature and yes he is the main antagonist. I feel like I should stop overlooking him. While for some odd reason, I never overlook the Thenardiers and they are even darker villains than the Wizard himself

    Oh, another catchy villain song is Master of the House and despite me hating the Thenardiers, I still love them because they provide the much-needed comic relief and play a role in Les Mis’ theme of humanity since they represent the worst of humanity.


      1. I feel like I keep on overlooking “Wonderful” is because I follow the plot through the friendship of Elphaba and Glinda. I hardly am exploring the whole discrimination side of Wicked and I think part of that has to do with how Wicked makes me feel like a 12 year old again


      2. I tend to listen to either “Wizard and I”, “What Is This Feeling”, “I’m Not That Girl”, “Dancing Through Life”, “Defying Gravity”, “As Long as Your’e Mine” and “For Good”. I just keep on overlooking any Wizard material and I even keep on overlooking Nessa, Boq, and Madame Morrible.

        I never overlook Elphaba, Fiyero, and Glinda. Those characters I love and have emotional connections to while the others I don’t have an emotional connection to. I prefer the love triangle and the friendship over everything else present in Wicked


      3. Part of why I don’t look at Wicked as a whole is because I am seeing to keep its 12 year old side of me alive. It still has that feeling and if it loses that feeling, the show will drop from being spectacular to amazing


      4. That is the case with me. I still see 12 year old me in the show. I interpret the emotions through the eyes of a college student, but interpret the plot through that 12 year inside of me.

        Because of that 12 year inside of me in Wicked, I still interpret the musical as a comedy. It still has that nature in it and doesn’t seem to go away. That 12 year in me is why I call Wicked one of the happy musicals


      5. If I didn’t first see it in New York with my mom as a 12 year old, Wicked wouldn’t have been able to grow the way it did. I don’t even have vivid memories of seeing Wicked on Broadway. But the impact clearly shows. Each time I have seen it, the vulnerability level increases


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