Reasons I Fall in Love With Musicals

Hallo, Leute! So, sorry that I didn’t post yesterday! I ended up being a lot more busy than I was expecting and had to go to a lot of choir practices and classes along with studying up for finals! Hopefully, though, I will start posting regularly again! I’m trying to pre-write some posts just in case I get busy again but we’ll see how that goes!

Anyways, for today I thought that I’d talk about some of the reasons why I’ve fallen in love with certain musicals. Every musical has their unique points and I thought that I’d celebrate that today! I heard that it’s National Wear Different Colored Shoes Day today so I guess that that kinda fits, right? Anyways, los geht’s!


Okay, so… musicals are special because of the music, because of the songs. If a song has good music, I’m much more likely to enjoy than if I’m not into the music. Anything from great tunes to great lyrics can be enough to get me really excited about a musical. I remember falling in love with THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, SUNSET BOULEVARD, and WICKED initially just through the songs. Well, to be honest, I fell in love with PHANTOM just through “Music of the Night” all on its own. So, music is a surefire way to get me falling in love with a musical.


As much as the music in a musical is really important to me, if the characters are characters that I can’t like or find boring, I’m less likely to revisit the musical and thus the musical is less likely to become one that I hold as meaningful. Personally—and I, as a writer, am always rather ashamed to admit this—I find character-oriented stories more appealing than plot-oriented ones. So, if characters are characters that I can like and connect to, I am more likely to stick with a musical. Musicals like ELISABETH, LES MISÉRABLES, SCHIKANEDER, and CATS are those musicals that I really fell in love with due to characters.


When it comes to most Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals, the reason why I love them so much is found deep in the fact that they hold a lot of sentimental value with me. This is especially thec case with CINDERELLA. I remember it being my grandpa’s favorite musical and we’d used to always watch it together so I always make it a point to hold it close to my heart. Another musical with high sentimental value is STARLIGHT EXPRESS. If it weren’t for STARLIGHT EXPRESS, my parents might never have met, and I might never have been born. Chances are, if it weren’t for the fact that this story about how my parents met started with STARLIGHT EXPRESS, I might not love this musical so much. Another musical that falls under this category is OLIVER! as it was one of the first musicals I ever saw.


I love sets, costumes, and dance. In fact, these things are one of the reasons why I fell in love with musical theatre in the first place. Man, I love these things. Musicals that fall under this category for me are WICKED, SCHIKANEDER, PIPPIN, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, TANZ DER VAMPIRE, ELISABETH and CATS.


So, in a nutshell, those are some of the reasons I fall in love with musicals! What are the factors that really make you fall in love with a musical? Vielen Dank und tschüss!


30 thoughts on “Reasons I Fall in Love With Musicals

  1. For me, the #1 thing that makes me fall in love with musicals are the songs. If I feel “meh” about the songs, the entire musical feels “meh” even if there are incredible characters and plot. The songs are what helps you fall in love with the emotional value of the show. If you love the songs, you find yourself falling love with the emotions no matter positive or negative emotions

    The #2 things I look at are characters and plot and if you think about, it can be hard to be incredible songs if the characters and the storyline aren’t any good. After all, the songs tend to reflect who the characters are and the plot. #3 for me has to be the spectacle/dance and that does play a key role in me loving a musical. But if #3 doesn’t exist, what I look for next is a strong enough musical connection.

    Overall, what I look for the most is to have a strong emotional connection to the material (song, plot, character).


      1. The emotional value of a musical comes from the songs. Some musicals I love come from the fact that all they express are positive emotions.

        Other musicals I love, which tend to be the most meaningful, are those that express both positive and negative emotions in their score.


      2. Amount of conflict does play a role in emotion and complexity. For the negative emotions to be in the songs specially entire sad or heartbreaking songs, there has to be enough conflict. Conflict does play a role in complexity and whether or not the negative emotions are involved


      3. Definitely! In one of my classes today we were analyzing plays (I analyzed a musical because it was allowed) and I really started to think of how much the conflict ties into the complexity of things


      4. I never thought about the role conflict plays in a musical. I didn’t realized conflict was the reason behind negative emotions until the college years. I knew about the complexity of musicals, but was only just beginning to understand them in middle and high school


      5. Even simple musicals can have a sense of complexity. But is the complex musicals that are more fun to discover the complexity than the simple ones. Sometimes I am surprised during complex musicals when I always think I discovered everything when in surprise I realize I haven’t


      6. Sometimes when I see a musical again, I know I learned something new but cannot pinpoint on what exactly was new. I cannot even say why my best Les Mis cast was the cast I saw in London


      7. Sometimes I know exactly what was gained. If I see Les Mis this year, the cast whatever it is have a lot to live up. But even if I discover the cast ahead of time, I can’t go 100% this will be the cast because you never know if there will be an understudy


      8. Yeah! I think I’m just excited, is all! Maybe a tad hopeful? I think that I’m just hopeful that they’ll cast well! To be honest though, I thought a cast would be announced by now, but oh, well!


      9. Based up pictures I found at the Blumenthal, I think John Owen Jones and Earl Carpenter are the Valjean and Javert. Their names were in the pictures on the Blumenthal Page so I think they are the Valjean and Javert that are in the touring production


      10. Definitely! Ensemble is very important! Man, I’m excited to find out who’s in the cast! I really wanted to see John Owen Jones and Earl Carpenter when I went to New York last year but Earl hurt himself and had to leave the cast early and John Owen Jones was sick with the flu. The cast that I saw though was superb! But if they’re in the tour cast I’ll definitely be happy!


      11. The cast I saw in London was brilliant. Whatever cast I get will be a hard cast to live up to. For the most whenever I hear about a certain cast and who’s in it, I never actually know if they are incredible or not until I actually see it


      12. Yeah, it can be tough to beat a favorite cast. But man, I’m excited! My friend and I have been saving up for good seats recently even though the tour won’t even come to Seattle for over a year


      13. The West End is my favorite cast by far and will always be the most special. Honestly want to know my cast even though I may not know if they assembled a good cast or not until I actually see it


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