My Favorite Musical Theatre Characters?

Hallo, Leute!For today, I thought that I’d do a little post on some of my favorite characters from musical theatre! I am a person who truly believes that one of the biggest driving factors of a story are characters and when a character is well-written, the story can become so much better! So, los geht’s!


Sisi, more commonly known as Elisabeth, Empress of Austria, is one of the characters that I strongly relate to. Her strong want to be free, her strong sense of individuality, her dreams for the future, all make her very easy to relate to. While it’s undeniable that Sisi isn’t the most saintly character, I think that that really speaks to how human she is. She falls into despair sometimes, she makes bad decisions. But through it all, she somehow manages to find herself. Overall, Sisi is a character that I can relate to.

Munkustrap (CATS)

There are so many great characters in CATS, but I think that, of all of them, Munkustrap is my favorite character. Like Sisi, he’s a character that I can relate to. In the tribe, he’s the storyteller, he’s the protector. It’s really easy to like Munkustrap. He’s always doing what’s right, and while he can sometimes be stern, he does know how to let loose and have a good time. It’s also clear that he has hobbies and a strong sense of responsibility. I absolutely adore his character.


In my opinion, Raoul is a much-maligned character by no real fault of his own. For the most part, I think that it is highly unfair that so many people hate him so much. Overall, he’s a really sweet guy who does what he can to fix things and make people happy. Throughout the story, it would have been completely reasonable for Raoul to forsake his post at the Opera House and to leave Christine to deal with her problems on her own, but he stands by and sticks around until the end.


One of my favorite characters of all-time is Éponine. She’s one of those characters whose strength never ceases to impress me. I think that it was Éponine’s character and story that really intrigued me about LES MIZ the first time and made me want to revisit it again and give it a second chance. Reading the book by Victor Hugo only made me love her character even more. Overall, she’s just an exceptional character with so much bravery, so much strength.


The first character that I truly remember loving and connecting to was Belle. When I first saw the movie when I was little kid, I remember falling in love with her character. As a kid, I’d always loved reading and something about finding a character who loved reading as much as I did was absolutely amazing. Seeing the stage show only increased my love for her character, her songs like “Home” and “A Change in Me” really struck a chord with me. Belle’s one of those characters who I view as a personal role model and I am so grateful that I grew up with the musical.

Sydney Carton (A TALE OF TWO CITIES)

For the most part, Sydney Carton isn’t the sort of character that I usually find myself liking. However, something about Sydney is impossible for me not to love. Ever since I first read the book, I’d loved his character. The musical version only made me love him even more. He’s one of those characters who suffers through so much and yet remains strong somehow. As much as I wish that Sydney knew that he isn’t the worthless person that he always seems to think that he is, I admire his selflessness.

Elphaba (WICKED)

Since about the time I was in middle school, Elphaba has been a character that I can relate to. In so many ways, I think that she’s a character that most people can relate to in some way. Everyone feels a little out of place sometimes and I think that Elphie brings that to life. One of my favorite things about Elphaba is her staying true to herself. She suffers through so much but she always is herself and she always does what she knows to be right.


And that’s it for me! Who are some of your favorite musical characters? Vielen Dank und tschüss!


11 thoughts on “My Favorite Musical Theatre Characters?

  1. There are many many wonderful musical characters. But here are some of my favorite musical characters.

    Elphaba is on the top of that list and no character has managed to top her. Every since middle school, I related to her so much. I am smart, determined, talkative, big-hearted, and like her believe in equality and staying true to myself. I also know whats its like to be different. I admire her strength and courage. Elphaba was one of the biggest reasons why Wicked has become one of the most meaningful musicals of my life.

    Eponine is one of my favorite characters from Les Mis, but to be honest, it could apply to a good chunk of character. I love Eponine’s bravery and strength and love how she shows true love towards Marius. One intriguing thing about her is how she raises above her upbringing and is not quite as dark and evil as her parents.

    Belle is one of my favorite musical characters that I recently learned to fall in love again. I did forget that I loved Belle once upon a time. When I saw B & B recently, I fall in love with her like it was the beginning. Like the other two characters I already wrote about, she is also brave. I admire the fact that to save her father, she agreed to take her father’s place. She learned that is much more to someone on the inside than someone on the outside.

    Annie is one of my favorite characters as well. I think I loved her so much as a kid was due to her optimism.

    Well, the Newsies would definitely have to be on favorite character list as well. I specifically am in fond of Jack and Crutchie due to the close bond they have for each other. I love the brotherly all of the Newsies have for each other.

    There are other musical characters I love that are not on this list


      1. I think that bravery is a hard thing to see in oneself but it’s something that other people tend to be able to see more in others. Oftentimes, I think that it’s hard for a person to think that their own actions are brave, even if they are!


      2. It crazy how many musical characters I love that are brave. And yet, each shows bravery in different ways. Some I know are brave, but have no idea why they are. And some I know the exact reason why they are brave. To me, it is easy to fall in love with brave characters


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