Ten Theatre Things I Love

Guten Morgen, Leute! Man, it seems like a long time since I’ve posted this early in the morning but it feels good to be back on schedule again! School’s been really getting me down as of late but I’m trying to keep my head above the water level (metaphorically, of course)! On the bright side of things, I’m working on a new novel and I’m absolutely loving it so far!

Anyways, today, I thought that I’d do a “Ten Theatre Things That I Love” post! I’ve been seeing things similar to this all over booktube so I thought that it’d be fun to do a theatre version of this! I might be doing a writing version of this over on my book/writing blog so look out for that if you’re interested!

1. When the overture starts playing. Seriously guys. This is one of the single most amazing things, I think. I love that moment in which all of the chatter in the theatre dies down and the overture fills the whole theatre. I get chills every time. But… I must admit that I am a little partial to the PHANTOM overture as it is my favorite overture…

2. Live cast recordings. As a person who lives on the West Coast, it’s pretty difficult for me to be able to get to New York frequently. But, I do get to feel a certain feeling of seeing a show live when I’ve got a live cast recording to listen to and I love when they release those live cast recordings over studio cast recordings. Why? Because I love hearing the audience applaud after songs and I love kind of getting to hear the curtain call at the end!

3. Curtain calls! I absolutely adore curtain calls, especially the ones that they do at the premiers in German and Austrian productions. They just make me so happy! It’s great to be able to see the actors out of character too, and it’s great to be able to celebrate the work that they’ve done with them!

4. Stage door! When I went to New York last year to see LES MIZ before it closed, I remember one of my favorite parts as being standing outside of the stage door after the show. Of course I loved the show (seriously, it was amazing!) but something about waiting at the stage door and getting to talk to the actors as they signed Playbills was a lot of fun! I still have the pictures I took with the actors and I love looking through them as they remind me of all of the fun I had!

5. Intermission. So, this might be a little weird, but I love intermission. I love being able to talk to my mom or whoever goes with me about the show up until that point. I love talking about set design, I love talking about the cast and the costumes!

6. Mouthing the words to the songs as they’re being sung because you know every word by heart. Yeah. This was me practically the whole time while watching LES MIZ and PHANTOM in New York last year! It’s kinda weird, I know, but I like to imagine that I’m one of the actors on stage as I mouth the words. My mom thinks it’s really weird but I do it anyways.

7. When the actors bring something new to a character. I think that I notice this most when I watch PHANTOM and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST because I’ve seen both of those shows numerous times live so I pick up on those little things that the actors do and man, I fangirl over those things!

8. Recognizing foreshadowing in lyrics. So, this isn’t something that I can do the first time I watch a musical, but it’s definitely something I do the second time and the other times after that. It’s so much fun and I absolutely adore it! I just love this sort of thing.

9. Symbolism in dance and costumes! The best example of this that I can find is in ELISABETH and I absolutely love it when I notice these sorts of things. It just makes me really happy and I’m not even sure why!

10. The drive/walk home. As much as I hate the feeling that the show’s over, I love the drive/walk home. Why? Because that’s when I can really discuss the show. That’s when I can run the show over in my head over and over again and think of all of the moments in the show that I will never, ever forget.


So, those are ten theatre things that I love! What theatre things do you love? Vielen Dank und tschüss!


10 thoughts on “Ten Theatre Things I Love

  1. Boy, the overture is one of the best parts about a musical. Just hearing the orchestra start is a key reason why all musicals are joyful. I love it when you have a perfect act 1 ending and an act 2 closer. I love it when a musical song explodes when the emotions kicks off and if you want to see more about what that means to me, check out my explosion of musicals post.

    I love exploring new things about a character as well. I even love it when my opinion about a certain character changes or when I finally understand why I love a character if they are a character I had no idea why I loved them when I first discovered them. I love when a show ends and talking to my mom and dad about how much I loved that, but I really love it when I am speechless.


    1. That’s a super great list! I also love awesome act I and act II finales! Those are such amazing moments especially if they’re done right! I also love being left speechless after a show but I also love the bout of chattiness that I spring into after we leave the theatre


      1. I believe when I saw Les Mis in the West End, I was speechless at the end of first acts and even after the show began. I also love it when after one act, you know whether or not you love a musical


      2. Literally after the show ended in the West End, I stood up right away and that normally doesn’t happen. I usually stand up after seeing a favorite actor, but the ensemble was just that good. I was one of the first ones up on my feet that night


      3. Another reason why I stood up right away was because I fulfilled a dream that night. That was the best part of that England trip and fit nicely into the pilgrimage that was going to start the next day. So I went on a spiritual journey with Les Mis the day before I went on a spiritual journey with my church


      4. It sure did. If our church choir wasn’t asked to sing at the Bristol Cathedral, I still would be waiting to see Les Mis in the West End. While the fellowship was the best part of the pilgrimage, Les Mis was the best part of the entire trip


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