My Musical Theatre Confessions…

Hallo, Leute! Before I start, I want to say that this post is going to be full of what are likely… unpopular opinions on not just shows but musical theatre as a whole. However, these are just my personal thoughts so please do not feel offended as that is not my intention!

For years, people have had a very set idea of what musical theatre is. Most people have this sort of idea of musical theatre that it’s all happy and frivolous all of the time, full of tap dancing and crazy musical numbers. Many musicals these days, though, have been kinda well—dare I say somewhat flamboyantly?—challenging this perception of musicals. We see this in clear demonstration from musicals like HAMILTON. I, for one, am not a big fan of HAMILTON but I do think that it is a good thing that it is bringing a lot of attention to musical theatre. I will, however, admit that I am not a big fan of a lot of the new musicals that have been premiering on Broadway and London’s West End recently. They’re just not my “type” of musicals. I remember when I was a kid I’d always be so excited for the Tony Awards but recently, I find myself looking at the nominations and kinda just sighing. The Tony performances are generally the highlights of my watching of the Tony’s and yet, these days, I oftentimes find myself only looking forward to a few performances—this year, really only one (that may not even get to perform)—and hoping that the shows I do care about get their fair share of the awards. Yeah, I sound a bit ridiculous, I’ll admit it. But that’s just only the beginning of my musical theatre confessions.

1. I don’t really look forward to the Tony Awards anymore. As I said in my intro, the Tony’s just aren’t exciting or interesting to me these days. The last Tony’s I truly enjoyed watching was 2013. Not because the shows I wanted to win won but rather because it was jut fun and had that Tony air to it. The Tony’s used to be a day of celebration in the Broadway world and now they seem more like a doomsday for many shows. Especially with last year’s Tony’s I feel like most people in the auditorium weren’t that excited. I mean, even the beginning to the opening number practically made me want to turn off the TV. It’s fine if a musical wins a lot of Tony’s—that’s awesome, actually!—but when you make it seem like that’s the only important musical of the night, I don’t think that’s fair. Maybe I’m reading into it a little too much but man, that’s how I felt. There was just a feeling of resignation there and I barely could bring myself to watch it.

2. Most new musicals that have come out just aren’t my thing. The only Broadway musicals that I’ve been half enthusiastic about that’s come out in the more recent years have been SOMETHING ROTTEN! and CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. When I think of going to New York nowadays, it’s not so much to see new musicals but to see revivals and shows that I’ve loved for years as it is.

3. Sometimes I’m ashamed to say that I’m a musical fan, not because I don’t want people to know that I like musicals, but because of how I’ve seen some musical fans conduct themselves. Now, I am by no means talking about all musical theatre fans. Of course not! Many musical theatre fans are amazing people. But man, going through Instagram and looking at how some fans interact with one another and put each other down just makes me sick to the stomach. I’ve never seen a fandom in which people so ardently think you’re stupid if you like a character that most people see as being “dumb” or stupid. I hate the fact that some people feel like they have to apologize for liking certain characters. I’m not saying that everyone needs to like the same things. Of course not! But man, I hate it how some people feel like they have to say that they’re sorry for liking characters like Raoul and Marius. And not to mention how horribly mean some people can be on these social media platforms! I hate seeing some of my friends being put down because some bully is making fun of them for their singing or something like that. It really just makes me sick to the stomach and I hate seeing how horribly brutal and downright mean some people can be.  

4. Nothing puts me off my mood as much as people telling me that I’m stupid for liking certain musicals. I am perfectly fine if you don’t like a musical that I don’t like. In fact, I expect it! People like different things and that’s 100% okay. I know that I don’t like every musical that other people like but I don’t call the show stupid and I don’t call other people stupid for liking a certain musical that I don’t personally like. We’re all allowed to have our own favorites and opinions. There’s no need to call people stupid for liking something different.

5. Just because I like musicals doesn’t mean that I am interested in every single musical out there. I appreciate every musical theatre recommendation that I get but man, just because I like musicals does not mean that I will like every single musical out there and it doesn’t mean that I’m interested in listening to every musical out there. There are some that I just am not interested in.


Sorry for that rant you guys but I really wanted to get some of that off of my chest! What musical theatre confessions do you have? Do you agree with any of mine? Vielen Dank und tschüss!


23 thoughts on “My Musical Theatre Confessions…

  1. You are so sure on that fifth one. I am tired of people thinking that because I am a musical fanatic, I should have an interest in liking every single musical out there. That is incredibly impossible because different stories, different characters, and different songs are out there. This idea of Hamilton is still driving me nuts because some are like, how can you be a musical fan if you are not willing to listen or even see it?

    I find it really difficult to talk about musicals to other people. Some people just don’t understand why I love musicals. Some are even surprised by some of the musicals I love. When I confess some of my favorites, some people think I am crazy or look like at me in disgust or something like that, which has happened with Rent.

    It drives me nuts when people dislike characters for the most absurd of reasons: Marius and Raoul for instance. I hate it when people like overlook their personalities and dislike them because they are in love or in love with the wrong person. That is an insane one. Or some people think that everyone should love this character, but that is never true either. There is no way every single person can love the exact same musical character.


    1. 100% agree! I think it’s crazy how some people think that if you like a certain character or musical that you’re “crazy”! It’s completely unfair and untrue! And about the Hamilton thing, I think it’s ridiculous that some people think it’s the end-all-be-all of musical theatre and that to be a musical fan you have to like it! I mean, I’m more than willing to admit that it’s been a bit hit and that it’s brought a lot of people to the musical community but it’s really just not for me!


      1. Rent gets the biggest problem when I confess that I love it. They are like, why would you like a thing like that with all of that subject matter. Its the message of Rent that makes me love it.

        And about Hamilton, I wish people would stop asking me to listen or watch it. People who know I love musicals always assume that I have to listen to it and when I say no, they are like but you are a musical fan


      2. Yeah, definitely. At a state competition I was participating in last week, some people I started talking to kept recommending me to watch Hamilton and other musicals that I really have no interest in. It’s pretty ridiculous, reallt


      3. There are so many musicals out there. Why are you expected to be interested in and love all of them? We all have different tastes when it comes to music, characters, and storyline


      4. Sometimes you just have no clue what musicals you have an interest in. Some musicals I fell in love with when my parents took me and some of them were musicals that I had no clue if I was going to have an interest in or not


      5. I was unsure about Les Mis big time since the preview of the movie wasn’t fully convincing. I feel like other musicals fit the boat to or this has happened: I think I am going to dislike the musical, but turns out to be liked, but not enough to be loved


      6. Definitely! That happened to me with a lot of musicals! I remember the first time I watched a musical called Something Rotten! and I thought that it was going to be a little too silly and ridiculous for me, but I’ve never laughed so much watching a musical in my life! It was a lot of fun because it had all of these musical references and when I left the theatre I couldn’t believe that I’d thought I wouldn’t like it


      7. When I end up not liking a musical, it mainly has to do with unappealing songs and possibly not so appealing characters or plots. I feel like with musicals if they songs are terrible, it can make everything else feel “meh”. As in the characters and plot could be wonderful, but if the songs are “meh”, it can the characters and plot feel quite unattractive. See what I mean


      8. Absolutely! For me, the songs are typically the things I put up for consideration first and foremost but there have been musicals where I fell in love with the story first and the songs eventually grew on me


      9. Sometimes I can tell if I love a character and not like the plot and loving some songs. But not the right combination to fall in love with it. King and I and Little Shop of Horrors have that sort of nature: love a few songs in them, only about one or two characters are loved, but plot not as appealing. So not the right combination for them to be loved, but I can see they are not bad shows


      10. Definitely agree. For me, The King and I wasn’t a musical that I really can say I really liked due to the fact that most of the songs just didn’t stick with me and that I wasn’t too fond of the plot


      11. For King and I, I loved Anna and the costumes and the songs “Getting to Know You”, “Whistle a Happy Tune”, “Shall We Dance”, and “I Have Dreamed”. But that just wasn’t enough to love it, but it still is one that is liked because it still has some good parts


      12. 100% agree. My dad thought I would like The King and I more than I did but I ended up just liking it and not loving it. I might’ve liked it more as a younger kid but the story just didn’t appeal to me very much, I guess! However, the costumes were stunning


      13. Loving a musical is so different than liking a musical. And you can love a musical and it never being meaningful. The meaningful musicals have the right combination of song, plot, and characters.


  2. #5 is so painfully true. Some people think we have to know all the musicals if we’re musical theatre nerds! >.< But I'm personally looking forward to the Tonys this year, because Dear Evan Hansen is one of my new favorite musicals and the message is so powerful and touching.

    I agree about musical theatre fans though, some can be pretty … mean towards those who don't like the same musical as them, and I think that's kinda sad, since everyone is entitled to their own opinion/likes & dislikes.


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