A Musical Couple Tag!

Hallo, leute! So, since I did the “You’re Not Good Enough” Tag yesterday but I had a lot of names left in my little bowl so I thought that I’d do the “Rip it or Ship it” Tag! I put the names from yesterday back in too but we’ll see how it goes! I think I’m going to do about 15 draws and we’ll see how that goes! It’ll be a lot of fun, I think! So, essentially, the point of the “Rip it or Ship it” tag is that you draw two names from a jar and put them together as a hypothetical couple and you determine whether or not you think that it would be a good couple! It’s just meant to be fun, really! Anyways, los geht’s!


For Round One, I drew Gabriella from LESTAT and Alfred from TANZ DER VAMPIRE.

Funnily enough, both are from a musical about vampires! I’m going to rip this one, I think. Gabriella craves adventure and such but Alfred is more of a homely guy. The age thing might be a difficulty under normal circumstances but (spoiler alert) both are vampires so… I don’t think that it would matter too much. Nonetheless, I’m going to rip this one!


For this round, I drew Jean Valjean from LES MISÉRABLES and Grizabella from CATS.

Putting aside the whole thing about Grizabella being a cat, I think that this could really work! Grizabella’s story is one about forgiveness and redemption and I think that in that way, their stories mirror each other in a way. I also think that Valjean would be able to help Grizabella through everything she’s working with! So I’m going to ship this one!


For Round Three, I drew Madame Giry from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and Harold Hill from THE MUSIC MAN.

Hah! So… I definitely don’t think that this would work out. For one thing, I think that the age difference might be a problem but also, Madame Giry wouldn’t be nearly as forgiving as Marian was towards Harold Hill’s conman situation so… I’m going to rip this one.


For this round, I drew Fantine from LES MISÉRABLES and Franz Joseph from ELISABETH.

I think that this could possibly work! I kinda like this, really! Franz Joseph is gentle and I think that’s what Fantine needs. I also think that Fantine’s not too ambitious and would be very understanding towards Franz Joseph so I think that it would work out! I’m going to ship it!


For this round, funnily enough I drew Glinda from WICKED and Fiyero from WICKED.

Although they were an actual couple in the musical, I think that it’s tough to really say if I ship it or not… I’m going to rip it though because I do like the final result of the couple much better and I think that Fiyero would have been very discontented if he married Glinda.


For this round, I drew Cinderella from INTO THE WOODS and Count Krolock from TANZ DER VAMPIRE.

I don’t know if I ship this or not… it’s kinda tough because I don’t want to ship anyone with Count Krolock but… I feel like Cinderella being in the place of Sarah would make sense in a way… they share many personality characteristics, I think… but I’m not sure. I’ll go ahead and ship it though because well… why not, right?


For this one, I drew Sarah from TANZ DER VAMPIRE and the Phantom from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA.

Hmm. Well, I personally don’t like the Phantom and Christine as a couple nor do I like Sarah and Count Krolock as a couple very much. However, I think that I could see this working in a way…. I feel like Sarah is a little more headstrong and independent than Christine and I think that I could like Sarah and the Phantom as a couple more than Christine and the Phantom. I think I’ll go ahead and ship it.


For this round, I drew Pearl from STARLIGHT EXPRESS and Javert from LES MISÉRABLES.

I’m going to rip this one. It just… it just wouldn’t work.


For this, I drew Meg from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and Emanuel from SCHIKANEDER.

Ooh! I really like this! I really, really like this! Yeah, I really ship this! Emanuel and Meg would work, I think! Meg wouldn’t take Emanuel’s nonsense but he’d shape up due to it and I think that Meg is also sweet enough for Emanuel as well. So, yes! I ship it!


Hahaha! I drew Mrs. Lovett from SWEENEY TODD and Sweeney Todd from SWEENEY TODD.

Yeah, I think I ship this! I mean, they’re really bad for each other… they don’t try to shape the other up but… if I were to ship them with anyone… might as be with each other, right?


For this round, I drew Cosette from LES MISÉABLES and Pippin from PIPPIN.

Ooh! I like this! This would be really cute, I think! Yeah, I ship this one!


For this round, I drew Rusty from STARLIGHT EXPRESS and Sisi from ELISABETH.

Huh. This is kinda interesting… putting aside the fact that Rusty’s a train, I really like this! I feel like Rusty is ambitious enough to match Sisi’s ambition but he’s also sweet and I think that they’d go really well together!


For this round, I drew Elphaba from WICKED and Lestat from LESTAT.

I’m not going to ship this. No, no way. Elphie deserves a lot better than Lestat, I think! However, I do think that pre-vampire Lestat could possibly get along really well with Elphie. I won’t ship them, but I do rather think that they might be good friends.


For this one, I drew Demeter from CATS and Raoul from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA.

Yes! I like this! Y’know, if Demeter were a human. I feel like Raoul is quite a bit like Munkustrap so I think that this could work!


For this round, I drew Christine Daaé from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and Enjolras from LES MISÉRABLES.

I’m going to rip this one. For one thing, Enjolras isn’t really looking for a relationship and for another thing, I think that Christine isn’t serious enough for Enjolras and Enjolras is well… too in love with France.


For Round Sixteen, I drew Lucy Harris from JEKYLL & HYDE and der Tod from ELISABETH.

So, it’s tough to say that one ships a person with well… Death. But the thing is, I feel like this scenario could fit Lucy’s character. Huh. Yeah… I’ll go ahead and say that I ship it. In ELISABETH, it’s implied that der Tod does have feelings, so I think that makes me feel less weird about shipping it.


For this round, I drew Éponine from LES MISÉRABLES and Jekyll from JEKYLL & HYDE.

Y’know, I quite like this! In JEKYLL & HYDE, Lucy suffers from unrequited love for Jekyll because he’s kind to her, unlike everyone else in her life much like how Éponine loves Marius. I ship it!


That’s it for me! What was your favorite couple that came out of this? I think that my personal favorites were Éponine x Jekyll and Meg Giry x Emanuel Schikaneder! Vielen Dank und tschüss!


9 thoughts on “A Musical Couple Tag!

  1. These are crazy couples. I think its funny how you drew Glinda and Fiyero at one point because they were a couple at one point in the musical, even though they weren’t the main couple of the musical. Like you I prefer Elphaba and Fiyero because I feel like that pairing is much more mature and even more full of mystery and so unexpected.

    Still, funny couples it seems because most of those couples aren’t even part of the same musical.


      1. That is a bit ironic actually because the love triangle in Wicked itself is a bit ironic too. I still have a hard time understanding love triangles, which had to begin with Wicked. Crazy how the first love triangle would be the first complicated and even most ironic one especially at a time when I hardly understood too even though I thought I understood


      2. When I first started to get to know the Les Mis love triangle, I could tell I hardly understood that one at first. I feel like that one I started to fully grasp almost a year after seeing the movie.

        With the Wicked love triangle, it took several years to understand. I did know some things like that it provides an interesting texture and that “I’m Not That Girl” was sad. I didn’t see the irony of it thought or the heartbreak of the unrequited love. But at the time, didn’t know it was called unrequited love where you love a guy and they don’t love you back.

        These two are my all-time favorite love triangles. They are well developed and each have their uniqueness. Wicked for its irony and unexpectedness.

        Les Mis.. that one is a bit harder to come up with its uniqueness, but love how you have contrasting emotions hits you all at once in that love triangle.


      3. Characters are an important part of a musical. Both love triangles play an essential part of the show. They each add in an incredible emotional value and texture, which makes the plots even more special.


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